I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 737

Since Ke Meng began to pull the stars, obvious changes have been found across the land.

Players noticed that the gravity of the planet has obvious changes, suddenly increasing and decreasing.

Sometimes, when people fly in midair, they are directly drawn by the huge gravity and fall to the ground, causing tens of thousands of blood to fall.

There are still a lot of deviations, and the frequency is dense.

True God player Colin, through inexplicable intuition, perceives that the direction of the gravitational tide comes from the direction of the sea.

"On the other side of the sea, something has changed, go, go and see!" Colin looked at Nora and Nina on the square. They were already in a coma, and they were forever trapped in a curse. In the reincarnation, there is no need to worry about them jumping out.

However, just in case, you should still take it with you to prevent the other party from suddenly jumping upside down.

Picking up Nara and Nina, Colin set off, passing through the tree cave space door temporarily held by the Druid player, and instantly came to the side of the island.

The sea is unpredictable, and the deep blue waves are sometimes high and sometimes low. Even the water molecules in the air have started to move irregularly and chaotically, and no longer follow the wind.

"It's R'lyeh, R'lyeh has changed."

"Who is doing things in R'lyeh?"

"Could it be... Cthulhu Is it going to recover?"

Colin and other players looked at the changing sea surface on the island, with surprised expressions on their faces.

Above the head, the nameless fog blocks the players' perspective. No one knows what kind of changes are happening above the fog.

Colin, who has become a god, has noticed the different direction of the starry sky above his head.

"The gravity of the stars is changing. Someone is communicating gravity, no...someone is manipulating gravity and pulling the stars in the sky." In Colin's mind, countless pictures of stars flashed.

That are a few stars with blue shift phenomenon, they are approaching R'lyeh.

"A major event happened in seabed!"

"Go, go and see!"

Colin took the lead with thousands of Demi-Gods Player, got into the deep sea.

R'lyeh is located outside.

After Colin and the others came, through the dark perspective, he saw R'lyeh there, there was a mysterious existence wrapped in a dark mist.

Every move and every move of it is pulling the planet's gravity towards him, and the Ancient God Seal is activated again and again, but none of them succeeded in capturing A'Meng.

"It's A'Meng!"

"A'Meng is resurrecting Cthulhu, he is a traitor to mankind!"

"This guy, I thought he It’s a good guy. Didn’t expect to revive the New Game+ BOSS now. Good guy, I misunderstood him!"

A bunch of players ridiculed Ke Meng’s filial piety deteriorating behavior through the sea. .

Ke Meng turned a deaf ear and only did what he had on hand to speed up the recovery of Cthulhu, and it was time to come to Boss Ke to recover.

Colin calmly walked into R'lyeh.

Colin is now a righteous god, and he doesn't need those crooked beliefs. Based on his intuition, he directly stepped into R'lyeh and faced the indescribable A'Meng.

The surface shape of Colin is also indescribable and cannot be described in words.

"A'Meng, what are you doing?"

"I am resurrecting the boss."

"What did you say?"

"As you can see." Ke Meng's words are fewer, no matter how you explain it, it is impossible to explain clearly.

Colin was furious and wanted to curse A'Meng, but his thoughts had just arisen, and his whole body was cold. The fear of death was cold in the bones, cold in the soul, shiver coldly.

creak creak.

The teeth are fighting.

"Why, why is the gap so big." Colin looked at A'Meng incredulously. He has become a god, but facing A'Meng, he still can't even raise the idea of ​​confrontation.

"There are also differences between gods and gods. If you have nothing else to do, you can stay and watch the battle. I don't care, but those Demi-God players can't sustain the True God battle in terror. "

Ke Meng didn't dare to pack a ticket and could Cthulhu in seconds.

Most of Cthulhu's abilities have range kills.

Furthermore, mind pollution is also very terrifying, enough for players to experience the collective Orange Star doomsday again.

Colin thought for a few seconds, nodded, "Although I don’t know why you want to resurrect the BOSS, I will be watching you here."

He opened the chat channel, The content of the chat is sent to the players, so they can retreat directly, don't watch.

Colin: "Don't watch, don't watch, don't watch!"

"What's the matter, why does A'Meng want to resurrect the boss so madly?"

"I don’t know. Anyway, A'Meng is going to resurrect the boss. Don’t watch. It’s best to log off directly before the resurrection. Don’t touch the game. I’ll talk about it when I come back safely. If I don’t log off safely, everyone. Don't go online anymore," Colin emphasized.

This battle is very terrifying, and it will be the day when New Game + BOSS will directly recover.

Colin has played mind and is ready to face the New Game+ BOSS.

"Not long after I became a god, I will witness the resurrection of New Game+ BOSS." He sighed and said: "A'Meng, are you sure to kill him?"

At this moment, Colin still believes in his heart that A'Meng will not put Orange Star in dire straits.

Ke Meng nodded, continue to manipulate the gravitational lines to accelerate the return of the stars.

Hearing that A'Meng was sure to kill the BOSS directly, Colin couldn't help being shocked for a few seconds.

It turns out that A'Meng has reached this point.

"Who are you, are you really an Orange Star person, or an official NPC? Similar to Nyah Avatar?" Colin couldn't help but say the question buried in his heart.

At the same time, this is also everyone's question. A'Meng is so strong and has become a taboo existence so early. Is he a prophetic NPC?

Ke Meng did not reply again.

He has no obligation to answer such irrelevant identity questions for Colin.

The friendship between the two, in fact, is just like the friendship between Ke Meng and Naya Avatar at the beginning. They are all plastic friendships. Maybe it will be turned over because of the conflict of interests.

Now there is no turning of the face, but Ke Meng unilaterally crushes the opponent, and the opponent cannot even give birth to the idea of ​​revenge, otherwise he will be detected by Ke Meng, and the lifeline will be interrupted instantly, giving him a death.

Even gods cannot withstand the crisis of clearing Health Value.

It can be seen that Health Value is a very important foundation for the gods and the players.

The other side.

The Cthulhu players on the stars all felt the change in gravity, and the entire planet entered the fast lane state, accelerating.

"What happened, how did the stars change so much?"

"The big news, the inner ghost revealed that A'Meng pushed the stars back to their place in R'lyeh and will soon be lifted Ancient God Seal!" A security officer in charge of intelligence work broke out an internal ghost!


"Eat melon, eat melon."

"Shocked my mother for a whole year, A'Meng was actually his own!"

"Good fellow, it turns out that A'Meng also believes in Cthulhu."

"This wave of believer became a god, and finally remembered his past beliefs and began to give back to the Ruler of the The vigorous cultivation of Olden Days."

"Moved to cry, praise A'Meng!"

The chat channel was filled with a happy atmosphere, and Cthulhu believers were all moved.

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