I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 738

Stand in great numbers In the City of R'lyeh, there is silence.

He can feel the gravitational force changing frantically. Every time A'Meng manipulates, he walks on the tip of the knife, testing the Ancient God Seal step by step.

Colin is worried, always feel that resurrecting Cthulhu now is too unstable.

"A'Meng, can't you wait until everyone has become a god, and then use the human sea tactics to pile up Cthulhu?" Colin made a relatively safe suggestion.

"No need." Ke Meng is very confident.

Facing an Evil God such as Cthulhu, the comparison is bound to be a rule-level struggle.

The crowded tactics are useless. If you have a better level of cognition, you can defeat the opponent, just so mindless.

In addition, everyone’s cognitive level can be subdivided into various fields.

If this person's world cognitive ability is not good at fighting, don't meet force with force with Evil God.

It really fought, maybe another Evil God instantly kills you as a god.

Ke Meng studies death, studies Health Value, and familiarizes himself with the hidden content in the Book of the Necronomicon. His knowledge of the World Rule between life and death has reached a place that cannot be strengthened.

Unless Evil God "Sab Nicholas" appears, otherwise Evil God Cthulhu has no chance of winning.

Ke Meng has long dreamed of possessing Cthulhu, knowing that Cthulhu is not invincible. Ke Meng has surpassed Cthulhu in the understanding of Health Value.

This moment is the time of liquidation.

Ke Meng increased his control while thinking.

He tried step by step, that is, he tried to use his Resistance to resist the Ancient God Seal.

He tested it out.

The Ancient God Seal still affects Ke Meng, but it can no longer seal Ke Meng instantly.

If Ke Meng is entangled by the Ancient God Seal, there will be at least a few seconds of struggling time.

In these few seconds of struggling time, Ke Meng can stop doing it, conceal his spirituality, treat himself as a flowing seawater liquid, confuse the Ancient God Seal, and quickly get out of the field.

Colin was even more afraid to speak on the side. He could feel the wave of gravity becoming more and more exaggerated, and there was a vibration from the entire R'lyeh.

In the deep sea, one after another powerful max level sea monster aura came. They were Cthulhu's believer. They felt the vibration of the sea and ran over to worship Evil God.

At this point, it’s incredible.

The sea monster believers saw two indescribable gods standing above R'lyeh, and countless seawaters were moved by the black mist.

"What...what is he doing?" A sea monster trembled.

It has just a little bit of hostility, but as soon as the emotion arises, it feels cold in the body, as if its own life has turned into an ice cube, and all the energy has been extracted by the other party.

After the sea monster came back to his senses, I realized that it was just a warning of spirituality. If it really dared to do that to Ke Meng, it would definitely lead to death.

What a frightening god.

The sea monsters, forced by the terrifying aura from the two gods, dispersed one after another. Those who ran far away did not dare to look far away.

Colin swipes the player guild chat channel and sends a screenshot of the scene to the group members.

None of these group members can approach R'lyeh, nor can the inner ghost arrive at the scene, but after Colin sent the photo of the scene to the guild group, the inner ghost was ecstatic and immediately forwarded the picture to the Cthulhu believer team .

The members of the Cthulhu believer organization are ecstatic on the stars, there are pictures and the truth, this wave is stable, A'Meng is really his own.

The planet is accelerating in space, hong long long, shaking the sky.

The players who stay on the ground feel the vibration of the earth, and as the stars change, the starlight also changes.

Some field monsters have changed.

Some players feel that their walking speed is suppressed and cannot walk like flying.

"I have a hunch that the end of the world is coming, and Ruler of the Olden Days is about to wake up." Li Shen went online to experience the changes in the world.

When he looked up at the sky, he could only see the nameless fog, but he could also Sense Connection to see that the stars were changing, and everything was affected by the traction of the stars.

"For everyone's safety, when the time comes, all members must log off. God war is not something we can observe." Li Shen worriedly said.

Last time, a group of players piled up the Avatar of Naia.

As a result, they turned their heads to log off and log in. The large size crushed the players, and led the Orange Star into the cruel chaos and disaster, making his scalp numb.

Now, A'Meng is going to start the New Game+ battle of Gods, and those who are not gods will naturally have no chance to watch.

"Professor Li, I have a few other friends who are about to break through to the god class. Please allow us to stay. We want to witness the whole process of the New Game+ god battle."

< p>Several players whose breath is profound to terrifying, said slowly to Professor Li Shen.

Li Shen just started on the road to becoming a god, not even Demi-God, just a newcomer on Divine Road.

This is the inconvenience of the decision makers behind the scenes. In reality, there are a lot of things that need to be handled by him. You can't squat in the game 24 hours a day to deal with affairs.

"Okay, you see the situation, log out if you are in danger."

Li Shen didn't persuade too much, and quickly organize the staff to log off.

Colin has already obtained information from A'Meng, and the stars have officially returned to their positions after about half a month.

Li Shen is doing log off work half a month in advance, so that everyone in Orange Star must be aware of the dangers of God War.

Heaven and Earth passes by.

Every day, players say goodbye to the virtual reality game, and log off no longer enters.

For them, this game gave them a sense of extraordinary power, but it also brought endless fear.

In theory, no one wants to play this game anymore.

However, the sense of extraordinary ability endowed by game world has made many players unforgettable.

Especially the Demi-God players, after enjoying the power close to the gods, they return to reality as an ordinary person. They feel uncomfortable, like poisoning, and don't want to stay in reality for a moment.

Orange Star superiors came forward and sent a large number of volunteers to persuade them offline.

No matter how bad it is, it can also forcefully disconnect the network and power, so that the game cabin cannot be started, so that they can put an end to their illusions.

However, you still have to do psychological work, so as not to disturb your emotions.

half a month, one after another players temporarily retreated and began to pay attention to their physical and mental health.

Someone ran to the construction site to observe the robot rebuilding the post-apocalyptic city, trying to divert their attention with a sense of hatred.

In the game, there are seven more players who are promoted to gods.

With Colin, there are eight True God players in the Orange Star department.

However, players who have just become gods, as soon as they meet A'Meng in R'lyeh, they feel the gap between gods and gods.

I glanced at him as if he could not breathe and would die directly.

I thought that after becoming a god, I could still talk to A'Meng on an equal footing.

Now it seems that they are worrying too much, and they are really standing at a higher level and beating them.

The fifteenth day.

Ke Meng pulled a gravitational line, and the first planet officially returned.

After that, the second and third planet returned.

The sparkling starlight seems to shine through the nameless fog into R'lyeh.

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