I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 739

On the stars.

Cthulhu believer players did not log off. Instead, on the day the stars returned, all players went online.

For Cthulhu believer, this day is a very meaningful day. The Evil God is resurrected, and the time that belongs to them is coming.

For that many years, they are waiting for this moment.

Orange Star's last batch of Demi-God players also received Colin's picture scenes. A'Meng completed the final traction, and now log off again, there may be accidents.

No way, players who have not yet become gods can only log off, and whoever leaves them is a disaster.

Players who have become gods, stay in R'lyeh to watch the battle of gods.

When necessary, it is possible to help A'Meng and kill Cthulhu.

But they feel that A'Meng does not need their help, and the difference in strength between the two is too great.

Boom rumbling.

The ancient city of R'lyeh fish is illuminated by the stars, and the strange starlight power shines into the "silk thread" of the Ancient God Seal, slowly melting the Ancient God Seal.

The floating stone pillar began to fall, falling to the floor of R'lyeh.

Ke Meng noticed that every stone pillar corresponds to a planet.

The rest of the stone pillars that have not fallen, in turn use the universal force of gravity to become a huge source of gravity, attracting R'lyeh's floor to rise upward.

This gravity not only faces R'lyeh, but also faces the entire game land.

The rumbling vibration sounded in the ears, and the suspended stone pillar turned into a silent black hole. The sea water, light and other matter were all absorbed into the black hole.

Ke Meng looked up and found that his spirituality had been swallowed in, unable to escape.

But as long as you don’t look up, your spirituality can go around the black hole at the top and observe the seabed soil around R'lyeh.

Other people are also observing the surrounding situation, the game live video has been opened to record all this.

Kelin: "The earth has cracked and countless soil has been swept away. Is R'lyeh really rising?"

Ke Meng also asked a question mark in his heart.

The players who are far away from the stars see the nameless fog shrouding the land forming a vortex.

"What happened over there?"

"The attraction of that whirlpool is really strong, what's going on." Sect Lord Liu saw this, but he didn't know why.

She even thought about sending it to R'lyeh to see the situation.

But reason told her not to go, because they have not yet received the will of God, and they don’t know whether the stars have completely returned to their positions. They will not go down until they finish their work.

Let’s talk about Ke Meng again.

Even if a black hole is formed above the head, it is only a miniature black hole.

Ke Meng has manipulated gravity for more than ten days. As long as he moves his hands to level out the disturbing gravity, it will be fine.

However, instead of flattening, he let the miniature black haze on his head develop.

The black hole wants to suck away Ke Meng, and Ke Meng secretly activates the magic power, bounces off the gravitational force of the bomb, and becomes an anomalous existence that cannot be captured by the black hole’s gravitational force.

Colin and the others can't be so easy. They become gods and don't have a clear understanding of the operation of various rules.

In desperation, they can only retreat and retreat all the way to millions li before they feel the influence of the black hole's gravity on the divine body drops to a safe realm.

Ke Meng is waiting for the Ancient God Seal to become weak. As the concentration of the starlight becomes deeper, Ke Meng knows that these starlights are no longer photons in the traditional sense.

These starlights are very strange. The mysterious power allows them to penetrate the miniature black hole on Ke Meng's head, and directly illuminate the ancient God Seal's seal line, dispelling the seal with strange rules.

Ke Meng blinked, using his knowledge to analyze the rule operation system of Starlight Mang.

The universe is densely covered with stars, and each planet is a background board in the universe, which can represent the world. If a god uses star power, it may be able to move the entire universe... Ke Meng understands it this way.

Although there is a sense of random analysis, Ke Meng feels that it doesn't matter anymore.

The Ancient God Seal is indeed dissolving, and the last planet above the head also returns to its place by the way.

In an instant.

The rich starlight illuminates all the seal lines on the Ancient God Seal and dyes it with a layer of white.

The tiny black hole above the head suddenly disappeared.

It came suddenly, and it went very suddenly.

Looking at the surroundings again, R'lyeh has risen above the sea without knowing when.

The surging sea is unpredictable, but not a drop of water drips on R'lyeh.

The strange statue of that octopus head was also in this brief moment, and suddenly there was a layer of gray fog covering the body.

The shape of Cthulhu becomes indescribable, and the tumbling spirituality flows out like a vast ocean, affecting the order of the entire world.

Ke Meng's heart beats slightly, and he can feel the various order forces hidden in the world being awakened by Ruler of the Olden Days.

in an instant.

In addition to the gazes of Colin players and believer players, Ke Meng also felt densely packed gazes from in the sky.

Some are void travelers, and some look at the true gods.

Their eyes are full of curiosity, and they seem to be shocked by Cthulhu's recovery.

In addition to curious gazes, Ke Meng also felt a calm gaze without emotional fluctuations. Just like the observer of aloof and remote, he would not show any emotions due to the resurrection of Cthulhu.

In a few seconds.

Another new thought arises.

It's a kind of aloof and remote. It crushes the ants without hesitation or thinking about right and wrong, and it crushes directly to Ke Meng's soul.

Ke Meng looked towards the statue, the soul of Cthulhu has awakened.

When he awoke immediately, he put pressure on Ke Meng.

Because of long dreams occupying Cthulhu's body, after Cthulhu woke up, Sense Connection instantly reached all the things Ke Meng had done in his body.

The connection between the two is as if there is me in you and you in me, it is difficult to distinguish.

If Ke Meng sleeps and dreams, he can still master his body.

At this moment, Cthulhu feels that this person cannot stay.

You used to control your body, just control it, but after He wakes up, you can still control it when you fall asleep, so that won’t work.

This hidden danger must be eliminated.

The contradiction between the two is just as Ke Meng predicted, Cthulhu's will does not allow outsiders to occupy his divine body, either live or die.

The battle Qi atmosphere of your life and death is full of R'lyeh in an instant.

Ke Meng secretly estimated the progress of the Ancient God Seal's dissolution, and waited until Cthulhu rose from the ground and his body was infinitely high.

He saw that Ancient God Seal was weak enough to make a move.

There is no time to hesitate, immediately pull the lifeline of Evil God.

Cthulhu’s body rises very quickly. He, who was originally indescribable, grew to a size that the entire ocean can’t fit in an instant. A huge body appeared in the starry sky, looking down on the game from the starry sky. The land of the world.

Ke Meng looked up at the indescribable Cthulhu Divine Physique, really like an ant, looking up at the elephant on the ground.

However, the lifeblood of the elephant in front of him is firmly held in his hand.

"Dead!" Ke Meng shouted, as if it could increase the pulling force.

In an invisible field, Cthulhu has a lifeline representing Health Value. This line is being pulled step by step by Ke Meng and is moving towards death.

On the top of Cthulhu's head, a huge health bar also appeared. The length of the green health bar seems to be longer than the entire game continent.

The player Colin was surprised to find that Cthulhu's head burst into red blood, which is a special effect of blood loss.

Negative ten billion, negative ten billion!

At the same time as blood loss, Cthulhu is in High-Speed ​​Health Recovery, recovering billions of health pools every second!

"A'Meng's skills are so terrifying!" Colin was deeply shocked.

Actually, if Cthulhu hadn't lifted the negative effect of Ancient God Seal and caused his Resistance to rise, Cthulhu might not be able to resist it.

In addition, Cthulhu's total health pool has also risen to 999999 billion.

For Cthulhu, a health pool with a negative value of 10 billion per second, there is still room for operation and can be played.


A phantom Tentacles slammed down at Ke Meng.

However, Ke Meng's resistance is too high, as high as three billion Resistance, 2 billion higher than Cthulhu.

This Tentacles can only grind a blood skin, and then Ke Meng High-Speed ​​Health Recovery will be full in an instant.

Orange Star player Colin was surprised that this is the strength of A'Meng.

The believer players on the stars don't know what happened, they are making fanatical calls, shouting Cthulu's divine name.

But there are some people who can't notice the energy. This A'Meng doesn't seem to be his own. The great Evil God has shown the health bar, which has been reduced by tens of billions.

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