I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 740

What's terrible is that Cthulhu's health pool has been declining all the way, and the ability of recover health can't keep up.

These Cthulhu believers are not strong, they are not True God, and they do not have the ability to observe gods.

On the contrary, True God players like Colin, who sneaked to watch the game from a long distance, saw it most clearly.

They looked up, and the nameless fog in the R'lyeh area was swallowed up by the disappearing black hole, exposing an unmarked starry sky.

The huge inexplicable form of Cthulhu stands in the universe, its size is infinite, as if the entire universe can only barely contain his enlarged body.

On that crazy blood-dropping health bar, although there is a green recover health special effect, in front of True God players, what you see is not a special effect, but a regular power competition between blood loss and recovery health.

"A'Meng is so strong that he crushed Cthulhu unilaterally."

"Cthulhu's blood return is dissatisfied, if he does not have a new means to kill A'Meng He must die."

Colin looked at the long health bar, where various rules meet force with force, but A'Meng’s rules are stronger, more domineering, and the balance of superiority is also stronger. Lean towards A'Meng.

"If A'Meng changed to another attack method, Cthulhu would have returned to full blood long ago. A'Meng is really outrageous. Which path did he take?"

"I don't know."

Colin smiled bitterly. If it weren't for this magical battle, it would be difficult for him to see how strong A'Meng really is.

At first glance, it is still deep and unmeasurable. Even New Game + BOSS can't help but Ke Meng.

Evil God Cthulhu also noticed that no matter how the contest is, it is difficult to smooth the drop in Health Value.

If he hadn't studied the power of rules in the Health Value field, he would have been killed by Ke Meng instant.

"..." Cthulhu made a series of unclear sounds.

Ke Meng was pulling the opponent's lifeline, and immediately felt that Cthulhu had activated the ultimate skill.

The deep voice contains the power of dream rules, and it penetrates into Ke Meng's head.

Even if Ke Meng turns off his hearing, these voices can directly invade Ke Meng's body through the relationship between "dream boarding and host".

This relationship comes from the system, because many dreams control Cthulhu's body, this relationship has become an uninterruptible relationship.

Although Ke Meng has also studied dreams, he still cannot bear it in the face of Cthulhu's expertise.

This is the opponent’s trick. Cthulhu is very knowledgeable about the rules of dreams, otherwise it won’t turn the dreams of billions of people into a super dream world.

In the blink of an eye.

Ke Meng was dragged by Cthulhu into his temporary dream world.


I don’t know how long it has been.

Ke Meng can feel that his body has gone through several reincarnations, his life is dying again and again, and rebirth again and again.

"Boss Ke, so Morning?"

A gentle greeting like Mrs. Chen made Ke Meng sober in his dream.

Here is Blue Star, his home.

Ke Meng is True God and he has not forgotten the past. He remembered everything instantly and knew that he was fighting Cthulhu.

But his soul has fallen into a dream created by Cthulhu.

"I have to crack this dream."

Ke Meng looked towards the distance, the sky in the distance has the sun rising, but the rays of light cannot cover the magnificent covering the heavens, shielding the sun's shadow outline.

The outline of the head looks like an octopus head, and the chin has countless tentacles beards. The fat body cannot be described. Anyway, it can be any shape. It depends on my inner imagination.

Ke Meng blinked, and heard Mrs. Chen say hello downstairs.

"Boss Ke? Would you like to have breakfast?"

Looking downstairs, the shadow under Mrs. Chen's feet stretched out countless twisted Tentacles.

"No, thank you."

Ke Meng stretched out his hand in the air, trying to urge the Shadow Catching Hand, but he caught an empty spot and didn't catch anything.

"By the way, this is a dream he fabricated, which can distort my perception."

Ke Meng quickly understood why the Shadow Catching Hand failed.

Mrs. Chen sprayed disinfectant, walked into the house, and pushed out the breakfast car.

Chen Momo rushed out and raised his hand at him. Between the octopus head ornaments on his hair and shaking his head, there seemed to be some kind of voice rising in his heart: "Good morning Big Brother A'Meng, please Have breakfast?"

Chen Momo's feet are also distorted shadows, baring fangs and brandishing claws, as if demonstrating to Ke Meng.

Ke Meng had a feeling in the heart, looking back at his shadow.

I saw the morning light draw out a deep black shadow, stretching from the soles of the feet to the wall, the twisted form was covered with Tentacles, like a monster shadow that was demonized.

Ke Meng moved his arm, and several Tentacles danced in the dark shadow, as if he was not a person, but a monster.

"No, this is fake." Ke Meng doesn't believe this is his shadow.

After he became a god, his shadow is no longer a concrete object that can be defined at will.

Ke Meng's shadow can change with his heart, and the shape of the shadow can be born from his heart.

But at this moment, the shadow moves with his hand, obviously not in line with Ke Meng's cognition.

This obvious cognitive difference allowed Ke Meng to find a breakthrough.

Ke Meng walked out of the room, came to the street, and refused today's breakfast.

Chen Momo feels very sad, but Ke Meng feels a strange dream danger from his food. It is a thing called a habit. As long as you follow the habits established by the dream, you can be assimilated into a dream. member.

"Thanks, I'm really not hungry."

After that, he moved, and the shadow under his feet would move with him.

Ke Meng observes his shadow in this way, moving towards the transparent shadow of the giant form in the sky. Only the shadow of the giant form is real, and everyone else is a fake virtual person.

One step, ten steps, a hundred steps, a thousand steps.

The shadow changes with him, but Ke Meng's heart is trying to change the shape of the shadow.

After watching too much, I can naturally see the connection between the shadow and him, and then through this connection, I can peek into the rules of the dream world behind it.

"I found your weak spot."

Ke Meng's eyes flashed light, magic power surged, and he directly stretched out his hand to pinch his shadow.

His shadow is the embodiment of Cthulhu’s will. He tried to transform Ke Meng’s thinking with dreams, eroded him from dreams, and used habits to wear down Ke Meng’s spirituality, making Ke Meng the Evil of the New Game+ BOSS God Avatar.

But Ke Meng did not have the acknowledgement allegiance. He awakened from the dream of several reincarnations, and within a few minutes, he saw through the distorted cognition in the dream instantly and corrected his cognitive thinking.

With this hand, I pinched a lifeline representing Cthulhu.

As he squeezed, Evil God Cthulhu knew that the major event was not good.

Dreamland has no effect on Ke Meng after waking up, and his blood will continue to decrease until death.

He didn't want to see such a thing.

So, Cthulhu entangled his lifeline with Ke Meng.

Either live or die.

Ke Meng also felt the loss of life force, as if pinching it down, he would die.

"It's useless, I can already see the true face of the dream." Ke Meng's mouth overflowed with blood, but his eyes were firm.

The five fingers of the right hand moved, gripped tighter, and pulled out.

"Ke Meng!" For the first time, Evil God made an angry call in the local language of Ke Meng's home.

"Die with peace of mind, there is an impossible symbiosis between us, we can only choose one of two!" Ke Meng squeezed Cthulhu's lifeline very calmly.

At that moment, Evil God died, and Ke Meng's own life force was instantly emptied.

Cthulhu is very difficult to deal with, and used an extinction plan to target Ke Meng and want him to let go, but Ke Meng still kills him by force.

After squeezing the lifeline, the huge fuzzy illusory shadow in the background of the universe fell.

The dream ground under the feet cracked, and countless people in the dream sounded for help.

The white rays of light swallowed everyone, and then the white light turned black. The two main forces supporting the dream were absent, and they collapsed to midnight in an instant.


An unknown devil Small World.

The red lava creeps slowly, spewing huge amounts of sulfur gas.

In the lava central area, a cross stands on a rock that never melts.

An illusory shadow with a fuzzy human outline is inverted, with his hands straight open, his legs pulled up to the sky, and he is nailed to the cross without blinking his eyes.

The next second.

The humanoid creature on the cross trembled, and suddenly showed signs of life.

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