I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 741

[item name: resurrection cross.

Grade: Class 0.

item description: No matter where you are, you can be reborn on the spot, dead or dead.

Side effect: After the resurrection, the soul was nailed to the cross of devil Small World, giving devil a working soul.

Notebook note: Not yet entered into the Information Bureau of the Investigation Bureau special item. 】

Ke Meng looked at the surging ground of the lava, and felt that his soul was nailed to the cross, and he stood upside down in the form of an inverted cross.

At this moment, he thought of a previous resurrection prop, the resurrection cross.

"This item is a resurrection prop that I carried in reality. Since this resurrection uses real props, I have been obliterated by Cthulhu in the game." Ke Meng muttered.

"Hoho, welcome to my Small World, who I thought it was, it turned out that you brat became a working spirit."

A flame surrounded by flames Devil tore the void returned, staring at Ke Meng's soul, licking his tongue in lava state.

Ke Meng didn't talk nonsense with him, one glance over, that in an instant, the flame devil was like falling into an ice cellar, all the flames on his body were extinguished, and Divine Soul trembled.

"Die, work devil, reborn in the next life, and work for humans." Ke Meng paused every word, speaking clearly.

"You..." The flame devil was already speechless, and it showed infinite horror.

This kind of breath, this kind of mastery of death, is a god, a true god!

Flame devil is not a god, but it also exists at the Demi-God level.

The relationship between coincidence and the rules of resurrection is unclear. With this method, he travels in the sky. Every time he arrives in a world, he will fool those potential creatures to sign a resurrection contract. , Let these potential stocks become its working spirit.

Unexpectedly, today the Heavenly Fire flame devil has overturned and met True God.

When the flame devil wanted to make a begging for mercy, its lifeline was broken.

Then the body and soul were weathered to nothing.

It's not True God, even the corpse is difficult to preserve.

During thoughts move, the cross disintegrated directly, Ke Meng's soul was not bound by the cross, and the soul immediately felt the traction of the body and could return to the fleshy body.

In fact, Ke Meng can now use magic to recreate a body, anyway, after the soul enters the Lord, the body will naturally become a god body.

But he didn't do that.

"Cthulhu is dead, but he still has to deal with his remains, otherwise he can be resurrected."


game world.

Everyone who watched the game was stunned.

First, A'Meng violently presses Cthulhu's bloodline, but Cthulhu activates the ultimate skill in the dream, A'Meng will not move and become a mermaid dreamer.

Cthulhu can't wear Ke Meng's resistance strength, and can only occupy Ke Meng's will in a dream.

But Ke Meng has resurrection props. He died in a dream and the resurrection props resurrected him.

Causing Cthulhu to reincarnate several times before being killed by Ke Meng.

In the eyes of the outside world, the Evil God Cthulhu health bar suddenly cleared to zero after a stalemate for a few days, and fell instantly.

The health bar on top of A'Meng's head is also instantly cleared and returned to the west.

The two gods are together!

Orange Star was shocked and shocked myself all day.

Cthulhu believers can’t accept the fact that some people go mad directly on the spot, and a small number of people have the upper hand rationally, showing a little joy.

Showing joy. These people are people whose faith is not pure enough. After Cthulhu’s will is destroyed, they are Demi-God players themselves. Reason has the upper hand, and they begin to reflect on whether they need to continue to believe in the fallen gods. .

A fallen god is equal to no god. Believing in a god who has died is undoubtedly a waste of effort.

Players who are more utilitarian do not want to believe in a dead god.

In a few seconds.

The players who log off told the Orange Star people the news of the fall of the two gods. The Orange Star people were overjoyed. They took off directly from Wuhu and had an internet carnival.

Some people can’t wait to log in virtual reality game, return to the surging forward with great momentum, and one hand shrouding the heavens, moving mountains and suppressing seas.

But the players found that they could not log in that game.

The reason is that the official control of the game cabin's play options is forbidden to play this game.

"The New Game+ battle has just ended, and there may be hidden dangers in the future. We need to investigate carefully for a month to avoid accidents. Please let the players air it." The official issued a warning box in the game cabin. Tao.

Orange Star officials have considered very carefully, is the battle really over?

Will the gods feign death?

Maybe the two Evil Gods are resurrected again.

All of this will have to wait for them to send someone to investigate and confirm that it is safe before the player can return to the game.

This game has already made everyone addicted. That kind of extraordinary power can't get rid of it. It's as fascinating as poisoning.

If it weren’t for the fear of the second round Orange Star’s doomsday, the official has already opened up the game right at the end of the war.

Ten minutes later.

"Not good! Cthulhu is resurrected!"


In the temporary research institute, Professor Li Shen is working Drinking water, suddenly spouted a sip of water.

"Cthulhu is resurrected again, and he controls the world!" Colin said with red eyes after logging off.


Ke Meng controls Cthulhu's body and is using Cthulhu's body to build a second personality.

Cthulhu is dead. After Ke Meng fell into a dream, his body became the body controlled by Ke Meng 100 percent.

This is good news. Ke Meng will have a True God Avatar in the future.

The bad news is that Cthulhu really left a broken soul lifeline. Ke Meng needs to peel this soul life completely out of the body and throw it to the big-faced cat for digestion.

However, this matter does not trouble him.

Ke Meng controlled Cthulhu to sink into the sea, found a deep sea and lay motionless, ended his dreaming, and returned to the real body.

Afterwards, log in to the game helmet again, and found that the game has shown that his character is completely dead and cannot log in.

No matter what, Ke Meng can only use the brainwashed animals to hold a sacrifice ceremony through sacrifice, and personally sacrifice himself to the game world.

After coming to the game world, Ke Meng felt for the first time that the game world is so real, it is really no different from the world on the Blue Star side.

The only difference I have to say is that the underlying rules of the world are slightly different.

"Big-faced cat, you have something to eat today. I will feed you the soul of Evil God." Ke Meng moved out the big-faced cat in the deep sea and used magic power to control the high pressure in the deep sea. Avoid seabed pressure to kill the kitten.

The big-faced cat is a god, but its muscle strength is not much different from that of normal creatures.

Death may trigger a mutation. Ke Meng doesn't want to make any accidents for the time being. He buried the soul of Cthulhu first.

I touched the kitten's head and brought it to the sleeping place of Cthulhu, a dead body controlled by Ke Meng's second personality.

There is an empty body, the original soul is dead, and the lifeline is broken.

Without anyone helping to connect the lifeline of the original soul, Ke Meng's second persona turned into a seed, which was gestating and growing in Cthulhu's body.

Ke Meng stretched out his hand to fish out the lifeline residue of the original soul, using a jigsaw puzzle, to put together a lifeless Evil God soul.

The big-faced cat sat on the seabed ground, looking up at the sky forty-five degrees, with a dull expression and stopped thinking.

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