I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 743

The depths of the universe.

A large amount of cosmic radiation shone on Ke Meng, as well as the white-haired kitten.

A big pot is buzzing and simmering. People who don’t know thought it was a normal cooking.

Ke Meng knows that what is cooked in the pot is the lifeline and meat of an Ancient God.

After the death of Ancient God, his body also turned into a statue.

That statue has been processed by Ke Meng with a mysterious cooking pot. He absorbed the statue material and transformed it into Resistance.

The air that has been stripped is stuffed into the Dark Cuisine Pot for secondary treatment.

Looking at the black pot, Ke Meng is thinking about the death of the gods becoming statues.

This seems to be a setting in the game world, when the gods die, they become statues.

The statue has a deep connection with faith.

Ke Meng speculates that if believer continues to export beliefs, after countless years, the lifeline will heal itself to the point where it can be recovered.

But it may also be Ke Meng's fancy thinking, this is not important, and Ke Meng himself does not value external forces.

Belief in this thing is too vain, it's all external forces.

The strongest strength should be trained by yourself.

Relying on the faith of the people to become a god is also a way to become a god, that is, it takes a lot of time.

Suddenly, the Dark Cuisine Pot stopped moving, and part of the Ancient God meat was cooked.

Opening the pot, I immediately saw a strange substance of the same Cthulhu in different shapes, and quickly twisted it.

Ke Meng looked as usual and stuffed it into the big-faced cat's mouth.

In less than a second, the meat in the mouth disappeared without any sense of blockage.

With the powerful mouth of the big-faced cat, Ke Meng doesn't feel tired no matter how many times he feeds it.


In the vast universe.

There are some hidden gods who silently watch Ke Meng fight Yumejin.

Seeing that the dream god was killed by Ke Meng's quick and neat instant kill, they were surprised in their hearts.

At the same time, they are more curious and pay more attention.

This concern is terrible.

Ke Meng took out two pots, cooked himself, and cooked the air left by Ancient God.

And he took out the strange kitten again and fed Ancient God into his stomach.

"Dream...dead?" The gods looked at the big-faced cat and gained strange knowledge.

The big face cat is the treasure in the village of Cat-Face People Mountain Village. Its function is strange knowledge, sublimation of thinking, and then everyday all needs to feed a little meat, no matter how much meat it is.

"This kitten is so easy to feed?"

"Thinking is sublimated? Seriously, is this still a cat?"

"This is not a normal cat. How can a normal cat digest Ancient God, and the digestion speed is so fast, even the dissolution of the regular force is invisible!"

In the sky, countless eyes meet.

Every time the eyes meet, it is an exchange of high-density information flow.

There are shocked, confused, and fearful.

The god who was terrified of big-faced cats dived straight away, not daring to look at Ke Meng for fear of causing trouble for himself.

Some gods watch Ke Meng and Ke Meng’s pet cat more impudent.

Their world cognitive abilities have been finalized. Even though every day all thinks, thinking ability is the most difficult thing to improve.

They have exhausted their potential and cannot be further refined.

There is also a gap between God and God.

This gap is like the gap between study tyrant and student scum. When some scumbags are still working on the first question and are puzzled, the study tyrant is already doing the next paper. .

This is the unavoidable gap in thinking between God and God.

At this point in the cultivation base, whoever has a better thinking mode can go further.

"This cat may use some kind of regular power that we can't see and don't understand!"

"This kind of regular power that cannot be observed, must be grasped In the hands!"

The gods who secretly observe Ke Meng are tempted. Those who are not tempted know that they have how many catties and how many taels. Ke Meng is obviously a god who has half-footed into the first echelon. .

If you want to defeat a god like Ke Meng, you have to let the gods of the first echelon take action.

In the minds of the gods, the existence of the first echelon god, the three pillar gods, flashed through the minds of the gods.

The three pillars of gods are Nayatolatip, Sabnyculas, and Yogg Sotos.

Don't look at Nina and Nora being blown up by Ke Meng, in fact, there are countless avatars of Niya, and the only thing that is weak is the Avatar itself.

If Niya merges Qianqian absolutely's Evil God Avatar into one after another body, he should be able to defeat Ke Meng.

Or let Shab Nicholas appear, and let Ke Meng's trick "the front line of life and death" be directly abolished.

Everyone is not blind, and you can feel that the regular power contained in Ke Meng's move is similar to the ability that Nicholas is good at.

The Health Value among all things in the universe is basically inseparable from this Nicholas.

When he goes out, Ke Meng will definitely not win.

The other pillar god is the one who unites all things, Yogg Sotos, the incarnation of knowledge. It is said that he is the Sovereign of wisdom and knowledge, almost omniscient and omnipotent.

However, Yogg did not kill the gods many times, and he had no reason to kill Ke Meng.

In the transcendent realm of the Three Pillar Gods, their behavior style is no longer what normal gods can guess.

Naya likes to fool intelligent creatures, incarnate countless, and play with intelligent creatures. His happiness is based on the pain of others, and it is very likely that Ke Meng has a kick.

But if you don’t take the initiative to provoke him, he will not pay attention to you.

The gods looked at the kitten and then at Ke Meng, thinking in their hearts that even if the secret of the big-faced cat cannot be observed, the owner of the kitten should know the secret of the kitten.

The silent communication inside the Void suddenly increased. It was like a vegetable market, so noisy.

Ke Meng felt something, and felt that countless curious eyes were stained with malicious colors.

All this is because the big face cat once again successfully swallowed the life of Ancient God.

Ke Meng had thought of covering up, but he turned to think that he was not false.

Hold the first-line ability of life and death, one is instant kill, and one thousand is also instant kill.

No matter how many they come, as long as Shabu Nicholas doesn't show up, they are all instant kills!

Then what is he afraid of.

What else is he afraid of.

Now 4 billion points of Resistance, one piece of meat, and then it will be a waste.

"The second pot is ready." Ke Meng uncovered feed the cat for the second time.

Ancient God's air was divided into two feedings by him, mad at those gods who only watched peeping and didn't dare to show up.

After feeding the kitten, Ke Meng collects the kitten, and directly chooses a lucky audience from countless malicious eyes.

"It's you!" Ke Meng looked towards the east.

After finding the right direction, directly tear open the void with both hands, grab the turbulence of the void, condense into a ball, distorted space curvature, and travel at high speed.

This way of travel, from a certain perspective, has surpassed double the speed of light travel.

Ke Meng can feel that the void is part of the four-dimensional space. There is no direction at all here, there are routes everywhere.

If you want to draw up a more efficient travel route, you must master four-dimensional knowledge.

However, as a three-dimensional, it is more difficult for him to gain insight into high-dimensionality.

Go directly to kill them, absorb their Resistance and digest their knowledge.

Every god has been curious about and studied the void.

If you don’t know how to accumulate less, you should be able to understand after digesting dozens of gods.

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