I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 744

Ke Meng is coming fiercely, and the god he is staring at has been scared enough.

Not everyone can face life and death safe and sound.

The stared god ran away, his malicious gaze turned into a scared gaze.

Ke Meng is reluctant, since you show a malicious look, then pay the price.

Otherwise, when other gods see Ke Meng's weakness, they will directly form a group to suppress him, and there is no king law.

The escaped Evil God is not fast. This is also Ke Meng's spirituality reminder. It didn't take a few days to catch up with the escaped Evil God.

"Open your mind to the Sea of ​​Consciousness, let me browse all the knowledge, or die." Ke Meng insisted.

Evil God pretended to surrender. When Ke Meng's consciousness invaded, he suddenly violently resisted. The space was punched through, and the turbulence of the void rushed through his body.

As a result, Ke Meng only lost one percent of his health bar.

He squeezed Evil God with his backhand, then took out the mysterious cooking pot and digested it on the spot.

Make dark cuisine again in the same way and feed the cat.

In an instant.

The gaze inside the Void is ninety-nine percent less.

Not all gods dare to face Ke Meng's unreasonable pursuit.

Ke Meng did not let go of those Evil God who dared to show malicious gaze. After digesting one, he went to chase and kill the next god.

Although I don’t know who they are, I don’t know what the past is behind them.

At this moment, Ke Meng looks like the Evil God of the chaotic evil camp in the eyes of other gods.

Just because he looked at him with a malicious look in the universe, he was chased to the end of the world by Ke Meng, and he was infinitely held accountable.

Make the gods feel broken.

One day, two days, half a month, a whole month.

Ke Meng chased and killed fifteen Evil Gods in a row, and at least they all had an excessive amount of resentment on them, which was caused by the creatures killed by the gods.


In the game world.

Orange Star players have completed multiple rounds of testing, confirming that the game world has become a safe world.

Players who are hungry and thirsty in reality, after knowing the permission of the Orange Star General Hospital to open the game cabin, they immediately log in to the game and return to the embrace of the game.

"Ah, I'm finally back to the game world!"

"So cool, this kind of body full of extraordinary power, I really want to live in the game for the rest of my life."< /p>

"You said, if we use the game body to cross to the Orange Star, what will happen?"

"I don't know, I haven't tried it."

" Will something happen like this?"

"How is it possible, I don't believe that we can wear the Orange Star in the game world."

"I want to try."

< p>"Try, try, brothers team up to study how to cross the world."

A group of Demi-God players chatted and talked about crossing the subject.

For a group of Demi-God players, curiosity is the driving force of humanity.

When they were free and without the pressure of New Game + Evil God, they thought of Orange Star and thought of crossing.

Colin is also curious about hearing this.

He, who has become a god, is naturally very curious about crossing.

Now that Cthulhu is dead, and the resurrection more than a month ago, A'Meng's will was awakened and replaced the Cthulhu Avatar.

When Ancient God found A'Meng in the battle, Colin also used his strong intuition to secretly peek from beginning to end.

He knows that A'Meng should be a neutral person and will not attack Orange Star.

But as long as you harbor malice against him, you will have the illusion of death.

So Colin didn't think about how to retaliate against A'Meng who killed him.

"It's time to study how a wave of transmigrated, about the truth of the game, I want to know the answer."

Colin looked up to the sky, the nameless fog has disappeared at some point. It is the boundless dark Universe Starry Sky background, deep and dark.


game world, the ruins of R'lyeh.

Since R'lyeh was promoted on the ocean's surface, and there was no high risk, only the mind was polluted. More and more players teamed up for sightseeing.

Liu Siting has purple hair like a waterfall, praying quietly and praying to the great Cthulhu.

Today, the great Cthulhu still did not reply.

It was as if he had abandoned believer and went away alone.

About Evil God's promise to believer, it has not been fulfilled.

"Sect Lord, black spectre adults, our prayers shouldn't be so unanswered."

Underneath, there are countless believer shouting loudly, wanting to return The embrace of God.

In other words, fulfill the promise of faith at the time and take them to make this World crazy, act wilfully.

But Cthulhu has disappeared for a long time, and no one can successfully hold a sacrifice.

Someone thought of the black spectre that brought them in and hoped that Sect Lord could contact the black spectre.

"They are gone, I don't know where they are." Liu Sect Lord said bitterly.

Since Cthulhu's death, everything changed overnight, and his education was dead.

Later, Cthulhu was resurrected, and the people were overjoyed.

But they waited for many days and couldn't make the sacrifice, and even the black spectre was lost.

Everything indicates that they are believer abandoned by the gods.

"Everyone, I have an inside story to break out." An intelligence officer stood up.

Everyone looked towards the intelligence personnel.

"The inner ghost replied, Cthulhu was resurrected, but the final winner was A'Meng, Cthulhu became A'Meng's Avatar, our god has passed away, and Evil God Cthulhu is controlled by a strange soul." Intelligence When the personnel said this, they heard the sound of falling to the ground.

Thump, thump.

Hundreds of fanatic believers fell to the ground, their eyes straightened, and their legs twitched. It was obvious that they had encountered very shocking facts.

Immediately afterwards, the inner ghost declarations were maxed out in the guild channel.

Online believer players saw those texts, and they were stunned.

They clutched their hearts and their blood pressure rose.

The eyes are bloodshot, the brain is trembling, the confused thinking is rising, the reason is lowered, and some sounds that should not be heard are heard.

"You are the sons of God abandoned, the gods have abandoned you..."

Those voices are full of temptations, and people give up their beliefs and fall into a state of have no desire to improve.

"Stop it all!"

"Since God has abandoned us!"

"Then stand on your own feet!"

"It's not that we can't become gods!"

Liu Sect Lord stood up, his eyes flushed.

The sound of spirituality resounded through the audience, awakening those believer who had fallen into reason like a bomb.

Become a god.

This sentence is like a needle, stabbing everyone's heartache, but pain is not a way to sober.

The believers opened their bloodshot eyes again and fixedly looked at Liu Sect Lord on the table.

Liu Sect Lord tore apart the black robe, revealing a magic robe of Legendary Grade. The magic power fluctuates extremely strongly, close to Demi-God.

It is said that the closer you are to God, the magic power will tend to be infinite.

Players who have not yet become Demi-God, do not know what kind of realm it is, they can only yearn for it.

"The gods are not out of reach, go, tear off the believer robe, and be yourself from now on."

"From now on, everyone will go their own way. On the road to becoming a god, it is useless to form a group, you can only rely on yourself." Liu Siting took a deep look at his men for the last time.

She turned around and flashed away from R'lyeh.

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