I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 745

"Sect Lord! Sect Lord!"

The believers called the name of Sect Lord, but Liu Sect Lord has disappeared.

Ke Meng is wearing a black robe, standing in the corner, silently acting as a background board.

The Cthulhu followers were silent for a while, and soon there was the sound of tearing robe.

From then on, Cthulhu sect began to crack from the inside.

Ke Meng looked deeply at the direction where Liu Sect Lord disappeared.

Believers quickly tore to his side, countless black robe fabrics fell to the ground, only Ke Meng did not tear the robe, very garish.

"Hey, why don't you tear your robe?" Someone looked towards Ke Meng.

Ke Meng's face is hidden under the brim of the black robe, it is dark, and it is impossible to see his face.

Even if believers have dark vision, they cannot perceive the face under the black robe, as if there is no face in it.

"Is it black spectre? No, black spectre shouldn't be this kind of gown." Someone shuddered.

Ke Meng tore the face of his robe with his hands at this moment, revealing a casually fabricated face.

Everyone sees that Ke Meng is a normal person, and his guard is down, nodded to him.

A priest of tearing robes comforted Ke Meng: "Brother, since you are also determined to tear it, it is tantamount to leaving restraint. I hope you will rise higher and higher in the future and reach the gods."

"So are you." Ke Meng glanced at them, nodded.

A blink of an eye.

Ke Meng's body disappeared instantly in the crowd, without any signs of activation.

The priest blinked, a little surprised, this way of disappearing is really a bit weird, and he left without any warning.

As everyone knows, after max level, players have very keen intuition. If someone uses magic in a close place, no matter what kind of teleportation or invisibility, they will feel the surge of magic power.

But when Ke Meng left, there was no magic power fluctuation, as if it was just a cloud of air, a false projection.

The pastor thought for a while, but didn't figure it out, except that he was in a bad mood today and his intuitive sensitivity had decreased.

However, Liu Siting, who was observing believer secretly, did not really leave. She also saw Ke Meng's departure in the dark.

"What kind of magic is that, there is no fluctuation." Liu Siting was surprised.

Liu Siting shook the head silently for Sense Connection for a while without getting any prompts.

She stayed in R'lyeh in an invisible posture and kept watching the last R'lyeh believer leave. She waited all day before leaving.

At this time, Ke Meng, who was secretly watching R'lyeh, withdrew from Sense Connection's prying eyes.

"Since then, education has disappeared." Ke Meng muttered.

His Cthulhu Avatar also made the same sound, spreading across the void, into the unknown realm, and sending it to every believer who had been apostate.

Every believer who leaves in this brief moment is startled in his heart and feels that something is lost in his body and soul.

They can't tell what it is, but that kind of thing is really lost.

"What is that?" Believer was surprised and couldn't understand.

This kind of loss is very hidden, it can only be felt but cannot be analyzed.

Maybe many years later, after these believer abandoned religions became gods, they knew what it was.

This is Cthulhu who took the initiative to take back their faith brand and let them completely return to their normal state.

This is not only a physical change, but also a peeling of the soul level, completely eradicating the brand of Ke department.

This is also the gift Ke Meng finally gave them, so that they can become gods as human beings instead of evil believer.


Orange Star.

The ghosts in the education also felt the loss of faith. Although I don't know what is lost, this loss is real.

"What am I missing?" The inner ghost player of Orange Star felt a burst of emptiness, as if life had lost its meaning.

For normal players, they are firm insiders. If they are not allowed to be insiders one day, it will be uncomfortable.

"I want to be an inner ghost, I want to be an inner ghost, and I can't lose my faith!"

An inner ghost rushed back to the Orange Star’s Greycastle villa and looked for That clay sculpture.

However, in the villa room, the clay sculpture that was enshrined by him was actually cracked.

"No, I can't lose my faith!" Neigui's face was full of horror.

The statue is hearing this, and it splits even more.

There are more and more cracks, until they are annihilated into elementary particles and return to nature.

The inner ghost shed painful tears. Not being an inner ghost made him very painful.


Traveling in the Ke Meng game world, a god was trampled to death under his feet, and he suddenly felt that he looked in the direction of Graycastle.

"Will the ghost die if I don't do it properly?"

"It's a perverted mentality."

Ke Meng shook his head, this person is really hopeless.

During the long lurking journey, the believer has fallen in love with the feeling of being a ghost.

Every time the inner ghost broke the news, it made him feel joy and excitement sincerely.

Every time the Orange Star is officially suspected, this person's blood boils with excitement.

Wandering on the edge of the Dongchuang incident made Mr. Chen Dong feel very excited.

If there is a famous saying that can describe the realm of Mr. Neigui’s thoughts.

That must be the sentence--

Since the pursuit of stimulation, then follow through to the end.

Ke Meng shook the head, still fiercely heartily annihilated that clay sculpture into elementary particles.

Ke Meng is now many times stronger than before.

Resistance piles up to tens of billions, which is simply invincible.

The god at his feet is one of Nia’s Avatars.

Ke Meng unilaterally slapped Naya's Avatar, and died immediately after facing him, and he didn't even have time to say harsh words.

Because of the excessive knowledge absorbed, Ke Meng's understanding of Health Value has also deepened.

At this moment, in front of Ke Meng's eyes, the densely packed green light in the pitch black universe is the Health Value line, and they are connected to the unknown depths, which is the seat of Shabu Nicholas.

If Ke Meng wants to trouble Shabu Nicholas, he can set off now and follow these Health Value rule lines to find the source.

"Am I looking for him?" Ke Meng hesitated.

"But what am I looking for Sab Nicholas?"

Ke Meng feels that he is about to reach the peak stage of his own strength. The current thinking mode makes him unable to Refine strength.

Yes, the value of Ke Meng's resistance has stopped growing and has stopped at tens of billions.

No matter how you strengthen your equipment, the value displayed on the system panel will not rise.

His Resistance value is capped, and then Health Value is also pulled to 999999 billion, just like the original Cthulhu Health Value limit.

"Is this the end of strength, no, I feel it hasn't come yet." Ke Meng thought of the surprise expressions of those Evil Gods when they saw the big-faced cat devouring Ancient God.

At that time, Ke Meng didn't touch their joyful emotions deeply. He just kept chasing after them, devouring them, and evolving themselves.

Now Ke Meng understands that it is a god who has been unable to diligently for many years. Seeing the big face cat, something beyond the realm of knowledge, seems to see an opportunity for promotion.

Ke Meng moved out the big face cat again and started various research tests.

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