I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 747

This battle, shocking the world.

Many gods are aware of the traces of Ancient God and know that they have enemies with Ke Meng.

So before the start of the war, there were countless eyes peeping there in secret.

Of course, they dare not look there with any malicious eyes.

The gods who watched the battle were basically shivering coldly watching the battle with great respect and fear.

As a result, they startled.

Even in the face of so many Ancient Gods, Ke Meng is a second move.

"This power is unimaginable!"

"Now, I declare that he has the same perverted divine ability as Nicholas, and thousands of lives are only in him. In a thought."

"I slipped away."

The gods are scared. This is really a top uncle. In the future, who dares to show malice to Ke Meng, then he must I don't want to live anymore.

Without it, because the big-faced cat can eliminate the existence of the gods.

Ke Meng's obliteration only killed the life of Death God, and the existence of God cannot be obliterated.

With the big-faced cat, Ke Meng equivalent to the invincible killer in this world, wherever he kills, death will follow.

Ke Meng dragged the corpses of Ancient Gods down, and after some treatment, they fed the Ancient Gods to the cat.

After feeding the cat, Ke Meng collected the kitten, and walked along the countless lifelines to the unknown depths, where Sabu was located.

Ke Meng wanted to crack the secret of the big-faced cat, he did not hesitate to find one of the three pillar gods, Shabu Nicholas.

And Ke Meng may not lose.

Ke Meng's intuition believes that this battle will not be lost, because his control of Health Value has already been capped, even if it is Nicholas's estimate, it is not much higher.

As long as Ke Meng wants to, he can nurture thousands of lives and let countless lifelines involve him.

You can also assimilate the lifeline associated with Shabu Nicholas, assimilating it into your own lifeline.

But in that way, it is equal to directly competing with Him.

At present, Ke Meng has no sense of the Health Value of countless creatures.

To put it simply, it is none of my business.

Ke Meng looks at the body inwardly, his own life energy has been transformed by him, and he completely digests his life with the Health Value above his head, instead of being connected by Sab Nicholas.

When the time comes, if the other party wants to do something to him, it is also impossible to directly pull his lifeline and die.

Similarly, Ke Meng can't use the same power to instant kill the opponent.

Both parties are Peak members of the same system of rule researchers.

After several days of vanity travel.

Ke Meng arrives at the seat of Shabu Nicholas.

It is located in the depths of the universe of the game world, with a few giant planets around it, and the planets are full of over-reproductive life forces.

Ke Meng glances left and right, every planet is a surviving lifeform.

The lifeform here does not refer to the Blue Star planet.

"The whole planet is meat, it's terrifying life and reproduction." Ke Meng saw a giant planet with horns. The distorted shape was indescribable for a while, and then it became a vague outline. Manifest.

The outline he saw was the head of a horn, and under him was a twisted piece of over-bred meat.

As for the center of the giant planets, it is the Sabu Nicholas body, a life force with an overwhelming amount of existence.

Ke Meng saw him, and he saw a super long health bar.

The health bar runs from one side of the universe to the other side.

The lives of all things in the world are connected with Him.

Sab's image is also indescribable. It can only vaguely feel like a huge black cloud of flesh, with many Tentacles, and a big mouth dripping with slime.

But these things are invisible. This is just Ke Meng's mental brain supplement that's all, and does not mean that his true face is like this.

Sab Nicholas also sensed the existence of Ke Meng, and slowly awakened his consciousness, exuding a strong spirituality, which merged with Ke Meng's overflowing spirituality.

There is no need for words between gods and gods, as long as they meet spirituality, they can communicate freely.

Sabu: "?"

There is no malice, or it is because Ke Meng is so powerful that he can talk on an equal footing.

powerhouse, will be respected by another powerhouse.

Furthermore, Shabu can feel that Ke Meng's strength control over life is also weaker than him, but he does not control all beings that's all like him.

"I just wanted to ask, do you know what the source of this kitten is?" Ke Meng put on a big face cat.

Sab saw the kitten and was very calm.

He used one sentence and compressed it into spirituality to reply to Ke Meng:

"I don’t know, I haven’t seen it, I don’t know. If you want to trace the source of things, you should find an all-knowing and all-powerful God Yogg Sotos."

After Ke Meng asked this, he exchanged other things.

Sabu Nicholas may not have awakened for too long, and he has been living in the life force hotbed given by all things in the universe. When he sees Ke Meng, he will chat for a bit.

The two parties are just chat for a bit, and there is no deep chat.

Ke Meng took the big-faced cat and left. Sab Nicholas did not stop Ke Meng from leaving, nor did he snatch the big-faced cat.

As if the big-faced cat is not worth mentioning in his eyes.

After Ke Meng left, there was a sense of doubt on his face.

Sab, a god who is already at the apex of Life Rule, don’t you want to study the big-faced cat and go further?

I still give up progress.

Ke Meng intends to find another god, Yogg Sotos.

It is said that Yogg is omniscient and omnipotent, possesses infinite wisdom, and is unmatched in strength.

Ke Meng feels that Yuge is too strong. If he has that many knowledge, I am afraid that I will stop thinking.

Because he knows all the knowledge, there is still meaning to explore in this world, so it's better to stop thinking.

Ke Meng hugged a big-faced cat. Could this guy be one of Yogg’s Avatars? Because he was at the apex of knowledge and had no goals to pursue, he gave up thinking.

However, the big-faced cat is not invincible, and there are some things that it can’t even say.

For example, when you encounter a divine object full of divinity, it will only say that it comes from an unknown existence, and will not specify the name of a god.

This shows that the big face cat has not reached the culmination of knowledge.

Ke Meng stuffed the big-faced cat back into his scarf and took out the silver key.

At present, it is not easy to find Yogg.

Ke Meng has no clue for the time being, it is too difficult to find the other party.

The silver key in his hand comes from the door organization, which believes in the unity of all things, that is, Yogg.

Ke Meng once Sense Connection came to a god to accept the sacrifice of members of the door organization.

That was one of the few successful sacrifices in the door organization.

What Ke Meng wants to study now is how to find Yug through the silver key.


Somewhere in the sky.

The room in the book looks at the deadly void, without desire and desire.

Since a Void Traveler took root on it and absorbed its nutrients, it has been devastated.

Now it is no different from death.

Inside the Void has a lot of knowledge, and its knowledge reserve slowly rises, but it is unable to reverse the weakness of the body.

The void traveler has left long ago, but the traveler has relied on it, and travels back from time to time, sucking in the nutrients he has managed to recover.

After a few rounds, the house in the book knew that it had been raised by the Void Traveler and became its pet.

"Maybe jumping out of the Koi Investigation Bureau is the biggest mistake of my life." Shu Zhongwu laughed at himself.

Shuzhongwu is also called Seal Pavilion, and Seal Pavilion is its old name. It once made great contributions to Koi Continent Investigation Bureau.


It found a vague silhouette at the door.

The guy who couldn't see his face walked in naturally.

"Who are you?" The room in the book was taken aback, unexpectedly that this abandoned door could connect to another place.

"I didn't die, but it's no different from death, um...I was raised by the Void Traveler, and I regularly come back to eat."

Ke Meng's voice sounded slowly, let the book Nakaya remembered the dusty memory, recalled the voice that made it feel familiar.

"It's you!" Shu Zhongwu said in shock.

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