I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 748

The room in the book never thought that the existence in front of him who couldn't see the true content and made it terrified was the former Ke Meng.

Ke Meng is a special talent of the Koi Continent Investigation Bureau. He is born with supernatural powers and has a certain probability of producing special items every day. He is determined by the Investment Bureau as the most important strategic talent.

"Are you really Ke Meng, wouldn't it be the traveler who imitated his voice to lie to me."

The room in the book is really not strong right now, it just recovers some strength every time , Is regularly eaten by the Void Traveler.

Its mind is extremely sluggish. It is naturally awe-inspiring to meet Ke Meng's detached existence who can't see his face.

"I am Ke Meng, don't doubt it."

Ke Meng's face changed for a while, simulating a Ke Meng appearance that could be viewed by others.

The body is not visible, Ke Meng can only use magic power to simulate his face for others to see.

The room in the book is dubious. Although its strength has declined, but its eyesight is still there, it can be seen that Ke Meng has used some ability to simulate face in person.

"What are you doing here, do you see my embarrassment, or revenge?"

Shu Zhongwu feels ashamed of herself, and was once rated as omniscient and omnipotent by Big Face Cat Of god.

Now the book room has clear comprehension, it remembers "omniscience and omnipotence", forgetting that "possibility" is the most critical vocabulary.

Possibly, it means falling halfway, and it also means that Transcending Tribulation succeeds in becoming a god.

Now the room in the book feels terrible, and it is impossible to become a god in this life, and the void traveler has taken it.

It is also this time.

There was a wave of fluctuations inside the Void, and a void traveler with no specific image moved laterally.

"It's it, it's here!" Shuzhongwu's mentality is very complicated now, and she has a foreboding that she will be drawn from the power.

But a shocking scene happened.

The void traveler flew halfway and suddenly died suddenly. His body quickly lost Life Essence and turned into a corpse.

There seems to be a higher level, incomprehensible power that drew the traveler’s life.

"Your potential is a treasure, you can become Yogg’s Avatar, but also because of this potential, the Void Traveler is watching you and keeping you here." Ke Meng's voice slowly sounded, letting What is the clear comprehension of the room in the book.

"Yug..." The room in the book is bitter, "so that's how it is."

"The big face cat is right, you are a seed, maybe you It’s the seeds that Yogg accidentally dropped. It may also be that you accidentally touched Yogg’s power and were deeply infected."

Ke Meng said that many, just for one thing, positioning Yug's location.

"Then you are here for Yogg, right?" Shuzhongwu knows that Ke Meng is the kind of person who one doesn't visit a temple without a cause.


After Ke Meng's words, the endless spirituality broke out completely, flooding the book room.

The House in the Book was shocked again.

If I saw the Void Traveler violently killed just now, I would have 80 points of shock.

Now it is 100 points shocked!

Is this still a human?

The huge spirituality, as vast as the universe, like an abyss, instantly sinks the room in the book and loses its consciousness.

When I woke up in the room in the book, I found myself in a dream, and the sky in the dream kept playing back soul memory.

"My memory is flowing backwards?" Shu Zhongwu asked in shock.

Ke Meng's strength has been terrifying to the point where he actually uses dreams to manipulate its soul, making its life's memory fall back from the end to the moment of birth.

Shu Zhongwu didn't know what Ke Meng wanted to Chayug.

Is Ke Meng now able to break his wrist with Yug Sotos, the one who is the same?

Is he really human? How could he be so strong?

Ke Meng did not answer Shu Zhongwu’s shock.

In Ke Meng's view, people can really be so powerful.

Orange Star players have also become gods, which proves that human beings become gods are not alone. As long as they are intelligent beings and have enough opportunities, they can also be gods.

As for how far those beings can go on the path of the gods, it depends on the pros and cons of their thinking.

One day later.

Ke Meng rewinds the memory of the house in the book to the moment of birth.

That is a new born consciousness.

A simple room, with rows of bookshelves, records the deeds of various countries.

These human deeds formed its initial consciousness.

At the same time, Ke Meng also saw a book on the shelf that gave him a strange enlightenment.

That is a thick book of mythology, the book is too old to see the title.

Intuition tells him that there is a problem with this book, and it is also the main reason why the room in the book has such potential.

"What book is this?" Ke Meng freezes the memory in his dream, zooms in and zooms in again.

The room in the book started looking at the sky, and saw a freeze-frame scene.

"This is..." The book room's consciousness revealed a memory, "This is a gift from the old Hall Master, but the old man has passed away."

The book room Once a library, the old Hall Master is naturally the building manager of the library.

However, the room in the book at that time hadn't started to grow, and it didn't even have a strong sealing ability.

That was the period before being included in the Investigation Bureau.

Even the main body of the house in the book does not remember that it has this kind of memory, until Ke Meng asked it: "What is the name of the old Hall Master?"

It came back to His senses, said in a dry voice: "The old Hall Master is called Mr. Yug, I only know that others call him that. When I was conscious, the old Hall Master only came for one day and passed away the next day. Later, I changed to the new Hall. The Master takes over as the library."

Ke Meng's heart shuddered, this kind of homophony is so coincidental, it's not like an accident.

Ke Meng turned the book room again, and time went backwards.

Sure enough, that morning, an elderly man in a mandarin jacket about to enter the soil, bent over and entered the library, and then sat at the tea table in the library to drink tea.

Ke Meng slows down the memory of this scene.

There seemed to be no lights at that time, and it was a bit dark in the morning.

Mr. Hall Master Yug took a sip of tea, and suddenly felt a little bit, and glanced in his direction.

Vague shadows were reflected in the muddy old man's eyes.

Ke Meng's spirituality was suddenly surprised.

That is an unknown sense of gaze.

This is by no means an instant gaze, but an old man from the past, who transcends the constraints of time and sees into the future Ke Meng.

"Huh." The old man made a hoarse voice.

Then he finished his tea and left, and never came back.

Ke Meng also felt the sense of gaze disappear without a trace.

This made him take a breath, Yogg is worthy of being an omniscient and almighty god.

Know the history and know the future.

In the past, Yogg has already seen the future.

But Ke Meng is puzzled, can it really be fixed in the future?

Ke Meng tossed over the memory of Mr. Yogg’s head up, but he didn’t look at him with horror.

Mr. Yug's eyes are too muddy, like looking at the air, far less shocking than when they saw it for the first time.

Assuming that this person is really the incarnation of Yogg, he saw the future Ke Meng looking for him.

Then Yogurt did not find Ke Meng, and Ke Meng himself did not feel the malice of the unity of everything. I can probably talk about this.

Ke Meng has no clue, he really has to ask Yuge himself.

After refreshing the memory, the next step is to calculate the general ledger.

Ke Meng hasn't forgotten that Huo Nan and other Class S members were locked in the book room and burned to death.

Although the room in the book has moved all the items inside.

But if people are locked inside, the book room cannot escape responsibility.

The room in the book was also waiting for Ke Meng to reveal the killing intent, his soul trembled.

"Am I going to die?"


"Understood..." Shu Zhongya said bitterly.

It has a foreboding if you sacrifice heart flame candles and other things to the one who unites all things.

This is not a brilliant idea. One day it will be liquidated for this price.

Next second.

The room in the book collapses in the sky.

The broken soul lifeline was extracted by Ke Meng, followed the same pattern, and fed to the big-faced cat.

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