I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 749

Ke Meng returned to the warrior cemetery of Koi Continent, concealed his spirituality, and scattered the material dust in the book room to the former warriors.

"Rest in peace." Ke Meng was silent for an hour.

The silhouette under the sun seems to be solidified in a cemetery, and those who come to worship subconsciously bypass the location of Ke Meng.

In one hour.

Ke Meng crossed to Koi City, stepped on the ground, looked at the busy streets, and felt that the whole city was completely different.

Every road has been refurbished, and his spirituality can clearly scan the circuit devices under the road.

That is a wireless charging road.

On the streets, petrol cars have disappeared without a trace, replaced by electric cars, as long as the car is on the road, it can continue to power indefinitely.

A large number of wireless charging devices are also set up at every intersection on the street. His spirituality extends to the entire city, and the wireless charging range covers every corner of the city.

In the past, no one dared to think about whether a city could afford that many electricity.

Now that human beings light up the controllable nuclear fusion technology, electricity has become a matter of no consideration.

The Feitian car has not been researched yet. If the Feitian car appears, the space battleship will definitely be there.

"It's changing with each passing day. Every time I go back to Blue Star, I feel different." Ke Meng said in a daze.

In this new era, everyone is filled with joyful smiles.

Occasionally, a newly born special item causes troubles, but because the special item science popularization is very successful, everyone has a reasonable emergency strategy.

Also, each term of Extraordinary University graduates covers the whole country, and an immediate response force has been set up to minimize casualties caused by special items.

In this era, everyone no longer needs to live in fear every day.

This is also the era Ke Meng wants to see, where technology and transcendence meet, and life is thriving.

The current Blue Star is a very good retreat. After he has investigated the truth about the big-faced cat and the reasons behind the game world, he will return to Blue Star to start a leisure and elderly life.

Of course, it’s also good to travel through other worlds occasionally, and see the scenery of the foreign world.

In Ke Meng unconsciously, he followed his subconscious choice and walked to the relocation address of the old library.

A new library was built here, and the old library (the book-in-the-book) was dug away in the past.

Ke Meng controls the spirituality output size, try not to make the surrounding people feel pressured, cautiously read the historical pictures emanating from this land.

Scene scenes floating in my mind, Ke Meng is like walking around watching flowers, reading slowly.

Standing for a few minutes, someone cast a puzzled look, feeling that this person is very strange.

Ke Meng had a feeling in the heart, he simply went into the library and sat down to read a book casually, so that he didn't cast doubtful glances.

He picks books without purpose, so he does it casually, finds the nearest bookshelf, and finds out a book without looking at it.

Looking at the title of the book, he was dumbfounded.

The cover of the book is very old, very old, assaults the senses of age.

This book is not simple.

The cover is an unopened door. When the door is not opened, it is full of unknowns, attracting Ke Meng's curiosity.

The font on the cover is very vague, and he can only vaguely identify the title of the book with his spirituality-"Through the Gate of Silver Spoon".

I haven't opened the book yet, Ke Meng has more feelings as he reads it. This book definitely has something to do with him.


A voice of vicissitudes of life suddenly sounded.

Ke Meng looked towards the right, it is Old Mister from the Investment Bureau, a former Class S member, now in retirement.

Shi Lao's face is full of wrinkles, and when he is old, he doesn't want to take that many food that increases life force. Wearing a plain white clothed, he smiles kindly when he sees Ke Meng's face.

"Lao Shi, why are you here?"

"I still want to say you, why are you interested in novels?" Lao Shi asked, eyes on the cover of the novel , Saw a fox.

In Shilao’s normal person’s perspective, Ke Meng is holding a brand new book with a few words on the cover-"Your Sword Art is Outrageous".

"This book is destined for me." Ke Meng looked for a table with "Through the Gate of Silver Spoon", sat down, and read it carefully.

As soon as I opened the book, I saw distorted and unknown text.

Fortunately, Ke Meng is too knowledgeable, and within a few seconds he thought of what kind of knowledge to use to interpret the text of the book.

Two minutes later, Shi Lao also found this novel and sat down to read it.

Ke Meng is immersed in his own world of consciousness, sometimes frowning, sometimes feeling sentimental.

The old Shi on the side was puzzled and puzzled.

In Shi Lao's eyes, Ke Meng is just reading a popular novel.

According to Captain's experience, his life is more exciting than novels. Do I still need to read popular novels?

Lao Shi slowly flipped through the novel he chose. He didn't want to read the novel. He just saw that Ke Meng chose a novel. He also chose the same book to see what's in it. Let Ke Captain cares so much.

Time gradually came to the afternoon. After reading the entire book, Ke Meng had a new understanding of the positioning of the silver key.

Seeing that Ke Meng finished watching, Shi Lao also smiled and chatted with Ke Meng about the plot.

This made Ke Meng confused, "Old Shi, what are you talking about?"

"Talk about the book you read."

"I This book...Wait, why is there such a strange book here." Ke Meng came back to his senses at this time, feeling something was wrong.

A normal library, impossible to place this kind of mysterious books involving extraordinary powers.

This "Crossing the Gate of Silver Spoon" is written in foreign languages. It is a deadly mind poison for ordinary persons. As long as you look at the text, you will be contaminated by mind.

Ke Meng completely turned off spirituality and read this book from the perspective of a normal person.

Sure enough, the book became another look.

The point is that he was not alert from start to finish, and naturally picked this book.

"Lao Shi, I want to investigate the origin of this book, please wait a moment." Ke Meng said, snapping his fingers with his fingers, and the group magic was formed without chanting.

There used to be the sound of flipping books in the library, but now it's empty, and needles can be heard.

The normal humans in the entire library were moved outside by Ke Meng.

Ke Meng added suggestive magic, suggesting that they have finished reading today's book and can go home to rest.

Lao Shi was not removed. He looked at Ke Meng with a flick of his fingers and moved everyone away. He was shocked and asked, "Where are those people?"

"Outside the library, Shi Lao, please settle it." Ke Meng said.

At the same time, he released spirituality, and the speed of light investigated the traces of Sense Connection in this book.

From the shop staff to the shelves, the memory goes back to automobile transportation, then to the factory production, and then back to the birth of the basic materials that make up the book.

"Strange..." Ke Meng was a little confused. This book is actually normal, without strange human touch.

Shilao feels that Ke Meng’s condition is a bit wrong, a bit like a mind abnormal Investigator, persuaded: "You are too tired, I suggest you take a rest immediately, or you can go back to the Investigation Bureau to test you. His mind state, rational values ​​and the like..."

After Shi Lao finished speaking, he immediately left the library to check how the gang of humans were moved.

Ke Meng looked at the book in his hand, the more he thought about it, the more something was wrong.

At that time, he found this book, he just did it casually, following his subconscious choice.

I was too involved in reading books, and I forgot that this kind of book shouldn't appear in this kind of occasion.

Recall that this feeling came from when I checked the old Hall Master Mr. Yug.

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