I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 750

Ke Meng left the library instead of taking the right path, but teleported away directly.

In his home, Ke Meng took out the silver key.

The spirituality moved slightly, and he saw the exquisite pattern on the silver key.

After reading that book, Ke Meng has a new understanding of the knowledge of dimensions.

As long as you understand the dimensions, you can actually open the space of the higher dimension, enter the higher dimension, and arrive at the location of Yug.

Yug is waiting for him there, and he has been waiting for several decades since the glare of his eyes in the past.

Today, Ke Meng has the strength to open higher dimension entrance.

Ke Meng stood still, closed his eyes, and simulated high-dimensional patterns in his brain with divergent spirituality.

One second, ten seconds, ten minutes.

One hour later, Ke Meng opened his eyes, and the silver key was inserted into the air in a certain direction.

Immediately afterwards, the silver key disappeared, and Ke Meng's hand reached into unknown territory.

Ke Meng knows that it is a higher dimension space that his eyes cannot see.

However, Ke Meng already felt his hand inserted into the higher dimension, and with a slight twist, the silver key radiated some mysterious power, expanding the high-dimensional space and enclosing Ke Meng.

Ke Meng's perspective suddenly diverges, and he can see many directions.

From the fourth dimension, I saw my internal organs, eyeballs, skin, muscles, etc.

If you want to observe more carefully, use spirituality scanning, accurate to the molecular level.

This kind of very broad perspective makes Ke Meng a little uncomfortable.

He thought that the void is a high-dimensional space before, but now he knows that the void is just a fake high-dimensional space. At this moment, the space where Ke Meng is located is the real high-dimensional space.

The beauty of dimensionality brings Ke Meng's observation ability to a higher level.

The bottleneck, which had been perplexed for a long time, loosened again.

Ke Meng did not immediately go to Yuge. He walked out of the house, used magic to hide his figure, used his body, and used spirituality to measure his hometown from a higher dimension perspective.

"Interesting, the high-dimensional world is actually like this." Ke Meng silently observed the operation of the World Rule behind it.

Every time I watch it, there is a new harvest.

For a long time, there has been no such big progress. The Silver Key has taught it a lesson, which is a tangible benefit.

In the following days, Ke Meng is like a sponge that absorbs water. He keeps learning and his cognition becomes more and more perfect.

The world of higher dimension is like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies. Ke Meng re-uses his own ability to perfect the defects of Storage Scarf, so that external observation sources cannot look directly at the inside of the scarf in the fourth dimension. item.

Until Ke Meng felt that he could not observe more patterns, he knew that the time had come and it was time to meet Yogg.

Ke Meng patted Storage Scarf, release Sweet Dumpling, and give it the diary of the magical breath of the world.

"I'm going to explore the secret of Big Face Cat. If I haven't returned for a long time, you can publish this book." Ke Meng said.

In fact, without the Sweet Dumpling guard, the book itself sets a special magic that will be sent back to Blue Star when he dies.

Sweet Dumpling let out a bow, expressing understanding.

Ke Meng touched the silver key, a mysteriously and inexorably inspiration led him, guiding him forward.

The footsteps move lightly, and the ground under the feet keeps changing.

Stone surface, water surface, steel surface, slurry surface, nothingness.

Every time the foot image changes, it is a super teleport, moving from one place to another, ignoring the limitation of distance.

If you compare Cthulhu's Mirror Surface Shuttle skill, the answer is obvious.

Mirror Surface Shuttle can only shuttle on the surface of this world, and cannot leave a world.

The current Ke Meng can be moved from the ground of the Blue Star to the ground of the game land.

This extreme ability to move, represents the ultimate attainments in space, Ke Meng has insight into the basic structure of space in myriad worlds, and can therefore travel through Myriad Realms.

Next second.

A door appeared in front of Ke Meng.

There is a hole lock on the door hole. Looking at the keyhole model, it just matches the silver key in your hand.

Ke Meng inserted the silver key into the lock hole, and a kācha sound came from the door of the silver key.

That is the sound of rules. This lock contains countless rules, and non-specific items cannot be opened.

If you want to open it, you can only crack it with the knowledge of higher dimension.

Ke Meng is here to visit Yogg, not a robber, so naturally he can't open the door in that way.

Pushing the door gently, an old man with an indescribable face stood there and looked at him and said: "You are here, Ke Meng."

"Mr. Yogg? "

"Yes, it's me, come in." Yogg led Ke Meng into the door, surrounded by countless regular silk threads, which looked very messy.

But Ke Meng knows that, in addition to culminating in spatial attainments, Yogg is also very awesome in the field of time.

At least Ke Meng's current understanding of time is not very clear, and the time scars on his body have not been removed.

"What do you want to ask?"

"The origin of a cat."

In theory, the omniscient Yoge should have known Ke for a long time. What did Meng want to ask.

This is what Ke Meng puzzled.

But he wanted to know the origin of the cat before asking this doubt.

Ke Meng took out the big-faced cat from the four-dimensional Storage Scarf.

The big face cat is also a three-dimensional object in a four-dimensional space.

Ke Meng and Yogg himself are four-dimensional forms, and Ke Meng himself is the fourth-dimensional material composition that complements oneself by the day after tomorrow.

"What's wrong with this cat, it's just a normal cat." Yogg himself said.

"Are you sure?" Ke Meng was puzzled.

In order to prove his convincing power, Ke Meng took out a three-dimensional Evil God mummy from the scarf and threw it to the mouth of the big-faced cat.

In an instant, the mummy disappeared.

Ke Meng hasn't observed the operation of any regular force, it is very powerful.

Be aware that Ke Meng is now more than twice as strong as before after supplementing high-dimensional cognition.

But he still couldn't see the truth about the big-faced cat.

Yug said normally: "The movement of the World Rule is very clear. You can’t observe it, but your cognitive level is not good enough."

Speaking, Yogg handed out A spirituality compresses countless knowledge in it.

Ke Meng perceives it silently, without feeling dangerous.

This is pure knowledge, only accept the spirituality of the other party, keep the knowledge, and then eliminate the exorcism.

Ke Meng accepted the spirituality handed over by Yuge, and continuous knowledge poured into his mind.

Rely on my own consciousness, get rid of the spirituality of Yogg, and leave only knowledge.

Soon, Ke Meng absorbed the knowledge that Yug had handed over.

That is a kind of observational knowledge that even he can't tell what it is.

Ke Meng fed the cat again.

Looking at the entrance of the food, the particle changes and energy changes that occur when the food disappears are all clearly in front of Ke Meng's eyes.

From this new perspective, Ke Meng is like discovering a new continent.

It's just that how this observation method was researched, even Ke Meng himself can't explain it clearly.

At this time, Ke Meng asked the second question.

"Since you are all-knowing and omnipotent, why not take the initiative to explain?"

"Because of the fun of answering that's all, besides, I am not omnipotent, just omnipotent in the logical sense." Yogg doesn't care. Tao.

Ke Meng can't see the other party's face, nor can he Sense Connection to the other party's spirituality.

There is no doubt that Yug is really strong.

Aside from other factors, just knowing everything is enough for Yogg to spend a lot of time to develop all reasonable abilities.

"Knowing all the knowledge, won’t it be boring to stop thinking?"

"I can still think, but there’s no fun of exploring knowledge that’s all, now there’s only fun left Let’s answer other people’s doubts."

Speaking of which, Yug said again:

"I can see the future, but it doesn’t mean that the future I see will not change. I’m in the Looking at the past, the future has changed slightly because of your perception."

"But you can still observe the future." Ke Meng affirmed.

"Can you ask, in the future you see, does the world have an end?" Ke Meng asked.

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