I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 751

"Yes, there is a blind and foolish existence, and it will definitely live to the end of the multiverse."

Yug Sotos was silent for a long while and told an amazing secret .

"What kind of existence is that?" Ke Meng inquired.

"I don’t know, I only know that by its side, there is a group of dancers who have no mind or a fixed shape, singing incomprehensible ballads, I only remember one sentence from that crazy ballad Pronunciation."

Yug shook his head, expressing strange emotions for the first time.

Ke Meng noticed that this emotion was a bit confused and a bit scared.

Even the omniscient god Yogg Sotos was afraid of what kind of god this is.

"What kind of pronunciation?"

"Asathos." Yogg used a hoarse voice, trying his best to restore that pronunciation.

Ke Meng's spirituality does not respond.

What does this name stand for? He didn't feel any danger from the divine name.

Yug added: "At the beginning of my reading of time, when I saw the birth of the multiverse, Asathos already existed."

"Asathos's existence is longer than I am still a long time away. If there is a real omnipotent existence, it is probably it."

Yug is currently logically omnipotent, not logically omnipotent.

For Yug, discovering the existence of Atathos was the greatest gain in his life.

But also because he found Asathos, he knew about Asathos' past.

Ke Meng wanted to ask again, but Yug stopped talking.

As if the pronunciation of Asathos touched his bad memory, he immediately closed the door to thank the guests.

"Go out, don't ask any more, I won't see guests."

Ke Meng was locked outside the door, waiting for a long time, knowing that fate is the end here, Then left in a hurry.

Ke Meng did not ask about the origin of the game.

When he digested high-dimensional knowledge, he had already investigated the truth about the game.

Behind the game world, there is the one who makes the core of the rules, and Sab Nicholas provides the life force of all things.

Naya voluntarily stepped in to experience being a BOSS, fooling all beings.

This is a game jointly developed by the Three Pillars.

Yug developed the game and wanted to find new unknown knowledge through the changing future. Ke Meng is the variable that Yogg arranged.

In Ke Meng's view, Yogg seems to have failed and has not found the unknown pleasure. Currently, he is happy to answer.

Sabu was purely drawn to be a strong man. He did not appear from beginning to end, but silently provided life force that's all.

Neah needless to say, the end of the Orange Star is his happy time.

Ke Meng returned to Blue Star with the big-faced cat and took back the notebook from Sweet Dumpling.

"Everything is over. I already know the secret of the big-faced cat and the game. This is the truth of everything."

Ke Meng put the big-faced cat on the ground and watched Kitten's eyes, patted its head, meowing sounds in his mind.

In Ke Meng's view, these truths are too boring.

In other words, these are in my expectation.

The most powerful god in this world is the three-pillar god. Without them participating in the game, Ke Meng would not believe it.

In fact, he has clues while experiencing the game process, but he just didn't analyze it.

For example, the depth of knowledge that everyone can become a god, the world-level influence of Naia and history so deep, and the lifeline laid down by Sab Nicholas are all too deeply involved in game .

As long as you guess slowly, the answer is actually in the heart.

The only secret that makes him feel dissatisfied is the big face cat.

He found that he had forgotten to ask about the life experience of the big face cat.

Make this kind of mistake, let him didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

But at the time, Yug was not in the mood to answer, and Ke Meng could only step back.

Next time you wait until Yuge's mood improves, ask again.

Or study Time Rule by yourself and use your own ability to peek into the past.

In short, the investigation of the big face cat is almost over.

He recalled today's harvest, there is a god's name in the heart.

"Asathos, is the god that existed before the birth of the multiverse...I will also look for opportunities to see later." Ke Meng muttered.

In his subconscious mind, he doesn't believe there is such a god.

Thinking about it, it feels like a paradox. Before the universe was born, where did its own material energy come from?

Could it be the matter left by the last multiverse that went to extinction constitutes Atathos?

Yug can control time. If there was a last multiverse that died out, you should also be able to see the time of the last multiverse.

But the emotion that Yuge showed, obviously did not have such a concept.

Ke Meng shook the head, and opened his own notebook of world-destroying magical breath, turning it page by page from beginning to end.

There are some tests that feel naive to yourself, such as the quantum reading test.

Turning to the end, Ke Meng found out that the feed the cat test has not been done yet.

"Well, then hungry you for a day." Ke Meng said.

Outside the window, it was eight o'clock in the night.

Ke Meng stretched as he watched the dark night where the drone lights floated around.

He snapped his fingers and turned Sweet Dumpling into a normal-looking golden retriever dog.

"Sweet Dumpling, take you for a walk."

Ke Meng stuffed the big-faced cat into the Storage Scarf and used magic to ban the big-faced cat's space, and nothing can be allowed Feed it.

Wait until the next night.

Ke Meng stepped sideways and came to an unmanned space planet.

At this moment, there are still ten minutes to a full day.

Ke Meng looked at the big-faced cat and really didn't plan to feed it today.

The last thing I fed was Evil God's mummy.

Today, Ke Meng's spirituality broke out, covering the mouth of the big-faced cat, so he just stared at it if he didn't go in.

The last one minute, the last ten seconds.

Three seconds.

Two seconds.

One second.

Time is up.

Nothing happened to the big-faced cat. Ke Meng could feel that the other party's body was still so healthy and there was no death.

"Sure enough, it was a lie to me. You just want people to feed you, but you are not hungry." Ke Meng felt a little melancholy when he knew the answer.

He used to worry about the big-faced cat if he starved to death.

Don’t worry now, the big-faced cat would never starve to death.

The whole day after that, Ke Meng did not feed it either.

As a former Investigator, Ke Meng's test thinking is very rigorous and divergent.

Maybe the day defined by the big face cat is thousands of hours?

The time he did not feed was slowly extended to a whole year.

The life force of the big-faced cat is still strong and not weak.

Ke Meng decided to end the test and went downstairs to buy a bag of small dried fish at Chen Family Convenience Store, ready to feed the fish.

"Ke Meng, are you going to feed the cat?" Chen Momo sat in the shop after get off work at the Investment Bureau and found that Ke Meng had bought a small dried fish that he hadn't bought for a long time.

"Yes, my cat hasn't been fed for a year. I will feed it a fish today."

"I told you not to feed it for a whole year. It's so cruel." Chen Momo murmured, but thought that the big-faced cat is a special animal, and he didn't feel distressed.

Ke Meng shrugged, bid farewell to Chen Momo, and went upstairs to feed the cat.

Open the door and play some soothing music.

Tear open the small dried fish bag, Ke Meng skillfully picked up a small dried fish with his chopsticks, and said to the big-faced cat who stopped thinking:

"Come, eat fish !"

The fish slowly entered the mouth of the blindly and foolish cat with a big face.

Golden Retriever puppy is drooling on the side, only small dried fish in his eyes.

White Sugar used wings awkwardly and meticulously used photography tools to film the scene of the first food ban after the big-faced cat went on a hunger strike for 365 days.

The video title has already been thought out.

It was called a hunger strike for 365 days, and the cat owner finally remembered its existence.

The audience on the internet will definitely feel very curious. White Sugar is already looking forward to tomorrow's barrage scene.


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