I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 52


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Yang Xi sneered: “Zhuzi? You will be called Laozi later!”

After the perception of Profound Truth, Yang Xi has not yet encountered an opponent who can make him use his full strength.

Once he decided to do it, Yang Xi’s eyes immediately became extremely calm.

For some reason, a feeling of lonely at the top arose spontaneously.

He faintly sighed and said: “Lord of Chaos, I hope your strength, don’t let me down.”

The lord of Chaos Sea, who was already brewing moves, was a little surprised and hesitated when he heard this extremely beeping sentence.

Because he heard the true feelings in Yang Xi’s words.

“Is it possible that this guy has been so strong that he hasn’t met an opponent for a long time?”

“Impossible, don’t their Judgement organization have four Tier 4 powerhouses?”

“Just Unitary Fowl as a sparring partner for him is enough for him to have fun, right?”

“Could it be that the strength of this Monkey is the strongest in the Judgement organization!”

It’s a pity that the lord of Chaos Sea doesn’t know the zodiac signs organized by Judgement. Except for Rabbit, which is played by Yang Xi’s younger sister, all the others are Yang Xi himself.

Naturally, there will be no sparring.

But regret is useless now, because Yang Xi’s fighting intent has also reached its peak.

Yang Xi’s punch of Profound Truth is gaining momentum!

“Damn it!”

Seeing the familiar fluctuations from that fist, the lord of Chaos Sea’s complexion greatly changed.

“It turned out to be you, Blast!!!”

“Didn’t you promise me that you will not trouble me within 100 years? Why do you want to change your mind?”

“Hehe, didn’t expect dignified Hero Association Head President, turned out to be a villain with no credit!”

He was swearing on his mouth, but his body was very flexible. He retreated at an extremely fast speed, keeping a distance from Yang Xi.

Yang Xi is a little speechless.

When did I become Blast?

However, judging from the reaction of the Lord of Chaos, the power he comprehended Profound Truth should be very similar to Blast.

“Can you still fight?”


The Crescent Moon Bar.

The man who is good at lip language showed a shocked expression, and stepped back several steps: “Impossible…Impossible! Something is wrong!”

Seeing his performance, everyone rolled their eyes silently.

“What are you reading out again?”

“It’s not right, Sir Lord just now wanted to fuck that Monkey arrogantly, why did you suddenly persuade?”

“Yeah, could it be the Monkey from the Judgement organization. What amazing moves did they use?”

“This shouldn’t be it, even if it is a powerful move, Sir Lord shouldn’t be so thorough? Look at the expression on his face, he is obviously scared!”

The silver-haired man suddenly said: “young man, idle is idle, why not tell the big guy what you read out?”

Immediately someone sneered and said: “Isn’t it, you are in the mood to listen to this half-baked half-barrel lip reading technique?”

“Yes, I guess most of it was made up by this kid!”

“Young man, you are not only handsome, but you are also very talented. Why don’t you become a celebrity writer, but what do you want to do?”

The lip-talker youth was ashamed and unable to show one’s face, and he began to doubt himself.

Just now… he must have read it wrong, right?

How could the Monkey of the Judgement organization be Lord Blast?

Reminiscent of Monkey wearing a mask and a gilt armor, this probability cannot be ruled out.

Only this way, things become even more terrifying.

Monkey is pretending to be Lord Blast.

What about Unitary Fowl?

Where are Rabbit and Haizhu?

Their history seems to be traceable all at once.

Could it be that this Judgement organization is actually run by the four seas forces?

Then what is their purpose?

The silver-haired middle-aged said with a smile: “Anyway, we can’t hear what Sir Lord is talking about. What does it matter if we listen to this handsome guy translate it?”

“Even if you don’t believe him, you can listen to it as a story.”

“Old Brother is right, young man, tell the big guy, what’s the story on your side!”

“Why do I see your sweaty face, are you physically weak? Well, you youngsters, you just don’t know about temperance, this will be a long time in the future!”

“Hurry up, stop here, the little girls are watching you joke!”

A crowd of customers huddled in front of the French windows, and the bunny girls looked gossiping behind them.

Fortunately, they are all carefully selected beauties. Their height is pretty good, but they are 12 cm tall when they step on black. They are half a head taller than most male customers, and they can almost be seen. Be lively.

There are only a few Telescopes, and they dare not compete with these generous customers.

Hearing what this dear friend said, they smiled kindly to their lips and spoke to the young man, and encouraged them professionally: “Boss, hurry up and talk about it, and we want to hear it too!”

The original lip-speaker was rushed and didn’t want to speak, but a few pretty girls snarled, and the previous depression was wiped out.

He sorted out his emotions, and grudgingly said with a smile at everyone: “First of all, I declare, I also found that my lip reading may not be good enough, so for the rest of the content, everyone can just listen to it, and I will live up to it. Responsibility!”

“The reason Sir Lord stays away from this Monkey is because he guessed the identity of Monkey. It is likely to be the powerhouse of our Human Race sequence NO.001, Lord Blast!”

The whole bar was in an uproar upon hearing what the lip-talker said.

“I really laughed at me, the Monkey of the Judgement organization will actually be Lord Blast!”

“young man, our company is short of talents like you, otherwise you will report with me later? A monthly salary of 30,000 yuan, including food and accommodation, how about?”

“I really heard a story, you can make it up, you dare to make it up!”

Only the silver-haired middle-aged man stood in front of the French window looking thoughtful, “Everyone, think about it carefully, if this Monkey is really Lord Blast, then Sir Lord’s performance can be explained.”

“However, I don’t believe it, haha.”

Everyone was silent.

Yes, besides that lord, who else can make the Lord of Chaos Sea show such a jealous expression?

Over the inner island.

Yang Xi smiled and denied: “Look carefully, UU read the book www.uukanshu.com, I am not Blast!”

“I am the Monkey of the Judgement organization. When you die and go to hell, don’t make a mistake!”

Regardless of what he thinks, Yang Xi doesn’t bother to take care of it, and kill it!

The Profound Truth in him fluctuates more and more.

At this moment, even Chris, who is watching the excitement around the beach, has a strange expression on his face.

“The Monkey organized by Judgement, Comprehensive Laws Profound Truth, is indeed very similar to Blast’s!”

“But looking at it now, in terms of strength, it’s still worse!”

“When Blast inspired Profound Truth, there was no idea of ​​resistance at all!”

Chris’s fortuitous encounter in the interior also gave him a glimpse of the strength of Blast.

This guy is indeed Human Race’s well-deserved Number One Powerhouse!

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