I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 521


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Behind Chris are the newly renewed Yabu trio.

Their appearance is not bad at first, but because of the year-round wind blowing and sun shining, they look dark.

It’s just that, under the background of fashionable and trendy clothing, it seems a little healthy.

It’s more like a rich class on Lords Island, who has the time and energy to tanning.

Xueye hesitantly pokes Chris’ back with her finger, “Snow plate…no, Lord Chris, what shall we do next?”

In this short half-day, Xue Ye’s living environment has undergone tremendous changes.

Although the snow plate in front of her had already personally told her, he became another person.

But seeing the familiar back, hearing the familiar voice, smelling the familiar smell, she still couldn’t accept the reality.

She would call his former name involuntarily and still… want to rely on him.

Yes, in this bustling and busy city, Xue Ye, who grew up in a small fishing village, can’t help feeling embarrassed.

At this point, Xiao Budian Yabu has the best adaptability.

In just one afternoon, she perfectly cleared the things on the private communicator.

What kind of navigation system, online payment, etc., even the clothes on the three of them were bought by Yabu at the store with coupons-three pairs of socks for washing and a Little Huang duck are included. hat.

At this moment, this hat is sitting on Yabu’s head, with her crafty gaze, very cute.

Chris turned his head, not at all to take care of Xue Ye, but instructed Yabu: “In the next few days, you will live in the Coster area, you will be their Captain.”

He gave a bundle of cash to Yabu, “These fifty thousand four seas coins are your funds, and I will come to you again.”

After speaking, Chris disappeared in front of the three.

The people around simply didn’t notice this.

“Snow plate…!”

Xueye looked around blankly.

Abra pulled his big brother, and the latter muttered, “Master Chris is going over there.”

The direction of his finger is the opposite of the ring sea, the island of the lord.

Abu’s eyes are full of yearning, and his blood is boiling-that’s where the powerhouses are.


“Hey, have you confirmed now? I’m not a Blast!”

Yang Xi coldly shouted to the lord of Chaos Sea.

The latter’s eyes are a bit awkward, but more of a fortunate.

He was really scared to pee just now.

If Blast is really here, then he will definitely die.

If he hadn’t given Blast three drops of geocentric stone milk in exchange for a promise not to do it to him for a hundred years, the things he did in the chaotic Sea Territory would have long been lost.

As long as it is not Blast, he is not afraid of anyone.

“hmph, didn’t expect you guy, but there are also abilities! Comprehensive Laws Profound Truth, it’s not just waiting for idle goods.”

The lord of Chaos Sea tidied up his hairstyle, “This lord will give you one more time today. As long as you leave, I will have nothing to happen, how?”

He still doesn’t want to go to war with the Judgement organization.

Besides, although the strength of this Monkey cannot be compared with Blast, his Comprehensive Laws Profound Truth is really real.

The Profound Truth that can be more similar to Blast, he is really a little bit groan in his heart.


Yang Xi didn’t bother to leave this guy anymore.

The Lord of Chaos Sea is weaker than he thought.

I really don’t know how this kind of obsessed with female sex, bullying and fearing hardship, became a fourth-order powerhouse.

Yang Xi has seen all kinds of powerhouses, but this lord of Chaos Sea looks a little strange.

“It is estimated that it is the fifth scum of the war, quickly slaughtered the matter!”

The greater the so-called hope, the greater the disappointment.

Originally, Yang Xi thought that the lord of Chaos Sea should be a powerful fourth-order. In terms of Law Comprehension, there is no 6%, and there should be a level of 4 or 5%.

But now it seems that he was wrong.

“That’s nothing to talk about…”

The lord of Chaos Sea still wants to continue to talk with Yang Xi, but the latter’s fists have already greeted him on his face.

“Damn, you guy, you dare to sneak attack the lord!”

“Oh, do I need a sneak attack to deal with a weak chicken like you?”

Yang Xi’s fist is only half an inch away from the lord of Chaos Sea. With the energy of his fist at the moment, one punch hits, and the ordinary Tier 4 powerhouse has to destroy half of his head.

Definitely will be seriously injured.

Who knows, the lord of Chaos Sea is faintly sighed: “There’s a road to Heaven yet you don’t walk it, there’s no way to hell!”

“What do you think I used to become the most powerful house in Chaos Sea?”

“That is overwhelming strength!”

In the blink of an eye, the Lord of Chaos Sea’s hair floated upward, and the white energy wave moved towards all around.

Yang Xi felt his fists, and suddenly faced tremendous pressure.

He was a little surprised and said: “The Profound Truth you understand is actually…”

A violent vibration was wrapped around Yang Xi’s fist!

blonde man said with a sneer: “Now you know the strength of this lord, the vibration Profound Truth I have comprehended is definitely the most powerful Profound Truth in Four Seas, if it weren’t for my level of comprehension than Blast, I will still be trapped in the trifling chaos and be a mountain king of drunken stupor?”

For a time, Yang Xi felt his fist endure thousands of vibrations in one breath!

“Eat my X1080 punch with one stroke, it tastes good, right?”

The Lord of Chaos Sea showed his face, “The 1080 violent shocks that erupted in an instant, even Blast is uncomfortable, I don’t believe you, a guy who is dressing up as God, playing the devil, can hold on! “

Yang Xi caught the roll and removed the vibration force attached to his fist.

But his bone suffered a comminuted fracture in the previous blow.

His right arm sags weakly, “didn’t expect you guy’s strength, but it’s not bad.”

The lord of Chaos Sea laughed at said with a smile: “Now that I regret it? I just gave you two opportunities!”

“I won’t do it with you, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is just to fear the Judgement organization behind you, didn’t expect you guy, and treat yourself as a dish!”

“I’m telling you, it’s not impossible to want me to stop now, as long as you… 180 palms!”


The Lord of Chaos Sea couldn’t help but want to laugh wildly.

This move is really shameful to him!

But Yang Xi started to move the arm of the palm sooner – he just put his arm in the vortex of the virtual world, and Yang Feifei inside has already treated him.

This is the operation Yang Xi thought of. As long as the treatment is performed in the virtual space, the danger of the younger sister will be much smaller.

“Stupid guy, the stronger you realize the Profound Truth, the more interested I will be to kill you!”

He glanced at the Lord of Chaos Sea and said: “I’m waiting for treatment, what are you waiting for?”

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