I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 522


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The Lord of Chaos Sea squinted his eyes. Just now, the Monkey put his arm behind him. He didn’t at all to see exactly how he healed the injury.

But thinking about it, it should be inseparable from Rabbit.

“Damn it, the Judgement organization, there are too many methods.”

He is a little depressed.

This is why he doesn’t want to offend the Judgement organization.

“You must seize the opportunity and use all your strength to directly kill him!”

If the opponent is always allowed to reply quickly, then he has a great probability of being dragged to death.

It’s better to take advantage of the strength now, and put everything down!

Yang Xi noticed that the Lord of Chaos Sea’s eyes had changed, and his killing intent was awe-inspiring.

“Yes, I like this look.”

His fighting intent is constantly improving.

The right arm was beaten into a comminuted fracture just now. This is a setback that Yang Xi rarely encounters.

This alone is enough for the Lord of Chaos to be proud of.


The two disappeared in place at the same time.

Except for powerhouses above Tier-3, the dynamic vision of others simply can’t keep up with their battle trajectory.

All they can detect is the violent collisions and the tremors of the air all over the inner island. It seems that the entire space is about to be shattered!

Unlike the Haizhu Avatar who uses the Profound Truth of the virtual world, it cleverly controls the space.

At this moment, Lord of Chaos Sea and Yang Xi are close to the threshold of the shatter space by the power of vibration and physical explosion.

If there is a White Hole space here, maybe the dark energy escaping from their battle can directly open the channel to the Osid plane.

On the inner island, a large number of Miki and her guards have left their original posts and have found a strong hiding place.

And those youngsters who are training the devil,

When the instructor was distracted, he partnered with a sneak attack to attack him.

The instructor wearing the green vest said in disbelief: “You little bastard, dare to do such a rebellious thing, the Lord will not let you go!”

The young man with yellow broken hair stepped forward and smashed his throat, said with a sneer: “Whether that guy can survive the enemy now is not certain!”

Afterwards, several youngsters in training suits looked at each other and plunged into the jungle.

Today is their opportunity to escape alive!

At the gorgeous palace, a summer messenger in a red robe and a haggard autumn messenger watched the Tier 4 battle in the sky, constantly weighing the pros and cons.

Naturally, they also know the horror of the Judgement organization.

Whether the Monkey wins or loses today, the life on Lords Island will only get harder and harder.

“What should we do, shall we go up and help?”

The summer messenger is Esper of the Fire Element series. It seems that he is facing the honest and honest, a trace of crafty flashes in his eyes, and he asks.

The withered old man didn’t deal with the summer messenger very well, but now the spring messenger is killed and the winter messenger defected.

In this palace, the only people who can speak on the ground are the Tie Han, the Messenger of Summer.

He cast a blank glance at the summer messenger, “The two of us went up and brought food to the Monkey. Let’s watch the play obediently and honestly here!”

If you change to normal, the summer messenger will definitely go against him.

But at this time, he is not in the mood to engage in these things.

He secretly recorded all the chats just now. When the time comes, if the Lord of Chaos asks, why didn’t the two of them go up to help, he can rely on this.

The poor autumn messenger hailed himself as rigorous schemes and deep foresight, but at a critical moment, the summer messenger was so naive.

“By the way, do you know why the winter messenger is running away?”

The summer messenger chatted with the autumn messenger.

The latter replied dullly: “I don’t know, nor am I interested in knowing.”

The Winter Envoy is the strongest among their Four Season Envoys, and at the same time the most arrogant.

Normally, Li always looked down on the other three season messengers, so I knew he had defected, and the autumn messenger didn’t know the reason.

How come the summer messenger said mysterious and secretive at this time: “I know why he defected, and I also know why the Lord made such a big fire.”

Hearing the manner of the summer messenger, the withered old man became interested.

“hope to hear the details.”

The red robe brawny laughed: “The concubine of the winter messenger is my lover…”

Although the summer messenger may seem reckless and straightforward, he speaks of things with clear logic and order.

In a few words, I told a pretty close about the truth of the winter messenger’s defection.

“So this geocentric stone milk really exists?!”

The withered old man couldn’t help but exclaimed, and even his breathing began to rush.

Their Four Seasons messengers have been trapped in the Tier-3 limit for many years. Which one does not want to be a Tier 4 powerhouse?

Although they can call the wind and summon the rain in the chaotic sea, act wilfully.

But there is still a Chaos Sea Lord on top of Nai He, doing things by his side, how can it be cautiously?

Moreover, the lord of the Chaos Sea has a very strong possessive desire. If he finds a beautiful beauty, he will pass without a word, and he will not give them any affection at all.

To be honest, most of the envoys of the four seasons have a little green on their heads.

“Not only exists, I also know where this geocentric stone milk is hidden, it depends on Old Brother, if you have the courage, go with me!”

The summer messenger finally revealed his purpose.

The withered old man looked towards the Summer Messenger somewhat suspiciously.

Is this guy so kind?

I’m afraid there is fraud in it!

“Let’s not talk about dark flowers. Since you have understood the place where the stone milk is located in the center of the earth, why not go to get it? Anyway, the whole inner island is in chaos, and no one will come to trouble you.”

Hearing the doubts of the autumn messenger, the summer messenger sighed: “Frankly, I have already explored the way, but unfortunately the hiding place needs the power of two Tier-3 extreme powerhouses to break open. I alone There is no way for one person!”

“How is it possible? How did the Winter Messenger stole things?”

The autumn messenger never let go of the weak spot in the summer messenger’s words. U U Reading www.uukanshu.com

“Old Brother, after the secret library was stolen once, the master has strengthened it again!”

“Before this, any one of our Four Seasons messengers could easily steal things from the secret library!”

Hearing the clear and logical said by the summer messenger, it was reasonable and well-founded, and the autumn messenger temporarily let go of his vigilance.

“Then what are you waiting for, let’s join hands to get the stone milk from the center of the earth, and then how about a five to five split?”

Unexpectedly, at this time, the summer messenger was holding it up.

“Old Brother, I found out this news. It stands to reason that we should be 40%?”

Watching the war in the sky intensify, the autumn messenger clenched the teeth said: “June 4th is June 4th, hurry up and lead the way!”

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