I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 523


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The strong man and the old man looked at each other, each exhibited Magical Powers, and left the palace with extremely fast speed records.

Everyone encountered along the way, whether it is a guard or a singer, all violent death.

When the two of them walked away, Chris’ silhouette appeared in the cover.

Looking like a teenager, he laughed, “I can’t find a place to walk through the iron sheet, only to return and find it easily, without looking for clues, these two people can take me to my destination.”


Before a stone gate, the summer and autumn envoys hurriedly arrived.

The red robe man said: “Old Brother, right here, as long as we break open this stone gate, we can get what’s inside.”

The autumn messenger stepped forward and touched the stone gate, and found that there was indeed a trace of power fluctuations on the Lord of Chaos Sea.

The kind of destructive power that made him hesitate about whether he could break the stone gate with their strength alone.

The summer messenger saw his thoughts and said with a smile: “Old Brother, how can I know if I don’t try.”

“Although we are not Tier 4, we are the most powerful group of people in Tier-3. If even a stone gate left by the master cannot be broken, that would be outrageous.”

The withered old man removed the chicken paw-like right hand from the stone gate, frowning and said: “What I am afraid of is whether the movement caused by the two of us attacking this stone gate will attract the Lord’s attention. ?”

“What I thought it was!” The summer messenger took out an alchemy vessel similar to a music box from his pocket.

“This is the soundproof Formation that the Lord gave me at the time. With this thing, what we two are doing in it will not be known.”

The autumn messenger exclaimed: “So you still have this method!”

The latter laughed, “Otherwise how did you think I experimented last time? Without this thing, I would have been caught.

frankly, this soundproofing formation is indeed a good thing. When I went to find the concubine of the winter messenger, if it weren’t for it, it might be exposed. “

The autumn messenger asked: “Does this thing have any distinctive features when it is used?”

The brawny red robe waved his hand and said: “Don’t worry,

Except for occasional blue light, it is inconspicuous at other times. “

The autumn messenger is nodded, so there is no worries.

Wait… Blu-ray? ! !

His face changed for a while, and finally he endured it for the major event.

Good, you summer messenger, really a thief!

It is a pity that the summer messenger with his back to the withered old man did not notice the change in the mood of the former, and he was completely immersed in the joy of obtaining the stone milk from the center of the earth.

With a buzzing sound, the transparent Formation enveloped here.

“Old Brother, next we will use our strongest moves and strike the stone gate at the same time.”


Stand in their respective positions, and the bodies of the withered old man and red robe sturdy man, at the same time a large amount of dark energy emerges.

The autumn messenger’s ability is the Inheritance Destiny. He is now in the seventh year of the Inherent Period. After three years, he will be able to return to the Inheritance Period again. At that time, he will be full of vitality. Teenager with vitality.

The appearance is different, and his moves are different. In the dry season, True-Yuan Force can make creatures wither.

And in the glory period, he can mature creatures and achieve fruitful effects.

At this moment, both of his hands like a dead tree brew the energy of Death Aura.

The summer messenger on the other side is more normal, a demon wolf composed of flames grows from him.

The crimson flame, the temperature should not be high, but I don’t know why, but the flame of the summer messenger gives people a frightening feeling.

These two people are worthy of Tier-3’s extreme powerhouse. If it weren’t for the lord of Chaos Sea, in the entire Chaos Sea, there are indeed few people who can mention on equal terms with them.


The red robe roared, and the demon wolf on his body rushed towards the stone gate.

The death ability brewing in the hands of the autumn messenger also rayed on the stone gate.

Suddenly, this stone gate was attacked by two Tier-3 extreme powerhouses and began to become on the verge of collapse.

But just when the two people thought they were about to succeed, the stone gate was about to be broken, a shock was uploaded from the stone gate, bounced back their attack!

Fire Wolf and death energy were beaten back, and the faces of the two Tier-3 extreme powerhouses were all green!

The two of them’s full strength attack, I am not sure I can take it!

At this moment, a blue silhouette appeared silently, and with just a wave of hands, the attack of the two was eliminated.

“You two are okay?”

Chris, who looks like a boy, smiled and looked towards the two complexion greatly changed Tier-3 powerhouses.

The red robe and the withered old man looked at each other and immediately stood together.

Not to mention that this person easily confiscated the skills of the two of them. Just because he can keep their perception of them, it is already terrifying to the extreme.

If this young man wanted to kill someone just now, the two of them will not have time to react.

The autumn messenger rushed to Chris and said: “Many thanks, please help me. I wonder if you are…?”

Chris hehe smiled, “I only disappeared for a while, you can’t recognize it?”

“Oh yes, I changed my body again, it is normal not to recognize it.”

Hearing the sentence after Chris, the two complexion greatly changed.

“It turned out to be Lord Chris, forgive me for the offense!”

The red robe brawny man brow beaded with sweat, if it is the fourth-order powerhouse of Human Race, maybe it is because of their two good strengths, leaving them a life.

But if it is Chris, a human race traitor, it is possible to kill them at any time.

With that, the summer messenger wants to turn off this Formation.

With this Formation, even if the two of them want to ask for help, those two Human Race Tier 4 in the sky cannot hear it.

But only after his finger moved, he heard Chris’ faint voice: “If you dare to turn off this Formation, you will be at your own risk.”

Hearing the threat from Chris, UU read www.uukanshu.comred robe. Zhuang Han suddenly froze in place.

“That’s great, I like a quiet environment.”

Chris nodded with satisfaction, Shi Shiran walked to the stone gate.

Draw out the first blade and chop three times. The stone gate that has consumed a part of its energy is broken open without resistance.

Exposed the piles of gold and silver treasures inside, as well as a lot of rare resources.

In particular, the three drops of geocentric stone milk contained in special vessels are the most eye-catching.

The breath emanating from them makes everything around the gold and jade in glorious splendor look a bit eclipsed.

Chris waved, and these three drops of geocentric stone milk fell into his hands.

Looking at the magnificent and seductive scent of the geocentric stone milk in the vessel, Chris sighed sincerely, “Good thing!”

Throwing the core of the earth’s milk in his hand, he said to the two of them: “Presumably, this is the treasure that the two want?”

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