I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 524


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The summer messenger and the autumn messenger looked at each other in blank dismay, and they were a little bit unsure of Chris.

The geocentric stone milk is already in your hands, why do you still say so much?

But the situation is stronger than that of humans, and the wise summer messenger quickly said: “Master Chris, I really want this rock milk at first, but if you are interested, I will naturally leave it for you to enjoy. “

Hearing that the summer messenger was so unethical, the next autumn messenger was very shameless in his heart, but he could only brace oneself to keep up with the conversation.

Their powerhouse of this level, on the contrary, cherishes their lives more and more.

Who will enjoy this colorful world?

The withered old man said: “Master Chris, the so-called treasure gets it. It is an honor to have this thing in your hands today!”

Red robe, the brawny man listened to want to beat his chest and his feet, motherfucker, why didn’t I find that I could still shoot flattery like this just now!

Autumn messenger, You’re quite something!

Chris listened, laughed heartily.

“You two are quite talkative, I like it very much.”

While speaking, he licked his tongue.

This action made the two of them squeeze tightly. This Human Race traitor, shouldn’t he have that kind of addiction!

The summer messenger squeezed a reluctant smile on his face, “It is an honor to… be liked by adults!”

“Well, I won’t go around with you anymore.” Chris put a smile on his face, “To be honest, this thing is used with the Esper of your two Tier-3 limit, and it works best.”

“One drop and two drops are a bit of a taste for us.”

“But it can make you breakthrough to the fourth order.”

“You two, don’t be arrogant in front of me. I know what you are thinking about!”

“If you couldn’t beat me, you would have come up to snatch it!”

The withered old man squeezed a very ugly smile,

At first, he decided to play dead and let the summer messenger communicate with Chris.

But didn’t expect, this Chris talked more and more directly, let him go on, it is time to kill them both!

“Master Chris, you really misunderstood us, how can we do this kind of bring about one’s own destruction!”

“For the fourth-order powerhouse, I have infinite admiration in my heart!”

Chris looked at the funny two people, and had to say that it is this kind of person who can bend and stretch to live to the end.

“Well, don’t be afraid, I am not a temperamental person like Lord Chaos.”

“Give you two choices, one is to mix with me, this geocentric stone milk can be used as a meeting ceremony, no one will give you a drop; the second one is to leave this World.”

He completely eats them both.

He laughed, “How? Hurry up and make a decision!”

The summer messenger and the autumn messenger are very entangled.

Although the two of them have no loyalty to the lord of Chaos Sea, they are also people who want face.

At the moment, my boss is still in the air and smashed to death, so it’s not good to just switch to others.

Besides, this Chris is a Human Race traitor. Following him is too risky.

But according to his appearance, it doesn’t seem to be cracking a joke. If you really refuse, you may die!

Cold sweat emerged from the foreheads of two Tier-3 extreme powerhouses.

At the moment, the autumn messenger hates the summer messenger, and if this guy hadn’t teased him to engage in geocentric stone milk, he would not have fallen into such a passive situation.

red robe The brawny man ignored the withered old man’s cannibal gaze, and was silent.

Seeing the two remain unmoved, Chris’ eyes narrowed.

“The two of you don’t have too much psychological pressure. I just appreciate the two that’s all.”

“And I won’t ask you to do things for me right away. The major event I planned has to wait until you are Tier 4!”

Hearing Chris’ explanation, the brawny red robe’s eyes lit up.

“Is it serious?”

If you don’t have to betray Human Race directly, you can continue to enjoy the power and status brought by being the messenger of the seasons. It’s not impossible to mix with this Chris.

Seeing that the lord of the sea of ​​chaos will organize a barrage with Judgement, no matter how many retreats, it is not a difficult task.

even more how, as well as geocentric stone milk!

Today’s experience has made the summer messenger feel the importance of strength.

If it is not Tier 4, it will be ants in the end!

Chris said seriously: “I don’t like cracking a joke.”

The autumn messenger looked up and said: “Then dare to ask Lord Chris, we two are mixing with you, do we need to…be like you?”

Hearing this from his companion, the face of the summer messenger also became serious. Indeed, becoming Deep Blue Clan is psychologically sad to pass this level.

Chris sneered in his heart.

If it wasn’t for these two fools to become his own nourishment, would he be talking nonsense with them here that many?

“Do not have too much resistance in your hearts to transform into Deep Blue Clan.”

“I will give you a bit of science, becoming Deep Blue Clan, it does not mean that you have to abandon your current body.”

“As long as you don’t die in battle, you can always dominate the present body. What is transformed is only your spiritual body, so that you can have one more life when your body is destroyed. Why not? “

The summer messenger is hearing this, and I feel a little moved in my heart. If it is really like Chris said, it will be transformed into Deep Blue Clan, which is also a good choice.

“Can you let me think about it later?”

After all, this is a major event for a race change camp, and the two can’t make a decision for a while.

Chris is not in a hurry. He has what the two of them want, and crushes them in strength. With sticks and sweet dates, no one can resist this combination of formidable power.

“Of course it can, but at this time, how about waiting until the two in the sky have decided the winner?”

The red robe brawny and withered old man looked towards the gradual white-hot battle in the sky through the transparent Formation, and their hearts were extremely complex and nodded.


Yang Xi’s soul artifact surface is already covered with cracks.

He really did not expect that the strength of this fellow, Lord of Chaos Sea, was so powerful.

“It is estimated that they have already exceeded 5% of the comprehension level. The key to this guy’s vibration is Profound Truth, destructive power is indeed strong.”

The move just now shattered most of the clouds in an instant, covering a wide area that was staggering.

Coupled with this guy’s good combat experience, Yang Xi set him a dozen weak spots that were deliberately leaked out to get him hooked.

But every time he sees through it, or is given the opportunity to change the injury.

It can be said that in addition to Heavenspan, the Lord of Chaos is the most powerful Human Race fighter he has ever encountered.

But his injury is not serious, after all, there is a gilt god demon armor performing the body protection duty.

After comprehended the profound strength, this soul artifact can also absorb damage cleverly.

In comparison, the Lord of Chaos Sea will be much more miserable.

First of all, his exquisite workmanship and expensive robes have been broken into pieces.

He is now in ragged clothes, with only a few pieces of fabric hanging on his body.

At the same time, his exposed body has few good meats on it. It is purple and blue, and the eyes on the right are all panda eyes.

Although it is said that hitting people does not face, Yang Xi did not greet him on the face during the previous battle.

Even the place where the gilt god demon armor is more severely damaged is the right fist.

It was all made with a punch!

Yang Xi fought the Lord of Chaos Sea for so long, although he was in the air, he tried to avoid the crowd.

But there are still a lot of ordinary persons with weak strength, who are affected by the power of escape, dead and wounded.

Today, at least Esper of B-Rank continues to watch the game at the circular seaside.

Either it is in the Crescent Moon Bar, the few bar guests watching with Telescope.

“You are very good. I thought that a guy like you who is greedy for pleasure would be weak. Didn’t expect your strength to be better than Wind God Ouyang Guanhe’s at the peak period!”

The lord of Chaos Sea wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, fiercely said: “Don’t put me and Ouyang Guanhe such fools mention on equal terms!

Our Tier 4 powerhouse was originally the extraordinary existence of the Human Race crowd. I also killed a lot of alien beasts for the Human Race. In this way, I also indirectly saved a lot of people!

Then I play with a few women and enjoy luxury, what’s wrong? “

Yang Xi sighed: “What you said is not unreasonable, but after all, it goes against the mainstream values!

The weak you believe in are prey to the strong, survival of the fittest, which is the Osidian style!

Our Earth Star Human Race is definitely not like this! “

“If there were no fools like each and everyone like Ouyang Guanhe, each and everyone worked hard for almost impossible tasks, and we would not be able to create this situation!”

The lord of Chaos Sea said with a smile: “Heh, what happened to the Ouyang Guanhe, who threw his head and blood on Human Race, in the end?

If it hadn’t been for his son to be competitive, and at the critical moment of breakthrough to Tier 4, I’m afraid this Free Alliance Sea Territory would not believe in Ouyang? “

Yang Xi shook his head, “You are still too persistent, the Liberty Alliance Sea Territory, once did not believe in Ouyang, now do not believe in Ouyang, and will not believe in Ouyang in the future!”

“Our philosophy has always been to drive away colonists from other worlds!”

“And the power of the entire four seas, also Will be twisted into a rope! “

Some weak Chaos Sea Lords said with a sneer: “So even if there is no such thing as the idiot of the Spring Messenger, your Judgement organization will still come to me for trouble?”

Yang Xi nodded.

As one of the four seas, Chaos Sea has poor resources, but its contribution to the Human Race resistance is far less than other Sea Territory.

There are various reasons and conflicts of interest.

Yang Xi has no time to balance the interests of Great Influence and Esper organizations slowly.

So he chose quick sword cuts through tangled hemp and directly pulled out the hardest thorn in the idea of ​​the Lord of Chaos. Then he would have less resistance to the reform of this Sea Territory.

The Lord of Chaos Sea smiled a little sullenly: “To put it bluntly, I am still inferior to humans. If I have the strength of Blast, I won’t have your turn to make irresponsible remarks!”

Yang Xi broke out once again, “You said this, I agree very much, people with big fists can preach! It’s a pity, it seems that I won today!”

“hmph, it’s still early!”

The Lord of Chaos Sea closes his eyes.

He felt the vibration of the whole world.

The sea, the land, the sky, the stars, the sun and the moon high above the plane, and even the infinite void that can only be vaguely perceived.

These tangible and intangible substances, in fact, vibrate all the time!

He opened his eyes suddenly, right hand fisted!

At this moment, his wounded fist is wrapped in a colorful circle of light.

If you look closely, you can even find that the aperture is vibrating with frequency.

“I am this move, called Elemental Vibration Fist!”

This is the most powerful move of the lord of Chaos Sea’s formidable power. Every time you use it, you have to pay the price of being corroded by the elements.

No way, the Monkey of the Judgement organization is covered in the golden armor, stubborn like a tortoise.

Without a little blood, he was impossible to win!

“After using this move, I will need at least ten years to recuperate slowly!” The Lord of Chaos said loudly, “However, if he is using you, then I think it is worth it!”

The expression under Yang Xi’s mask became serious, and he also noticed the formidable power of this elemental vibration fist.

“If you are not careful, you will die under this move!”

What Yang Xi uses now is not Avatar.

If you die, it will directly consume a chance for Rebirth.

However, I don’t know that it is because Yang Xi in Monkey’s vest is an extremely combative madman.

It’s because of the power of Profound Truth that he understands, and what he pursues is the romance of this strong collision.

At this moment, Yang Xi’s inner thought is to use the maximum power of Monkey’s vest to fight the lord of Chaos Sea.

Several pieces of gilt fragments fell off as Yang Xi made a fist, revealing his naked fist.

Thoughts flashed, Yang Xi realized that there was a sense of deja vu in this scene.

“Hehe, maybe, I have never really understood my heart.”

“Perhaps, Unitary Fowl is me, Snake is me, Dragon is me, Haizhu is me… Monkey is also me!”

Controlling the Profound Truth at this moment is fully launched, and the Monkey’s power, Profound Truth, has been stimulated to the extreme!

crackle ――!

Around Yang Xi’s fist, there was a natural phenomenon like black thunder and lightning.

Actually… this is the space around the fist, and it can’t bear the strength of Yang Xi!

Force shatter void!

The Lord of Chaos Sea’s fighting intent has also risen to its apex.

Under the attention of a large number of Lord Island residents, the two silhouettes, which resemble War God, finally collided in the air!

Nothing fancy!

It’s the savage straight punch to the bang!

bang bang bang bang ――!

In the countless breaths of everyone holding their breath, the two moved towards each other and threw hundreds of punches!

oh la la, the sky splits!

No, the space is cracked!

As if the giants of the plane opened their eyes, UU reading www.uukanshu.com The great horror hidden in the void, let everyone have one’s hair stand on end.

This is different from the Black Hole where the alien beast descends.

Behind the Black Hole is the plane of Ossid, and behind the Space Crack, there is an incomparably cold unknown with no vitality!

After Space Crack absorbed a large amount of material, it was eliminated by Plane Rule.

And the two powerhouses that broke this crack finally decided the winner.

Yang Xi’s gilt god and demon armor all split, revealing a healthy body.

As for the Lord of Chaos Sea, after losing his right arm, he was dying and moved towards the inner island and fell.

“I won.”

Yang Xi was about to sigh, but found that the body of the lord of the chaotic sea turned around, and he recovered some vitality, moved towards the inner island, shooting away!

Yang Xi: “…”

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