I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 525


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The lord of Chaos Sea drags his severely injured body to fly fast.

Compared to the physical pain, the mental humiliation made him more uncomfortable.

Since he became a Tier 4 powerhouse, even Blast has not beat him to such a miserable level.

However, it cannot be denied that he can’t mess with another person on the list.

“Damn, I can’t die here, there is still a long life waiting for me to enjoy!”

Thinking of the beauties and delicacies that have not had time to enjoy, the Lord of Chaos feels that his dull body has regained some vitality, and his speed has unexpectedly increased a little.

“Earth-centered stone milk! I knew I had brought those three drops of earth-centered stone milk with me. Although some wasted, they can definitely recover my injury!”

In the sky above, Yang Xi looked at the lord of Chaos Sea who was fleeing, but he just hung himself up close.

Judging from his behavior, this guy should have a fallback.

Anyway, Yang Xi himself still has a lot of hole cards that are useless, and there is nothing to play with him.

In the eyes of many lords and residents, the chaotic sea lord who ruled them for decades and has been pursuing a high-pressure policy was chased by Yang Xi like a defeated dog.

“This… Sir Lord lost?”

“Obviously, Lord Monkey of the Judgement organization suffered a lot less injury than Sir Lord. It is not strange that he won.”

“The chaos sea is going to change, my god, I have to go and get rid of the stocks quickly, or I will hit my hands!”

“The Judgement organization is so terrifying. This is already the fourth Tier 4 powerhouse, right? It’s also the top one! Maybe one day they will rule the entire four seas!”

“Hehe, you just think too much about it. Is Three Great Influences vegetarian?”

“That is, I guess it is a bit difficult for the Judgement organization to rule the chaotic Sea Territory, and Three Great Influences will not give up.”

It is clear that the lord of Chaos Sea is not dead, but his subjects are already discussing the future situation.

In addition to the vested interests, more people at the bottom,

Have an optimistic view of the overthrow of the Lord of Chaos Sea.

After all, no matter how bad it is, it will not be worse than it is now!

Although it is said that they live in the political and economic center of the chaotic sea of ​​Lord Island, their lives are not ordinary.

The consuls of all regions are also busy at the moment.

The radiation effects of this war have begun to appear. Some radical people have already begun carnivals. Cases of vendettas, robberies, etc. are endless, and the entire outer island is in chaos.

The youngsters who escaped from the inner island are also in the group at this moment. They have changed into ordinary clothes. The yellow-haired boy glanced at the inner island that had tortured him for several years with a hateful look, and decidedly Leave the place.

“Everyone, we’ll meet again some day!”


In front of the stone gate, watching the lord of Chaos Sea approaching, the summer messenger and autumn messenger panicked.

Although they had a premonition in their hearts, when they saw the defeat of the Lord of Chaos Sea, they were still a little difficult to accept.

After all, for so many years, his invincible posture is too popular.

“The Lord is defeated…”


The two envoys looked at each other in blank dismay.

Only Chris had a sneer, watching the black spots in the sky slowly chasing after him, as if playing with prey, secretly said in one’s heart, the Judgement organization really had two things.

speaking of which, from the battle at first, he felt that Judgement would definitely win the war.

What made him didn’t expect was that Monkey did not call for support. He was only treated by Rabbit for a few waves, and he almost overwhelmingly defeated the Lord of Chaos.

This is ridiculous.

It also made him eager to increase his strength.

“Two people, have you considered it?”

Chris said with a smile: “Your Sir Lord, it seems that the state is not very good, and may not be able to shelter you!”

His words awakened the summer messenger and autumn messenger instantly.

Just when they wanted to speak, the lord of Chaos Sea, who had been sprinting, finally arrived at the destination.

At the moment, he noticed the existence of the soundproof Formation. After secretly said in one’s heart, a shock wave shattered the Formation, and immediately saw the broken door inside, as well as two standing like door gods. Subordinate.

And this fellow Chris disappeared without a trace when Formation broke.

“You two, what are you doing here!”

In front of the two Tier-3 extreme hands, the Lord of Chaos’s voice was as majestic as it used to be, except that it was a little bit less angry.

After all, being dry by Yang Xi is not light, and one arm is missing.

“Lord, calm down, the two of us…we…”

The summer messenger hesitates speechless, but he didn’t expect to meet his boss in this situation.

But soon, the lord of the sea of ​​chaos reacted and said angrily: “didn’t expect that besides the thankless wretch of the winter messenger, there are still you two guys who eat inside and out. When are they still thinking about it? Stuff!”

“Didn’t I say that, when the time is right, I will reward it to you. After you become the Esper of the Tier-3 limit, your lifespan will continue to be shorter, so you can’t wait?”

Although they don’t care about these men very much, their betrayal still makes the lord of Chaos Sea a pain.

“Lord, forgive us!”

The summer messenger and the autumn messenger were frightened and confused. Even if the Lord of Chaos Sea in this state, it is not difficult to kill them.

They secretly scolded Chris for being unreliable. Didn’t they just say they could protect them? Where are people now?

“Well, you will talk about your affairs later, give me things, and protect me again!”

The lord of the chaos subconsciously thought that the center of the earth was on them.

“Lord… things, things are not in our place!!!”

The autumn messengers are almost crying.

“What? Still quibble? The stone gate was opened by you two trash. You told me that the core stone milk is not in your hands? Who else will it be in? In the hands of your bastard?”

In a hurry, the lord of Chaos Sea spit a mouthful of blood, and began to scold him three ways angrily.

“Do you two think that the current me, UU reading www.uukanshu.com can’t cure you anymore?”

Murderous intention appeared in the eyes of the Lord of Chaos Sea.

The summer messenger knelt down on the ground in fright, “Lord, we really didn’t take the thing, it was… it was–“

The Lord of Chaos Sea also noticed something strange, frowns saying: “Who got it?”

His heart is extremely anxious, the enemy in the sky is fast approaching, without the stone milk of the earth, he will undoubtedly die.

“I took it.”

A ridiculous laughter sounded, and then blue’s first blade slashed towards the Lord of Chaos Sea.

To say that the lord of the sea of ​​chaos is not for nothing in these years. At the crucial moment, he did not hesitate at all, and he did not even look back at the source of the sound. He just did a lazy donkey roll and avoided this. blade.

His golden-yellow hair was chopped in half, and he was almost headed.

“Where is the rat, dare to plot against me!!!”

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