I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 526


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“The response is good.”

Chris sneered and dumped it.

Zhan blue’s initial blade pressed out traces like ripples on the ground.

The Lord of Chaos Sea shrinks suddenly: “Chris?!!!”

“It’s right here!”

The latter Shi Shirandao, although he is a teenager, but that kind of overly mature temperament makes people feel very uncomfortable.

Yang Xi also slowly landed on the ground. His gilt god and demon armor is only half restored, so now he has put on a black robe to cover his exposed body.

After he saw Chris, he was a little surprised: “you guy, did you find a new fleshy body so soon?”

Chris dismissed it and said: “If your Judgement organization destroys the fleshy body over and over again, I wouldn’t be so diligent in changing the ground. If you start from the source, let me have this fleshy body previous owner the soul The culprit of flew away and scattered is the Unitary Fowl of your organization!”

Yang Xi listened and laughed angrily: “Do you think it’s interesting?”

Seeing Yang Xi’s anger, Chris muttered a few words, and then temporarily shut up.

He didn’t come to conflict with the Judgement organization today. His goal is only the two Tier-3 powerhouses of the summer messenger and the fall messenger.

But the problem is that in this case, once he shows that he wants to recruit two people, they will definitely be killed by this Monkey.

After all, among the several zodiac signs, Monkey’s temper seems to be the most explosive.

The scene where he confronted the lord of Chaos Sea just now made Chris a bit speechless.

This is so forcibly that the barrier of the plane is broken!

The Lord of Chaos Sea looked very ugly, he didn’t expect Monkey this guy really wanted to kill to the last one.

Under the control of the desire to survive, he slowly opened the mouth and said: “Monkey, today I am inferior to human skills. I have a way out?”

His words shocked the summer messenger and autumn messenger behind him. Is this too humiliating?

“The Sea of ​​Chaos, I can let you Judgement organization,

Let me live. When I fight the Osidians in the future, I can have multiple battle strengths, right? “

The lord of the sea of ​​chaos attempts to shake Yang Xi with carelessness.

Judging from past performance, Judgement organizes these zodiac signs. Although their personalities have nothing common with each other, they are all the same as Ouyang Guanhe, who is full of human race plans.

Hmph, as long as he survives today’s catastrophe, and when he returns to the peak state, he will go to the Freedom Alliance Sea Territory and destroy the Qian Family!

If I can’t beat you, it will make you uncomfortable.

Yang Xi wanted to laugh a little, but the lord of Chaos Sea was too naive.

Perhaps changing to Ouyang Guanhe, or even to Zhao Yuyin, may give him a way out.

Several Tier 4 powerhouses of Human Race really care about the amount of high-level battle strength, and even Tier-3 powerhouses are raised as treasures by them.

Perhaps, the lord of Chaos Sea can live here so nourished, and it is inseparable from these psychology.

But Yang Xi is different. After killing the lord of Chaos Sea, the Profound Truth chain he left behind can create a new powerhouse at any time.

In other words, his vibration Profound Truth is quite tyrannical, and Yang Xi does not intend to break him down.

It may be known that it is a good choice to make a new Tier 4 vest, or to use it directly for confidants like Ye Fan and Liu Yuan.

After all, he now has a variety of Profound Truth.

Comprehend Profound Truth, the Subsidiary consciousness of Vermilion Bird is really limited. It is really hard for a person to play so many zodiac signs.

Yang Xi shook the head: “Sorry, if you are alive, then I am sorry for those who have died directly or indirectly in your hands over the years.”

Hearing Yang Xi’s words, the Lord of Chaos Sea looked ugly: “Do you want me to die today? You are not afraid of my Self-destruction, let the entire Lord Island be buried with me?”

The soft cannot come from the hard, the lord of Chaos Sea simply threatens Yang Xi with the creatures of the entire lord island.

“Hahaha!” Chris couldn’t stand upright with a smile. “This is really the funniest scene I have ever seen today, dignified a Human Race Tier 4 powerhouse. To survive, he got tens of millions of Human Races. Life threatens a powerhouse of the same family!”

“Is this the Earth Star Human Race? It’s really funny!”

Behind the lord of the Chaos Sea, the summer messengers and autumn messengers are also a little bit shameless.

Although they didn’t treat the ordinary persons on Lords Island as human beings, if tens of millions of people were to be buried with them, this kind of bastard thing would really have no shame.

Yang Xi speechlessly said: “Are you serious?”

The lord of the sea of ​​chaos can’t take care of his face. The most important thing to live at this moment is: “I would rather let the people of the world take you, and don’t let the people of the world take me! After I die, no matter how big he is!”

Yang Xi was unsure of his true thoughts, so he probed: “Then you are Self-destruction. Anyway, you killed people, it has nothing to do with me.”

The Lord of Chaos Sea was stunned. He didn’t expect this Monkey to be so cold-blooded. Don’t you have a sense of justice and contemporaneity?

Yang Xi will naturally not be like this. If the lord of Chaos Sea really wants Self-destruction, at worst uses Profound Truth to control his Self-destruction energy.

Controlling Profound Truth is insufficient in terms of lethality, and these auxiliary functions are full.

Actually Yang Xi didn’t think about it. From this perspective, he developed an offensive move.

For example, block the energy of a powerhouse within the body.

But unless the powerhouse is beaten to death and the spirit strength is on the verge of collapse, otherwise it will be very difficult to achieve this kind of “ban” in the peak state.

Only during Self-destruction, the enemy will not spend spirit strength to control the energy within the body. When these energy are not much different from the magical power of the outside world, Yang Xi can interfere.

Therefore, when the Light Erosion Saint wanted Self-destruction, he was directly controlled by Yang Xi.

With this precedent, controlling the Self-destruction of the Lord of Chaos should be nothing difficult.

After all, his strength has also increased a lot.

The lord of the Chaos Sea fly into a rage out of humiliation: “Don’t you be afraid that things will spread out, and the Judgement organization will be labeled as cold blooded and emotionless?”

Yang Xi mocked said with a smile: “You have to be self-destructed, who else can pass it out?”

This… The Lord of Chaos has nothing to say, it seems that this is the case.

“Don’t worry, UU read www.uukanshu.com, I will spread the deeds of the Judgement organization to you throughout the four seas.”

Chris, who was watching the show, started to comfort the Lord of Chaos.

Yang Xi indifferently said: “Let’s not say whether you can leave here alive today, even if you run away by chance, do you think the outside world will believe such rumors?”

He turned his head and said to the lord of Chaos Sea: “Self-destruction is your choice, and I didn’t force it.”

The Lord of Chaos Sea is using his brain power at a high speed, trying to find a way to break the game.

He looked towards Chris who smiled and looked towards him.

Could it be that you are cooperating with this disgusting Deep Blue Clan today?

“Chris, should the geocentric stone milk be in your hands?”

“In this way, you give me something, and when I use it to recover my body, how about we work together to kill the Monkey?”

“until now, aren’t you all caught up in the Judgement organization?”

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