I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 527


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“Joining hands?”

Chris smiled and shook his head, “Do you think that a stray dog ​​like you is worthy to join forces with me?”

The controller of the dignified Chaos Sea created the existence of such great wonders as Lord Island. In this brief moment, it was not ashamed of a human traitor.

The summer messenger and autumn messenger behind the lord of Chaos Sea can’t bear to listen anymore.

They never thought that their boss would be where he is today.

But thinking of his past actions, he also implicitly agrees with the theory of cause and effect.

The Lord of Chaos Sea has an ugly face. If the person who taunts him is the Monkey who defeated him, then forget it.

But you, Chris, are just a Human Race traitor. In terms of character, the behavior of abandoning the fleshy body of the mother clan is no better than him using the creatures of the entire Lord Island as a bargaining chip.

Switching to at the peak period, he will definitely “repay” Chris well, but unfortunately he is in a very bad situation now, and he shouldn’t add another strong enemy.

The Lord of Chaos, who was rejected by Chris, has only the last way left.

Not as a last resort, he doesn’t want to do it either.

Because once he does this, he basically means he will be extinct from the Human Race society.

But life is not important in the face, as long as he survives, with his Tier 4 strength, the world is so big, why can’t he be chic?

“I’ll ask again one last time, Monkey, are you really going to let me go?”

Hearing the threatening words of the Lord of Chaos Sea, Yang Xi’s doubts in his heart have reached this point, is it possible that he still has a chance to come back.

With Yang Xi’s way of thinking, there is really no point that can be reversed.

He said indifferently: “Today, I will kill you! Self-destruction if you have the ability, so I admire you for being bloody enough!”

Hearing Yang Xi’s words, the summer messenger and the autumn messenger were a little frightened. In this case, if the Lord of Chaos Sea is stimulated, it is really possible for him to take Self-destruction directly.

The Monkey and Chris two Tier 4 powerhouses may be able to survive, but they are so close, they will definitely die!

“Good! Good! Good!!” The lord of Chaos Sea seemed to have made some determination,

Taking something from the summer messenger.

Everyone took a closer look, and it turned out to be a communicator.

As a summer messenger with a lofty status and only under the lord of Chaos Sea, the communicator he is equipped with absolutely embodies the most cutting-edge technology of Four Seas.

Yang Xi mocked said with a smile: “What’s the matter, now I plan to call someone? It’s a bit late, right?”

But the Lords of Chaos Sea each minding their own business turned on the live broadcast function and focused on the scene.

Soon, among the many live broadcast platforms of Four Seas, the live broadcast room screen of a super influencer instantly switched to the scene before the stone gate.

Monkey suspended in midair and wrapped in black robe; Chris, a grim young man standing by; the lord of chaos with a miserable face, like a lion in distress, and the two envoys of the Four Seasons behind him clearly Appeared in the live broadcast room.

Originally, this anchor was a very famous outdoor celebrity from Four Seas. Just now, he also broadcast live broadcasts on the beach to friends on bikinis.

Who would have thought that the girl in a pink bikini had just agreed to the anchor’s request to dance for the audience, and the scene would change from the sun, the beach, and the beauty to what it is now.

The barrage exploded immediately.

“What’s going on? Where is my pink bikini?”

“Don’t mess with the anchor, I take off my pants, just show me this?”

“Add 1 to the front, and I just opened a new pack of fresh paper.”

“I rely on it, is the anchor playing the video?”

“No, the black robed man in this picture looks like the zodiac of the Judgement organization?”

“Really, it’s Lord Monkey, but what about his gilt armor?”

“Everyone, I heard that Lord Monkey had a battle with the lord of Chaos Sea on Lords Island, and there was a live broadcast just now.”

“I also watched it. Didn’t it mean that the battle is over, Lord Monkey won? What is the situation now?”

“Where is the anchor sacred? I was picking up girls on the beach just now, and now I got the picture of the inner island!”

“Fuck me, it’s too hot, this, this…it feels like the lord of the sea of ​​chaos is broadcasting the live broadcast in person, everyone hurry up and call someone to watch!”

The noisy barrage quickly broke the tens of millions of people in this live broadcast room.

Those who just came in are naturally the residents of the Lord’s Island. The battle that took place on the inner island is closely related to them!

“Sir Lord is not dead yet? is it possible that there are more fights?”

“Who is that young man? It doesn’t seem to be a weak person from the posture. Is it the rescuer called by Sir Lord?”

“What a strange perspective, I feel like I’m right next to these big guys!”

The lord of Chaos Sea saw the live broadcast and showed it to Yang Xi using holographic projection technology.

The scrolling barrage above can be seen clearly with Yang Xi’s eyesight.

“What do you mean by…?”

He is a little puzzled, what is going on with the live broadcast?

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