I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 554


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While the Red Emperor was angry, he was still very puzzled.

In his impression, the arbitrator is a wild ambition guy, but why this time he was willing to inform the president of the mercenary union of this treasure.

Venerable Storm is also unhappy and said: “Arbiter, I thought you were pretty good before. Didn’t expect the opportunity to become a Celestial seed in front of you. You don’t have the guts to ask for it, so choose to hand over people…”

Wearing a mask, he took a sip, very disdainful.

Has this big brother already tasted the pleasure of wearing a mask?

Yang Xi feels that Venerable Storm, who wears a mask, seems to be more lively.

Seeing Venerable Storm spraying the ground so refreshingly, Yang Xi couldn’t help but look forward to the appearance of those from the Hundred Cities Federation.

I don’t know what expression he would have when passively becoming an inviter.

The president of the mercenary trade union smiled and watched the Red Emperor and Venerable Storm jumping there. He who had already regarded the spirit stream in the heart of the earth as something in his bag, he was in a good mood, so he ridiculed his subordinates like this Behavior, not at all, what kind of overreaction.

After all, the arbitrator has done a lot of things secretly, causing Norton to kill the mercenary union headquarters.

Now that he discovered the spirit stream of the center of the earth for him, it can barely be regarded as a balance between merits and demerits.

The arbitrators were originally on the cleaning list of the old president.

“Red Emperor, what are you doing with a mask? If I were you, even if I had to wear a mask, I wouldn’t choose to use boneless ones. Isn’t this a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure!”

“And Venerable Storm, the heat on you is suffocating, can you stay away from me?”

The old president foul-mouthed pushed Venerable Storm away, with an angry expression: “I heard that the battle between the Free Alliance Sea Territory and the indigenous people was lost to a group of masked guys. Because of this defeat, you will become superstitious about this thing, right?”

The Red Emperor and Venerable Storm took off their masks in an embarrassing manner. They really did not expect that the time for this mask to function was so short.

“old bastard, others are afraid of you and I’m not afraid of you. Since the spirit stream of the center of the earth has appeared in our Bernadotte Empire, it should belong to our three brothers. I advise you to be acquainted, or wait until my big brother second Brother is here, you can’t go if you want to go!”

The Red Emperor thought for a while,

Anyway, I can’t hide my identity, so I just broke the jar.

At worst, it’s better to share the spirit stream with two elder brothers than the fat water flows into the field.

The president of the mercenary union not at all took care of the red emperor’s provocation.

He has lived too long.

Even in the plane of Osside, few Tier 4 powerhouses have lived to the limit of lifespan.

Because this long life is bound to be accompanied by a lot of battles, a large number of Tier 4 powerhouses either died in battle or were sublimated in the battle, becoming a higher Tier 5 Celestial.

Old coins like him are a minority after all. As a qualified old coin, not being provoked is a basic quality.

“Even if the bone emperor and Landi learn that there is a geocentric spirit stream here, given the distance between your imperial capital and the bone city, the time for them to come here is enough for me to transfer this geocentric spirit stream a dozen times. “

The turbid eyes of the plain old man glanced at Yang Xi, and then said to the other people: “You think it is an unwise act for the arbitrator to notify me, but have you ever thought about him competing with you for the spirit of the earth? What is the probability of success of stream?”

“Even if it succeeds, what price do you have to pay?”

“It’s better to call me early and keep this spirit stream firmly in the hands of our mercenary union, so maybe he can get a piece of the pie, and there is no risk!”

“So…you two are the ones who are really stupid!”

The words of the president of the mercenary trade union changed the expressions of the Red Emperor and Venerable Storm. Logically speaking, they were indeed crushed by the arbitrator with their IQ.

Even Yang Xi, who was on the sidelines, was a little surprised – it turned out that I thought of so many details and weighed so many pros and cons?

It’s clear that I just want to mess with that’s all.

But the inner surprise does not delay him from showing a profound mystery, endowed with extraordinary intelligence.

Seeing Yang Xi’s expression of “getting a good price and selling good”, the Red Emperor and Venerable Storm could not wait to come up and talk with him.

But they are also well aware of the strength gap between themselves and the old man of the mercenary union president.

The old man didn’t immediately take action to kill them, he was already trying to save face to the forces behind them.

“Okay, let go, don’t let the old man do it.”

The president of the mercenary union is about to take away the spirit stream, the heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

But who knows, a strong voice rang from the side.


Hearing Norton’s voice, Yang Xi secretly applauded.

On the Hundred Cities Federation, only Prime Minister Norton and Justice Bernice can talk to Elder and break their wrists.

Yang Xi originally thought that the person coming would be a female fourth-order powerhouse, Justice Bernice.

Didn’t expect Norton, the love rival of Venerable Storm, came to the rescue.

Are the Osidians really good to see!

If he exchanges identities with Norton, Yang Xi promises that he has secretly killed Venerable Storm several times.

Where can he live so comfortably to the present?

Even if Bernice stops it, it is impossible to change the ending of Venerable Storm.

After seeing the person, the president of the mercenary union frowns saying: “Norton, why are you here too?”

He glanced at Venerable Storm a little strangely, “No, you should be so miserable by Norton, how could you call him?”

Venerable Storm himself is also confused, why does Norton come here?

Who notified him?

Seeing Norton looking at him, his attitude changed a bit, Venerable Storm’s heart is more depressed!

The Red Emperor is even more annoyingly smoking. He really did not expect that Two Great Influences would send their powerhouse!

“Venerable Storm, it turns out that you are such a cowardly fellow!”

“But you are better than the arbitrator, and even the rival Norton was invited over!”

Venerable Storm flustered and exasperated said: “What nonsense, even if I die, I won’t tell Norton the news! Don’t blame me!”

The former said with a sneer: “Is it you or who? Did the arbitrator hook up with Norton? Or did the native of the Sea of ​​Chaos have contact information for your prime minister? Or I deliberately called bad ?”

Venerable Storm was speechless.

Indeed, among the people present, he is most likely to recruit Norton.

But he knows very well that he did not do this thing!

“Could it be that this fellow Norton has arranged some surveillance methods on me, otherwise he himself is impossible to appear here on time!”

Norton is also a little puzzled, what’s the matter with Wollaston?

Didn’t you tell Duran to let me come?

Could it be that this guy couldn’t save face, so he didn’t admit it on purpose?

This… With his character, it’s not impossible!

Presumably, he has been excluded from the rights center of the Hundred Cities Federation over the years. Has he already felt a sense of crisis?

Otherwise, it won’t signal reconciliation like me.

“You two idiots, if it wasn’t for your bad things, this geocentric spirit stream is what I have in my bag!”

Regardless of the Red Emperor’s annoyance there, Venerable Storm did not continue to respond to him.

It’s not a bad thing that Norton is here. At least their Hundred Cities Federation is now eligible to compete for treasures.

As for not being able to stand and get some light later, when the time comes, just ask Justice Bernice to open the back door!

“Norton, Norton, I have old bones. You still want to grab the old man’s life-saving things. Isn’t it too much?”

Although the two get along very happily in some aspects, in front of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, even the brother of the brothers, the president of the mercenary union dare to go head-on.

Not to mention Norton as a partner.

Norton naturally refused to give in.

Now that the bone emperor is only close to the fifth rank, as the prime minister of the Hundred Cities Federation, it is impossible to say that he has no sense of crisis!

Now that there is such an opportunity to shorten the strength gap to visit, how can he give up!

“Old Guy, you can live for a while, but I have a saber on my head. Once the bone emperor breakthrough succeeds, our Hundred Cities Federation will not have the ability to resist at all!”

“So what you want to save is only your own life, and what I want to save is a lot of lives!”

The president of the mercenary union squinted his eyes and said: “If the old man promises you, as long as I break through to level five, I will help you solve the troubles of the three brothers of Bernadotte. Are you willing to spirit Give the stream to me?”

Hearing what the old man said, the Red Emperor’s heart suddenly burst.

If this transaction is really successful, it is definitely not good news for the Bernadotte Empire!

At this time, he was suddenly a little grateful that he was so cruel that he let the big brother Bone Emperor formulate the Bone City plan, otherwise he would really fall into a very passive position!

Norton seemed to be a little moved, but in the end he shook his head and said: “Sorry, I still like to control my destiny in my own hands!”

The force of the mercenary union is too complicated, even if the old president is willing to help him solve the trouble of the three brothers of Bernadotte.

If the Oside plane intervenes, I am afraid that Elder still has to be obedient.

The president of the mercenary union took a serious look at Norton, nodded and said: “Then we both have to rely on our ability this time.”

Norton’s eyes have changed. Now that he decides to do something, he can no longer worry about his previous friendship, otherwise he would not know how he died.

“Go ahead, let me see your strength!”

Almost less than half a breath, in Yang Xi’s perception, Norton went from a dormant volcano to an eruptive state!

bang bang bang!

He moved towards the president of the mercenary union with three punches. The formidable power is so strong that the four Yang Xi who watched the game had to retreat a certain distance.

Continue to stay in the same place, even if it is not in your hands, it will not feel good!

The Lord of Chaos Sea looked at Norton’s attack methods in a daze, and seemed to remember his memories of being dominated by Blast and Monkey.

His eyes are full of unwillingness to look towards the spirit stream of the earth’s center, not knowing what he is planning.

The president of the mercenary union resisted these three punches without evasiveness, and the price paid was only a half-step on the hind legs in the air.

I saw his arm holding Norton’s fist revealing earth-yellow skin from his torn clothes.

“Didn’t expect my old bones, I’m pretty resistant to beating!”

The president of the mercenary union shook his numb arm.

If it were replaced with an ordinary Tier 4 powerhouse, I am afraid that even the arm bones would be broken under Norton’s terrifying three punches.

But the president of the mercenary trade union, the fourth-order powerhouse of the Earth Element family, does not at all show any price.

This is not only the restraint on attributes, but also the principle of Profound Truth.

Norton said: “It’s just an appetizer that’s all, is it too early to be happy now?”

“We can’t fight a protracted battle, otherwise things will become more complicated when the bone emperor arrives. If there are any tricks, let’s quickly show it!”

The president of the mercenary union faintly smiled: “Since this is your request, I will grudgingly satisfy it.”

He stretched his waist and said, “I haven’t done anything for so many years, but he should be active!”

Tone barely fell, and he disappeared suddenly.

Then suddenly appeared behind Norton, expressionless!

Norton instinctively wanted to hide, but he didn’t know what was disturbed, so he paused for a while!

Because of this deadly period of time, Norton has a set of company commanders from the old president.

Next split!

Knee bump!


Left and right uppercut!

Kill! ! !

This one of the founders of the Hundred Cities Federation has been in the earth star plane for so many years.

One hand Blast Profound Truth crushed almost all the enemies on the road, but it was the first time to fall into such an embarrassing situation.

He was caught off guard by a series of attacks, and he was finally thrown to the ground like sandbags!

The body flashed of the old president, and then the post came first, and fiercely stepped him onto the ground with his feet.

The hard ground is as fragile as tofu at this moment!

He stepped on Norton and went deep into several dozen meters underground before he could stop!

Subsequently, the body of the old president flashed in the soil, and Shi Shiran was selected before the spirit stream at the center of the earth.

At this time, he patted himself with dust from the battle.

“The youngster is just a little younger. With a little bit of sub-calculation, he can only become a sandbag and be beaten!”

He shook his head and stretched out his hand to the spirit stream of the center of the earth somewhat boringly.

Just when the finger of the president of the mercenary union is only half a finger away from the spirit stream.

A fiery red voice broke through the ground, and fists containing anger hit the old president again and again.

In addition to the first Fist who was accidentally hit by the latter, he easily avoided the latter with his hands on his back in the other laps.

Then, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com seized the opportunity again and pressed a finger on Norton’s forehead.

The picture seems to be still.

The old man’s left hand is still behind him, “The gap between us before seems not big, but it does exist!”

“If you can’t face this and fight me blindly with brute force, you have no chance of winning.”

With the loud bang, the old president’s fingers exploded with amazing power in size!

Norton felt as if a mountain had exploded in front of his forehead!

He plunged into the ground like a cannonball, setting off a ground settlement for several miles.

In the eyes of several dumbstruck people, the old president tsk tsk flew into the air tetrahedron several times.

But at this moment, green’s light points from dot to line, drawing a silhouette of a man in front of him.

“old bastard, do you dare to touch our things?”

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