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The visitor is the second child of Bernadotte’s three brothers, Landi.

Landi’s lazy temperament is notorious, but he is really ruthless in fighting people.

To put it bluntly, the three brothers of Bernadotte all have minor problems with the children of Great Clans and are arrogant.

The green light spots are moving faster and faster, and Landi’s face is getting more and more real.

His voice is no longer erratic, but becomes clearer.

Seeing the appearance of Landi, the president of the mercenary union faintly sighed, and put his hand behind him again.

After waiting for this, the time to come is finally here.

“Young man, you three brothers, Bernadotte, are always so impolite. If you meet someone with a bad temper, you will suffer.”

Lan Di tidyed up his hairstyle, and said with a smile: “If it is on the plane of Osside, maybe I will listen to your advice, but on the plane of earth star, the person who can make me suffer is not yet Exists.”

This is also the reason why he likes to stay on the earth star plane.

On the plane of Osside, a clan elder can put him to death.

Faced with these old farts, no matter how uncomfortable Lan Di feels, he would have to laugh happily.

Compared to the other two brothers who are greedy for the power of the Osidian family, Landi prefers the free and unconstrained life on the earth star plane.

After all, the earth star plane is not small to be honest, and it also gave birth to an indigenous civilization.

Although the development of magic power is not as good as the Osade plane, the movies, animations and various entertainment creations of Human Race have deeply fascinated Landi.

So among the three brothers, Landi can be said to be the most friendly to Human Race slave.

But it only stopped here. When the Emperor Red Calanus tortured and killed the natives, he didn’t bother to take care of it.

As long as the interesting Human Races in his collection are not involved, even if the other indigenous people die more, he will feel nothing.

Lan Di was not at all anxiously trying to grab the spirit stream from the president of the mercenary union, but he looked towards his younger brother with full smiles.

“This is why you have not heard from you during this time?”

I saw the joke in Lan Di’s eyes,

The Red Emperor was embarrassed for a while. He knew that Emperor Yilan’s IQ must have discovered his own scheme.

However, he didn’t admit his fault with his two elder brothers through childhood, and he naturally wouldn’t do it now.

The Red Emperor turned his head, coldly snorted and said: “mind your own business.”

The former smiled and shook his head: “But the result is still good. This geocentric spirit stream has appeared in the territory of our Bernadotte Empire, and that is our thing.”

Lan Di squinted all around, indifferently said: “Everyone, it’s the same sentence, we three brothers want this thing, if you don’t want to die here, let’s leave early.”

“I have a good temper. If my big brother sees you grabbing things from us, I’m afraid it will be difficult to go back alive.”

Lan Di’s words are so arrogant, but everyone feels that there is nothing wrong with them.

In terms of historical record, Bone Emperor’s strength is indeed the strongest in the entire New Frye continent.

He is also the most likely powerhouse to break through to the fifth order.

…At this point, Venerable Storm’s face is already very difficult to see.

This situation is worse than he expected. The president of the mercenary union, Landi and Norton, the strength of these three people can be said to be the well-known figure in the fourth tier of the New Frye continent. He came out of Norton. In addition to not counseling, the other two are really a little fictitious.

In the battle between them, he can simply get involved.

So he has already retreated, but the fragrant fragrance of the spirit stream from the center of the earth prevented him from making this decision.

“Damn it, after all these days, is it necessary to make wedding dresses for others?”

When Venerable Storm was entangled, Pu Chi said, and a slightly embarrassed silhouette came out again.

Norton didn’t expect that his strength is not much different from the president of the mercenary union, but in the battle just now, he was suppressed and even raised his head does not raise.

“This guy’s actual combat experience can only be described as terrible. Maybe he can beat a Tier 5 powerhouse.”

Fortunately, the president of the mercenary union did not kill, so although Norton has bloody nose and swollen face, they are only superficial wounds.

“Hehe, Old Guy, didn’t expect Bernadotte and the other two brothers are here too, I see this time how you can take away the spirit stream from the center of the earth!”

The old president said with a bitter smile to Norton, who just got up: “It seems that the old man was not ruthless enough to start, you actually got up so quickly.”

“I’m not your old bones, this injury is simply nothing!”

“That’s all that’s all, I thought I could pick up a leak, but there were more and more people who didn’t expect to come around. It seems that the old man I want to monopolize the spirit stream in the heart of the earth is already an illusion. “

Those powerhouses of the Bernadotte Empire have also arrived one after another.

He touched his beard, and suggested to Norton: “Smelly brat, do you want to join hands? Let’s get nine points, I’m nine you one!”

Norton laughed angrily: “old bastard, you are too stingy, 80%, my dad, you!”

The president of the mercenary union raised his brows and naturally heard that Norton, an old fellow, was messing up, “hehe, my father has been dead for many years, are you sure you want to be my father?”

“Okay, okay, time is running out, I won’t be inked with you, we divide the account by five to five, and each person gets half is good!”

The old president nodded said: “It’s better than getting nothing!”

Seeing that the two of them have already “colluded”, Lan Di, who has been watching with his arms folded, said: “You two, you are not curious, why my big brother has not appeared after so long? You have never considered this Is it a threat?”

Hearing what Lan Di said, Norton frowned. This is indeed not enough. What is the Bone Emperor doing?

It is reasonable to say that this kind of scene, based on his character, will never fail!

Just when everyone was in a state of uncertainty, a blood-red gas rose into the sky in the bone city in the distance.

The blood-red gas of the thickness of the entire city, drawn from a far distance, is like a red line connecting the sky and the earth.

In this red beam of light, one can vaguely see faces struggling with pain.

The resentment on that face is frightening.

“This…what happened in the bone city!”

“I don’t know, I was originally because of the plague and other things, otherwise how to explain the ashes clouds over the city!”

Those powerhouses who followed Landi and arrived near the spirit stream in the center of the earth all talked.

Although they are powerhouses under the Bernadotte empire, the Bone City project is highly confidential, so they don’t know the inside story.

“Landi, don’t you explain what happened inside?”

The president of the mercenary union is unperturbed, and he doesn’t seem to be surprised by this at all.

Lan Di’s face became stern, just repeating the red emperor’s explanation: “This is a secret involving our Bernadotte Empire, forgive me for nothing!”

Although his face remained calm, Lan Di kept muttering in his heart.

This is not in line with the plan. Why is there such a natural phenomenon in Skeleton City?

“What is the big brother doing?”

“I just said that, first come and settle the matter of the spirit stream in the center of the earth, he wants to harvest the fruit first…”

But Lan Di also understands the idea of ​​Bone Emperor.

Heaven’s Chosen Child, who came out of the Bernadotte family, failed to compete for Celestial seeds, but fell to the earth star plane.

But the pride of the bone emperor has never wavered.

For nearly a hundred years, I have been fighting back and forth with the president of the mercenary guild and Norton, the lower-class people in their eyes, which is undoubtedly a shame to the self-esteem bone emperor.

But in terms of real strength, Bone Emperor did not break through to Tier 5, and even if he was stronger than the president of the mercenary union, his strength was limited.

It is also unrealistic to want to obtain fruit with overwhelming strength.

But if the fruits of Bone City are harvested directly, Bone Emperor may be able to completely widen the gap with these two old rivals.

I just don’t know which link has a problem, otherwise this natural phenomenon won’t occur.

Seeing that Landi intends to get through, the president of the mercenary union will not let him go.

The matter of large-scale population migration cannot be kept secret. The mercenaries of the mercenary union took a lot of effort after receiving the task, and finally discovered the reality of this bone city.

“Since you dare not say it, let me do the old man!”

Hearing the words of the president of the mercenary union, the Red Emperor and Lan Di were a little confused at the same time.

When did this old fellow discover the secret!

Damn it, it must be the mercenaries who are like mice!

Don’t let this old man shake things out.

Landi attacked without the slightest hesitation.

I saw green light spots constantly appearing on his body surface, spinning around him like star dust.

These light spots are getting faster and faster, eventually turning Landi into a group of green luminous objects.

“old bastard, there is no end to talking too much!”

Lan Di’s body is constantly turning like an electric drill, moved towards the president old man!

The latter looked terrified. According to the information obtained by the mercenary union, what Landi understood was Lich Profound Truth. His incarnation was Lich. His attack methods were very strange, and he would get caught if he was not careful.

At this time, Norton stepped forward and moved towards Lan Di and killed him.

“Old Guy, hurry up and say, I will block this guy for you!”

There are ready-made thugs to check and balance Landi, and the president of the mercenary union is naturally happy to see it happen.

He was about to speak again, and the Red Emperor also took action.

As the initiator of the Skeleton City Project, he naturally knows what kind of disturbances this thing will cause if it is made public.

So he knew that he was invincible, so he wanted to let the old man of the mercenary union not speak up!

The huge Scarlet Emperor was summoned by him again.

The earth seems to be the hotbed of the summon of the Red Emperor. It slowly breaks through the surface, and various bones appear from the ground to form its body.

This process appeared in the eyes of everyone, as if the Scarlet Emperor stood up from the ground.

A huge skeletal finger penetrated the clouds at an extremely fast speed and killed the president of the mercenary union.

Because of the speed and the size of the body, Yang Xi even saw the flames generated when the top of the finger bone rubbed against the air, as if a meteorite fell.

He sighed. At this time, regardless of his identity as on the surface Arbitrator, or for the president of the mercenary union, Yang Xi has managed to block the offensive for him.

However, the old president was indeed guarding Arbitrator when he was eyeing the Bernadotte Empire, otherwise Yang Xi should be qualified to know what happened in the bone city.

“Just you want to block me?”

Hongdi was full of disdain.

It happened that he was unhappy with Yang Xi’s Arbitrator for a long time, so he took advantage of the opportunity to get rid of him by the way.

One trick that’s all.

Yang Xi didn’t hide his personal secrets either, which completely inspired the Profound Truth chain left by Arbitrator and created the exquisite water dragon.

For a time, the scarlet emperor who covered the sky and the sleek and exquisite water dragon fought a fierce battle in the air.

The Scarlet Emperor’s attack is fast and accurate, and every move and style seems to destroy heaven extinguishing earth.

However, under the control of Yang Xi, the Linglong water dragon turned into a soft finger and dragged the Scarlet Emperor.

The roundness of Water Element is shown to its extreme. Although it can’t beat the Scarlet Emperor, it is enough to hold it.

The president of the mercenary trade union glanced at Yang Xi with admiration, and then slowly revealed the truth.

“What do you think can happen in this bone city?”

“It’s just a massacre full of selfishness that’s all.”

“According to the information we have collected, nearly 10,000,000 Human Race slaves have been buried in a small bone city!”

“Yes, in order to be able to break through to Tier 5, Bone Emperor chose to sacrifice 10,000,000 Human Race lives, perform life alchemy, and complete the final step to become a powerful Celestial existence!”

At the end of the talk, the president of the mercenary union has a serious face.

Even if he was an Ossidian, an out-and-out intruder, he was shocked at killing 10,000,000 lives at once.

You must know that the Human Race that has been killed in the past century has been trifling less than 50,000,000 since the Osidians invaded the earth star plane.

This is the Human Race that died under a hundred years of constant war.

But Bone Emperor killed 10,000,000 Human Race in just one month!

This shocking data, as an experienced and knowledgeable old president, was shocked enough.

In the words of indigenous people, this is what a killing!

If there is no such thing as a spirit stream at the heart of the earth, he will come here personally to destroy the plan of the Emperor Bone.

After all, Bone Emperor became a Tier 5 powerhouse, which is not what he would like to see.

But didn’t expect such a coincidence, UU read the book www. uukanshu.com The spirit stream in the center of the earth appeared near the bone city.

The president of the mercenary trade union couldn’t help but think that maybe all of this has its own will.

The natural phenomenon that arises in this city is also a method of mercenary unions.

Used an alchemy prop that can arouse the resentment of the dead.

This was originally not a powerful prop, but used in the bone city where nearly 10,000,000 resentment was piled up, it became a weapon that can hurt Tier 4.

I am afraid that at this time, the bone emperor who has been attacked by tens of millions of resentful spirits will not feel good!

“Kill…10,000,000 people?”

Yang Xi was taken aback for a moment, and then he felt cold all over.

Immediately, uncontrollable anger continued to gush out.

“I will go to you mlgb, that’s 10,000,000 people!!!”

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