I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 586


Gudi and Landi came to a secret room.

This place has been sealed in dust for nearly 50 years.

Since the establishment of the Bernadotte Empire, the three brothers have never been here again.

After passing the magic test, the stone gate slowly opened.

Seeing the mini altar floating inside, Bone Emperor couldn’t help but sigh.

Originally, he planned to contact the family after becoming a Tier 5 powerhouse.

It now seems that he was too naive at the beginning.

Tier 5 Celestial, without the help of the Bernadotte family, with his aptitude, it is too difficult to break through.

“Big brother, let’s start quickly.”

Landi urged.

Although he is also capable of using the “Contact Altar”, it would be better to let the big brother Gudi take the shot.

“en. “

As soon as the Bone Emperor waved his hand, this small altar flew in front of him automatically.

Then, he clicked on various alchemy symbols on the altar in order, and input different levels of undead magic power, and the altar slowly turned.

At some of the connections, there was a faint green light, and at the same time, the wu wu wind was blowing in the secret room, as if someone was crying.

When the altar ka ka ka stopped rotating, a green light shot through the secret room and disappeared into the distant sky.

Even when Emperor Landi and Emperor Bone doubted whether this altar was broken due to disrepair, a projection appeared above the altar across a long distance between planes.

This is an extremely old face, his eyebrows are down to his ears, his face is full of wrinkles, it seems that he can easily trap mosquitoes.

The old man stared at the bone emperor’s face and suddenly said, “A hundred years have passed, you are old, Fairmond.”

Bone Emperor has always been a stand by one’s word leader in the earth star plane, but in front of this old man, he was a little nervous.

Because this old man is one of the fifth-order Celestial of the Bernadotte family-the “Crimson Demon”, Salisbury,

He is also the mentor of Bone Emperor.

But it was this top powerhouse who chose to make Bone Emperor’s old enemy the Celestial seed of the Bernadotte family.

The corners of Gudi’s eyes are a little moist.

Although he has been complaining about his Teacher over the years, his childhood memories will always rise in the mind when he sees this familiar face again after many years.

“Teacher, you have not changed at all.”

“Hehe, why is only Raleigh here? Where is Eugene.”

The Crimson Devil can only see Lan Di standing behind the Bone Emperor.

Although Lan Di and Hong Di are not his disciplines, they are also what he grew up watching.

“This child is over a hundred years old or is he as naughty as he was when he was a child?”

When the Crimson Devil wanted to come, they commissioned the development of the mercenary union and the alien beast alliance and became a place to exile the “Celestial seed failure candidate”. It shouldn’t be someone who can kill the Red Emperor.

Maybe the mercenary union and the alien beast alliance can do it, but their two forces will not harm the employer’s life.

In fact, the purpose of Bernadotte family sending the Bone Emperor to this plane is also very simple. The only Celestial seed in the family currently has a master but the Bone Emperor who is slightly less talented and less powerful “cannot be wasted” and simply send it. Come from this plane.

In the newly developed Aboriginal plane, Fairmond may be able to break through to the fifth level.

The Bone Emperor said bitterly: “He died, he died in the hands of the indigenous powerhouse.”

Mentioned the tragic death of the Third Brother in front of the Teacher, but Bone Emperor still felt a sorrow in his heart.

The Landi behind him also looks sad.


There was a trace of anger in Salisbury’s eyes. In his opinion, it was the mercenary union and alien beast alliance who attacked the Red Emperor unruly.

“Who did it? I’m going to avenge Eugene now!”

Gudidao: “It’s an organization called Judgement…”

He quickly said everything.

After listening to the Bone Emperor’s narrative, this Bernadotte family Elder was a little confused.

Indigenous…how could it be possible to kill the clansman of the Bernadotte family?

This is a low-magic plane!

Even after a hundred years of magical enlightenment, it is impossible to create a powerhouse that can kill the Red Emperor.

But looking at the Bone Emperor’s demeanor, it does not seem to be lying.

Wait… Judgement?

A hint of surprise flashed through Salisbury’s mind where he seemed to have heard the name of this organization.

“By the way, isn’t it the person in this organization who killed the Celestial seed of the Gabriel family?”

And also seems to be a stranger?

Could it be this low-magic plane we photographed?

“Fairmond, have you heard of a powerhouse called Dragon?”


Because the younger brother was killed, Landi studied the intelligence of the Judgement organization for a period of time.

So when he heard the word “Dragon”, he immediately reacted and rushed to reply:

“I’ve heard of Dragon, but his strength is only Tier-3, so he can only be regarded as a small character.”

How can it be called a powerhouse by the crimson devil, how can it be only Tier-3?

Salisbury said resolutely: “Tier-3? How could it be possible! The powerhouse’Dragon’ of another world is a powerhouse of Tier 4 Peak. He not only killed the Celestial seed Meredith of the Gabriel family” Si, also took away the precious’seed’!”

“This is impossible!”

Lan Di and Bone Di found it absurd.

They have vaguely heard of the genius name Meredith. How could the Dragon of Tier-3 kill Celestial seeds?

“There is nothing impossible. It seems that there is a problem with our assessment. It is surprising that this low magic plane can actually produce a powerhouse like Dragon this level!”

After confirming with Teacher repeatedly, Bone Emperor and Red Emperor had to accept the facts.

“It turns out that the Judgement organization has extended its tentacles to the Osside plane!”

The Bone Emperor was a little shocked.

Dragon’s resurrection ceremony, he has also heard about it, and later lamented that this ignorant Native Person family actually used the precious sage stone in such a place.


This thing is the most indispensable thing on the plane of Osside.

Not to mention the genius of indigenous people, there is no need for this.

But didn’t expect, now this Little Brat is so scary.

In the words of indigenous people, it is very unscientific!

“Okay, I probably understand what you mean.”

“We have been photographing this dimension for nearly a hundred years, and there has been no sign of ending development. It seems that the mercenary union and the alien beast alliance are not in the same gourd, being a hindrance to each other, and this has caused this situation. “

“You two, if you want to return to the family, you can come back now, don’t worry about the ban on exile.”

The Celestial powerhouse of aloof and remote does not care about the development process of a low-magic plane.

Thinking of this Dragon, it is just one of the twelve zodiac signs organized by Judgement.

For the sake of safety, Salisbury thinks it is better to let them leave the earth star plane.

Clansman, the core of their Bernadotte family, is still very expensive.

“…If you want to return through White Hole, you have to go to the North Continent, but we… have always been blocked by the indigenous people.”

“With our strength, if we want to land on the northern mainland, there will also be huge risks”

Salisbury frowns, “It turns out that this earth star plane is so special. Back to the White Hole on the Osside plane, is it not in your sphere of influence?”

“The damn ‘hole puncher’, with such a generous reward, has provided such a terrible service.”

Although the spatial layout of the plane itself will affect the speed at which the hole puncher can make White Hole and Black Hole, the White Hole is directly in the enemy’s nest, which is very ambiguous.

“In this case, you two must be more careful. I will find the right time and wait for the passage to be further strengthened so that Tier 5 will come.”

“During this time, you should be more cautious. Don’t die in the hands of the indigenous people like your Third Brother.”

Having achieved his goal, Landi was a little excited.

Maybe the day to avenge the Third Brother’s hatred is coming soon.


The Holy See City is one of the very best big cities in Muyang.

Influenced by the Alfonso family, there are still many believers in this city who believe in the “King of Light”.

The news that Yang Xi killed Meredith has spread throughout the Muyang collar.

So in order to get into the church hall safely, they still defeated Qiao Zhuang.

People who are not particularly familiar, simply cannot detect it.

Especially Yang Xi, who has the disguise ability to hit the ground, as long as it does not take action, there is basically no probability of the eight-way.

The King of Light is said to be a supreme Celestial.

His power can even provoke the bright elements of countless planes.

It is a pity that Celestial has been assimilated by the rules and lost its mundane consciousness.

“Master, can I eat that?”

The little dragon with cosmetic contact lenses is constantly rubbing against Yang Xi, wanting to eat roast chicken.

The oily fat of this roasted chicken is tender on the outside and tender on the inside. It is fragrant and fragrant. Even just a few glances can make people move their index fingers.


“Buy a few more, Cici and others probably want to eat too.”

Yang Xi smiled and looked at the three little beauties behind him. Although they looked ordinary because of their disguise at the moment, they were still very attractive.

Yang Xi has seen several groups of Osidians staring at them.

There are even monks wearing white bronzing robes.

“Damn it, the [monk] Esper of the Alfonso family, aren’t they all demanding to be pure-hearted?”

At this moment, I went to buy a little female dragon for roast chicken and suddenly encountered trouble.

A [pastor] with a decent appearance, actually pestering her.

Yang Xi immediately felt that his identity had been exposed, and wanted the wind to scream, but found that the clansman of the Alfonso family was just showing up in front of Sabrina.

“This beautiful Young Lady, if you like this store, I can order you various dishes every day, of course, provided that I take the liberty to know your address.”

Xiao Mulong looked at the priest with disdain, a Tier-3 guy that’s all.

Do you have the guts to soak me?

“Sorry, I already have a husband.”

In order to avoid troubles, Sabrina decisively let Yang Xi take the blame.

But what didn’t expect was that Sabrina’s excuse that she was already married gave the priest a trace of evil in his eyes.

Only Yang Xi noticed his abnormality and secretly paid attention.

Originally, when he entered this Holy See City, he felt a little strange.

“Hehe, it seems that the situation in the Alfonso family is not simple.”

The pastor not at all pestered Sabrina and left soon.

Yang Xi bombed a power bead into his body, carefully making the Wannian Ship.

A group of five people not at all stayed in the hotel through normal channels, but Yang Xi used the old method to directly “integrate” into a local family.

The civilians in the Holy See City are much richer than those in the Red Dragon City.

Yang Xi chose to live in villas.

For the five of them, the distant relatives who had just come to “depart”, they did not feel strange at all, and even happily took out their treasured ham to entertain them.

Yang Xi is gorge oneself while starting to think about how to contact Damon.

“However, I don’t know if Damon master is willing to tell me how to use Celestial seeds.”

After all, what Yang Xi knows about him is only words.

It’s difficult to understand a person’s formal temper in words, and it’s only necessary to meet in person.

The night is coming soon.

After refusing the invitation to sleep with the four girls, Yang Xi noticed the same as soon as she left their bedroom.

The pastor I met during the day turned out to be near here.

“I don’t know what method he used to find Sabrina’s position.” Yang Xi frowned, “Are we exposed?”

Although Sabrina also tried to disguise her, her character is indeed more obvious.

The probability of being recognized is also great.

“But if it is really discovered, Tier 5 Celestial should be Thunderbolt?”

Yang Xi moved towards the guy’s position, and switched to the Unitary Fowl vest halfway through.

The Dragon vest is temporarily unusable.

Soon, he appeared above the visitors.

Contrary to what he imagined, the enemy is actually the priest, plus a little girl who is carved and carved.


The little girl suddenly raised her head, her black button-like eyes were very permeating.

Yang Xi finally figured out the source of the evil nature of this priest, that is, this little girl in a princess dress who is not on his knees.

“Are you who?”

Yang Xi slowly fell in front of them.

At this moment, the pastor’s pupils are dilated, and he obviously has no consciousness of himself.

The little girl was full of malicious eyes and stared at Yang Xi very badly, “Anyone who dares to stop me from looking for my mother will die!”

Tone barely fell, and she rushed up.

The doll on his hand also showed a terrifying smile, ka ka ka moved towards Yang Xi and bit it.

Yang Xi is a little confused, what kind of attack is this?

But he didn’t dare to neglect, because this little girl actually has the strength of the fourth-tier high-end!

“Looking for mother? Sabrina?”

Is she Sabrina’s child?

Impossible, right?

A woman with a brain like Sabrina, UU Reading www.uukānshu.cOM is actually a mother?

I never heard her mention it!


The little girl drew a holy light in her hand and slammed it towards Yang Xi.

The rich light element above is more than that at the time of Self-destruction.

“Is it a big move if nothing else? Little devil, I am not a person who will be used to children!”

Regardless of whether she is Sabrina’s child or not, Yang Xi has not kept her hands.

The battle between Tier 4 is extremely dangerous!

After avoiding the explosion of holy light, he flashed away and appeared behind the little girl.

“Xianji collapses!”

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