I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 589


From Damon’s mouth, Yang Xi also gradually understood that this golden Celestial is also the existence of Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail in Muyang.

From the fourth-order breakthrough to the bronze Celestial, it is a major event that can shock several families.

Not to mention the transition from Bronze Celestial to Silver Celestial, which will take a long time to accumulate.

“But there is information from a golden Celestial, I can tell you about it.”

Yang Xi is wondering. Just now Damon said that he didn’t understand Celestial. Why did he change his mind now?

But he still made a sound of hearing.

Damon said with a smile: “Deep Blue Clan, you should be no stranger? When I walked around the earth star plane, they had already begun to stir, and now they must have caused a lot of things.”


Yang Xi nodded: “Yes, this Deep Blue Clan did a lot of things in the four seas and inland.”

Even Yang Xi made this step today, thanks to Deep Blue Clan’s “spurs”.

“Deep Blue Clan is notorious in countless planes, but it is indeed very powerful.” Damon’s eyes showed a trace of emotion, “They can do things so unscrupulously on various planes, and they rely on the deep blue mother behind! “

“Deep Blue Mother?”

Yang Xi frowned, he is no stranger when it comes to the deep blue mother.

At the beginning, he was almost infected by this existence and became a running dog under K’s.

Damon nodded: “Yes, the deep blue mother queen is also called the deep blue consciousness.”

“The reason why we think k is the golden Celestial is because his mundane consciousness still exists!”

“But k may have reached the apex of the golden Celestial. It is only one step away from the incarnation rules and becoming the supreme Celestial.”

Yang Xi felt that what Damon said was true, because through the spiritual body of Deep Blue Clan, Yang Xi also glanced at the body of Deep Blue Clan.

The huge body that cannibalized several planes can no longer be described by ordinary life.

“The Supreme Celestial is almost our Spiritual God of this World. As for this, if there is more powerful existence, I don’t know.”

Speaking of which,

Damon’s “teaching” today is almost over.

In fact, what Yang Xi wants is that Damon tells himself how to use Celestial seeds that’s all.

I don’t think that the Celestial seeds of the Alfonso family give him face so much. Not only does it give him a way to refining Celestial seeds, it also helps him popularize knowledge in these high-end fields.

If Yang Xi wants to obtain this knowledge on his own, I am afraid he will have to toss about it.

But here in Damon, a box of beer and a few dishes of wine and food can be done, which is a huge profit.

“Okay, Dragon brother, thank you for your hospitality. This is the end of today’s class.”

Damon is already full of food and drink.

Yang Xi also knew that it was time to leave.

But at this time, he asked involuntarily: “Damon master, why don’t you take the Celestial seed from me?”

“I know you may not be able to refining now, but you can give it to the descendants of the family.”

“In your capacity, please move the Celestial powerhouse of the Alfonso family. It’s not difficult to kill me and get treasures.”

Yang Xi’s questions are all on the idea.

Damon’s behavior is indeed incomprehensible.

Who knows, Damon laughed after listening to Yang Xi’s doubts.

“hahaha, you think too much.”

“What benefit will the Alfonso family get another Celestial seed for me?”

“The horizon should not be so small.”

Yang Xi looked at Damon and looked thoughtful.

He seems to understand Damon’s thoughts. In this guy’s mind, what family and power are all clouds.

He only cares about the truth he has been pursuing, and he doesn’t care about other things.

He helped Earth Star Human Race in the first place. It was not that Holy Mother’s heart was overwhelmed and he just wanted to do that’s all.

This is an extremely free and easy person.

His gaze is no longer confined to this realm on the plane of Osside.

It is the boundless void of the outside world and countless planes, as well as the truth of this World.

“Many thanks anyway!”

Yang Xi walked away at Damon cup one fist in the other hand, while the latter smiled slightly and raised his glass and took a sip.

“This smell is still so clear.”


Yang Xi returned to the place where he temporarily “borrowed”.

The battle just now did not wake up the sleeping girls.

After helping Lan’er cover the quilt, Yang Xi entered the Void Realm Temple.

“Start refining Celestial seeds.”

Yang Xi will slowly operate the majestic magic power within the body in the manner taught by Damon.

After a few laps, the Celestial seed lying in the palm of Yang Xi gradually floated.

If nothing happens, as time goes by, this Celestial seed originally belonging to Meredith will “parasitic” within the body of Yang Xi until he becomes a bronze Celestial powerhouse.

It will take Yang Xi several decades, even hundreds of years, to run in the Celestial seeds.

But just as this process was about to begin, a clear comprehension flashed in Yang Xi’s mind, and the Profound Truth had reached the control of Tier 4 Peak and suddenly intervened.

The stripping ability was activated. This mysterious Celestial seed showed its true face in front of Yang Xi.

Countless fragmented images are presented in front of Yang Xi like a horse watching a flower.

From the birth of this seed to the present experience, a mixture of mysterious and miscellaneous information washes the spiritual body of Yang Xi.

Had it not been for the support of the extremely high-level law that controls the Profound Truth, I’m afraid Yang Xi’s spiritual body would be hit hard.

It may even be shattered by the impact.

Subsequently, after stripping the Profound Truth and Yang Xi’s own magic, a spiral of spirals appeared on the surface of this indestructible seed, imitating the dusty substance of Buddha’s radiance.

Yang Xi was very surprised. “Didn’t Damon say that this seed will not be decomposed until I break through the fifth stage? What is the situation now?”

However, along the way Yang Xi walked, many things came by touching the stones by himself.

In this situation, he did not panic at all, but continued to maintain the status quo calmly.

As expected, as time goes by, the light debris that this kind of child decomposes and appears, is continuously integrating into his body.

Note that this is not “parasitic”, but absorption!

Relying on the Profound Truth of Tier 4 Peak, Yang Xi is actually absorbing this seed that allows people to have golden Celestial potential!

Yang Xi couldn’t help sighing, and stripped away the control of Profound Truth from the ability to comprehend. Although there is no achievement in actual combat, the negative role of this auxiliary and logistics is really a BUG-rank other existence!

At this moment, he has a vague feeling.

Everything around you seems to be showing kindness to yourself.

The lush grass, soil, rocks on the temple… everything in nature is expressing kindness to oneself.

Even the void seems to be no longer so cold.

Yang Xi eyes opened, “Is this how the world gradually recognizes me?”

“So…this is Celestial?”


Outside, the Gabriel family made a lot of noise about Muyangling. An arrest warrant with a Dragon’s face appeared on the city gate of each Great City.

The senior officials of the Gabriel family passed an emergency meeting to limit the search period to ten years.

After all, the area of ​​Muyang collar is very large, and it takes a lot of manpower and time to conduct a carpet search.

Moreover, this alien powerhouse may come from the low-magic plane “earth star”, which is a plane photographed by the Bernadotte family, and it is also a medium-sized plane.

Dragon is very likely to sneak back here, so near the White Hole point leading to the earth star plane, the Gabriel family has arranged a large number of powerhouses.

The number of Tier 4 powerhouses is not enough. They also hire a lot of helpers from the mercenary union and alien beast alliance.

In short, I will take back this Celestial seed at any cost.

It is not only the Gabriel family, but other families covet this Celestial seed.

Normally, several Great Families have an agreement with each other that they cannot deal with all the Celestial seeds.

Even if it’s really extremely angry, it kills Celestial seeds from other families, but the seeds must be returned obediently.

Otherwise, if the rules are broken, everyone will attack them.

But now the seed of Meredith was taken away by the powerhouse of another world.

Then other families find it again, it seems that not at all violates the rules set by everyone.

There are too many articles that can be done here!

Therefore, the Cecil family, the Bernadotte family, the Alfonso family, and the low-key Li Family almost all secretly sent people to try to cut this seed.

What they didn’t expect was that Yang Xi was so courageous, he came to the dark under the lamp, and directly refining the seed in the core city of the Alfonso family, “Holy See City”.

The senior executives of the Alfonso family also didn’t expect that a strange thing appeared in their own family. When they met Yang Xi, they didn’t bother to report it, and took the lead to the extreme.

So far, the Gabriel family has not received any valuable information.

They are not very anxious, because the refining of seeds is extremely difficult, and they have enough time to retrieve them.

Unfortunately, what these Osidians don’t know is that after only two days, Yang Xi is about to finish refining this Celestial seed.

On the Osside plane, because of Yang Xi’s noise, the colonists who began to stir also started their offensive on the earth star plane.

The spirit stream at the center of the earth, as the “Plane Supreme Treasure”, does have the role of allowing breakthrough to the fifth level.

But this is based on the premise of sufficient “quantity”.

Yang Xi robbed almost 60% of the spirit stream in the center of the earth, and the powerhouses in the occupied areas of the southern continent could only pitifully divide the remaining 40%.

Although the president of the mercenary union accounted for a lot of these 40%, he still failed to break through to the fifth-tier Celestial.

But the terrain spirit stream is heavenly materials and earthly treasures after all. Although it failed to make him go further, it also greatly extended his lifespan.

At least, he now has a few more years to survive before the real deadline.

At this moment, the powerhouse of the Four Great Influences of the Southern Continent once again gathered in Bright City to participate in the grand event, attempting to launch a general offensive against the entire four seas, a bloody shame.

The Bone Emperor and the president of the mercenary union sit at the top, and the following are Federal Chancellor Walton, Justice Panis, Landi…

The fourth-order powerhouse, which is rarely seen in normally, sits in a row here.

Even those who poured tea and water during the dinner were all Tier-3 female fighters.

“Bone Emperor, let’s not have infighting this time, let’s make money together!”

The president of the mercenary union with a lot of black hair smiled.

In the battle of the Bernadotte Empire, he didn’t suffer any losses, so he was in a good mood.

Bone Emperor glanced at him lightly.

Before I contacted my family, this old bastard was really troublesome.

But now with the support of the family, Bone Emperor has not put the mercenary union in his eyes.

After all, this earth star plane, speaking of which was “photographed” by their Bernadotte family.

Of course, in principle, this violates the principle of “fair development” on the Osside plane.

However, the rules set by Celestial powerhouses of aloof and remote have their own set of methods at the “basic level” below.

First, let the “hole puncher” create the White Hole and Black Hole based on the spatial dimension of the earth star plane and the Osa drop plane.

Subsequently, several Great Families led by Muyang competed with each other to decide which family would obtain the “development rights”.

After the Bernadotte family, which is a local tyrant, was photographed, the mercenary union and alien beast alliance with power covering the entire Osid plane will then get a share of the game.

As for those small families who don’t know, they enter the earth star plane as cannon fodder, and by the way, they can also get a toll for the toll, just to deduct the cost to the hole puncher.

Even, for Work out clansman, Bernadotte family not at all provides extra help.

As one of Celestial seed competitors, even if it fails, the strength of Bone Emperor is not comparable to these small families.

It is best that the Bone Emperor can find the plane Supreme Treasure, and after refining, it will become a Celestial powerhouse with silver potential.

There is really no way, let the Red Emperor take out the life alchemy equipment he secretly carried.

A Celestial with bronze potential is also acceptable to the Bernadotte family.

After all, UU read www.uukanshu. Even if com is a Tier 5 powerhouse that uses the plane Supreme Treasure to advance, it may not be able to break through to the Silver Celestial.

Of course, these all are ideal situations.

Sudden situations are not uncommon. For example, the Red Emperor himself wants to monopolize the Supreme Treasure “spirit stream” of the plane.

The unexpected rise of the Hundred Cities Federation forces and the ambiguous attitude of the mercenary union.

In the history of the Great Family carve up the colonial plane, there are many cases of small families and grassroots counterattacks.

If a lucky person breaks through the Aboriginal plane to the fifth-order Celestial, those Great Family can only pinch their noses to recognize it.

The Bone Emperor retracted his thoughts. Since he has to have no shame this time, he should take a good breath on the enemy.

Especially the Unitary Fowl who killed his younger brother, the pain of losing his dear relatives, how can the Emperor Bone give him back twice.

He coldly said: “Old Guy, we are really playing this time. The full colonization of the earth star plane has been delayed for so long, and it is almost time to end.”