I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities Chapter 590


The atmosphere of war spread throughout the plane.

On the table of each Great Influence Intelligence Section, the pictures of Osidians sternly fighting horses are frightening to see.

This is the biggest threat that Human Race has ever encountered. If you are not careful, you will be exterminated.

In the face of the enemies of the united front, what Human Race powerhouses can do is become unprecedentedly united.

The logistics of the inland and four seas are fully developed, ship after ship of food and alchemical weapons are sent to the front line without money.

Students from various universities’ abilities departments have applied for early graduation, joined the army, and rushed to the battlefield.

The retired superb soldiers found the military uniforms that had been in the dust for a long time and gathered at the dock again.

Normally the familiar Hero star also disappeared from public view.


As the lucky ones among hundreds of millions of compatriots, Espers know the truth of “the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility”.

Since they enjoy the privileges that an ordinary person did not have, they naturally have to take on the corresponding responsibilities.

Deer Port city market.

Spicy Noodleman puts the white chef neat and tidy on top of each other, and then puts the bright kitchen knife back in place.

Subsequently, the uniform of the American comic style reappeared on his body.

It’s just that compared to the time when he did not retire, the flesh of his stomach is already a little loose, and if he doesn’t have to suck it, his belly will be exposed.

He stared at his fist and said with a smile: “Old Partner, we are going to fight together again.”

For Spicy Noodleman who is used to using his fists to attack Spicy Noodleman, his pair of Iron Fist is his most trusted weapon.

Although in the latter part of his career, because of the [Eight Gates Body] gifted by Yang Xi, the opportunities for both legs to participate in the battle are gradually increasing.

Today, Spicy Noodleman has entered a new realm in close combat.

Suddenly, the sliding door of the hot and sour noodle shop was opened.

Swipe and pull.

One with a scarf,

A girl with black hair appeared at the door.

She is the daughter of Spicy Noodleman, who just came back from the school fundraiser.

In the face of the final war, several Great Influences mobilized all their compatriots and passed the cruel news to every corner of Human Race.

Originally, the authorities were also prepared for accidents due to the arrival of the “end of the world”. For this reason, they worked out several countermeasures to maintain the stability of the inland society.

But unexpectedly, apart from the slight riots a few days ago, what the inland Human Race compatriots did the most was to generously donate money and materials to support the frontline battlefield.

Many hot-blooded young people still want to go to the war as an ordinary person, but they were persuaded by community workers.

But the hot spots on the Internet are basically occupied by the War of Resistance.

Some of Hero’s past events that were originally in dust have also been artistically processed by the authorities and appeared in the form of short videos on major social platforms.

Now, people in the inland can scan the hero deeds one after another by opening the social software. This blood can be said to be boiling from morning to night.

This kind of fundraising event is held all the way from kindergarten to elementary school. The pocket money that students have accumulated for many years is sent to the donation box.

In dozens of inland districts, I don’t know how many billion ceramic pigs will die without a whole corpse in a few days.

Seeing this look of father, the girl was stunned.

Although she knows that her father’s career is Hero, she has seen him fighting alien beast many times in the video.

But it’s the first time to have such close contact with Hero uniforms.

“Dad, you…”

Rays of light flickered at the corner of the scarf girl’s eyes, she didn’t know what to do.

At her age, she already knew the cruelty of the battlefield.

Can my father, who quit the professional Hero circle for a long time, still maintain his sharp skills?

Go here, it is extremely dangerous!

But I don’t know why, but she can’t say anything to stop her.

Spicy Noodleman sucked his belly very hard in front of his daughter.

Why doesn’t he understand child’s mind?

But this situation is a crisis facing the entire Human Race.

The frontline troops need any force that can be united.

As an A-rank Hero, although he is not a top battle strength, he is also the mainstay of the Human Race battleship.

Like the gears on the machine, on the battlefield of Four Seas, he may be unknown, but he is indispensable.

Human Race retired a lot of Esper, and they did not have the duty to rush to the battlefield.

But if everyone retreats, this battle will be even more difficult.

Spicy Noodleman thought he could not influence other colleagues, but he himself had a heart to sacrifice for Human Race.

“Good girl, wait for Dad to come back.”

Spicy Noodleman did not hug his daughter, but touched her hair, got into his car and left.

He is afraid that his daughter’s body temperature will shake his determination!

It wasn’t until the Spicy Noodleman’s car disappeared at the end that the scarf girl reacted and moved towards the direction the car left and chased after her frantically.

The white canvas shoes were stained with dust, and she finally stopped gasping for breath, put her hands on her knees, moved towards the direction where her father left, shouting: “Dad! Must come back alive!!”

The salty tears flowed into her mouth, but the girl didn’t notice it.

This scene happened in every corner of the interior.

Behind every Esper who joins the army, there is a group of family members who are concerned about it.

Spicy Noodleman drove to Kunlun Building.

This building belonging to the Kunlun Hero Economic Company has been temporarily requisitioned and has become a conscription site.

Spicy Noodleman saw familiar faces in the hall where the marble floor tiles can be seen by others…

Flame Butterfly, Green Mist, Prodigal Swordsman, Coach Ge… and Metal Warrior in scarlet cloak.

This old man who had already retired is now looking at Spicy Noodleman with hands on his hips, “young man, you are late!”


Hero Sea Territory.

Dark clouds are densely covered, and thunder and lightning are looming.

A Ye Fan, white clothed like snow, is floating in the air, with his determined eyes looking directly at the natural phenomenon of the sky and the earth, without the slightest timidity.

Below, the members of the major Rangers either looked at the youth in the sky with envy or jealously, discussing spiritedly.

“Ye Fan, this guy is really an evildoer. How long has it passed before he has reached the fourth level of breakthrough!”

“Isn’t it? You haven’t heard of anything more perverted. It is said that this guy can break through the fourth-order bottleneck long ago, but in order to strengthen the imposing manner of our Human Race coalition forces, it was forcibly controlled by Master Blast’s instruction. The day of promotion to Tier 4 has been postponed to today!”

“Tsk tsk, the army enters the fourth rank, and I use the rest of my life in exchange for the moment when Ye Fan became a saint. I think it’s worth it!”

Among the crowd, the expression of people familiar with Ye Fan also has nothing common with each other.

As a girlfriend, Marukou burst into tears. Only she knows how much Ye Fan has worked hard to advance to Tier 4 and become a powerhouse that can help the leader!

It can be said that every bit of Ye Fan’s strength is obtained with his own efforts. (Yang Xi likes it here.)

She muttered: “Ye Zi, you must hold on, as long as you pass this level, your ideal will be realized!”

Marukuo side Ouchou sees this, softly comforted: “Maru Maru, don’t worry too much, Ye Fan, this animal, has the’Ancient Desolate Saint Physique’. I think no matter how happy the thunder and lightning is, it can’t be taken He, just put a hundred hearts!”

Fiercely, a beast trainer holding a whip, gave Ouchi a bit, hate iron for not becoming steel and said: “You still have the face to say that you have a gluttonous bloodline, but now you can’t beat Ye Fan, my Efforts are in vain!”

“Master Captain, am I not trying to give everyone a face? If Ye Fan and I both broke through to Tier 4, wouldn’t everyone in the room have to buy a piece of tofu and kill him?”

He triumphantly said: “I am also taking care of the overall situation!”

Who knows, a jade green lightsaber suddenly flashed across his cheek, and then shot into the sea, causing a terrifying explosion.

The surrounding Esper are utterly sighed, and they are secretly sighed in their hearts. They are indeed the Rangers of the Hero Association. Such a young member has such terrifying power!

Li Zitian coldly said: “No matter how poor you are, be careful of your tongue!”

After all, she took away the ability and left her original position.

Obviously, I am ashamed to be with Ao Chao.

The Olympic Super League is also resentful.

This Li Zitian is really regardless of the law and of natural morality, even he dares to shoot!

But there is no way, who knows if this girl will come a few more arrows, now her strength is deep and unmeasurable, Austrian Chao can only admit it.

On the sky, Blast smiled and said to Heavenspan: “The temper of Little Brat now is even more exploding than we were back then!”

Heavenspan stepped on the fairy sword and coldly said: “It’s just that ability. If you have time to mess around, it’s better to seize the time for cultivation. The supply of magic crystals for these boys has never stopped. Unfortunately, only Ye Fan Reached the fourth order.”

Blast reluctantly shrugged, Heavenspan, isn’t it difficult to be strong anymore.

Breakthrough to the fourth level depends on perception and chance, which is the magic crystal that can be piled up.

“Liu Yuan on the other side of the chaotic sea is also breaking through Tier 4 today, and there are two Tier 4 powerhouses in one day. This is also a good sign for our Human Race!”

Heavenspan has an indifferent expression, “Who knows if the Judgement organization was deliberate. It was our Hero Association that was the one that made the most of the show. Now, even if the live broadcast is started, half of the attention will be taken away.” /p>

In order to inspire an imposing manner, Human Race arranged this unprecedented event and broadcasted the entire promotion process of the two young powerhouses.

At this moment, major units are intensively producing, vowing to start this important campaign for propaganda war!

Thunderclouds in the sky are getting denser.

Finally, with a bang, a tribulation thunder of jade green slammed down.

Illuminated Ye Fan’s young face.

At this moment, there is no fear in the heart of this Human Race younger generation carrier, he has only a single thought.

For the inland people, Liu Yuan’s identity is more than just Hidden Woods Wolf of the Judgement organization.

At the same time, they are also the super Hero once inland!

This is their son who came out inland!

Now it is going to hit the top battle strength of Human Race, Tier 4!

Liu Yuan, but he is fighting for their rear group of people!

For a while, the barrage supporting Liu Yuan began to refresh.

“Come on Hidden Woods Wolf! You are the best! Stand up quickly! Let the Four Seas people see and see the courage of our inland Hero!”

“This is our Super Hero, he can definitely defeat Thunder Tribulation! He will get out of the sea again!”

“Everyone, help Young master Liu with me, let’s brush up the gift!!”

For a while, because of Liu Yuan’s fall into the water, the popularity of the live broadcast room here has increased, and the live broadcast room of Hero Sea Territory Ye Fan has been left behind.

Ye Fan, who has been struggling with green thunderbolt, doesn’t know this, but Heavenspan is paying attention throughout the process.

He was really angrily half dead.

“Let me just say it, UU reading www.uukanshu.com Judgement organizers deliberately. With the strength of Liu Yuan, how could it be so embarrassing!”

Blast had to hit haha ​​on the side, and he couldn’t help Heavenspan’s bad temper.

Liu Yuan is not acting sincerely here. He was really stunned at first.

This tribulation thunder is, after all, a natural phenomenon of heaven and earth. It should not be confused with ordinary attacks. It is still a bit cruel.

Fortunately, his resilience is amazing. Before the second thunderbolt came down, the hair all over his body had recovered as before.

Seeing the werewolf rushing out of the sea again, the whole network plunged into a sea of ​​joy.

At this moment, Young master Liu’s awesome voice resounded throughout the four seas and inland.

What they cheered for was the hope of Human Race’s victory over colonization!

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