I Can Track Everything Chapter 809

Three days later.

Chen Chen is presiding over the transformation of the realm of the real ghost, and he heard news from outside that he was colluding with the king of the gods.

Apart from this, there is also a special envoy from the Nine Heavenly Immortal Domain on the way to the True Underworld Immortal Domain. It is said that he came to ask for the Tower of the Nine Heavens Profound Town.

Upon hearing this news, Chen Chen put aside his business and called out Nine Nether Pluto.

Nine Nether Pluto was overjoyed when he saw Chen Chen.

How long was the last bet? Who would have thought that this kid would become the Immortal King so soon? It’s the Immortal King who controls a domain.

“Nine Nether Pluto, your Senior Brother has reported that I am colluding with the underworld and it is a gap in Immortal World. What do you think?”

Nine Nether Pluto is listening to this face The smile froze, and the eyes were full of alert for an instant.

Although I know that Chen Chen has become the Immortal King, he has not yet been able to adapt to the identity of Chen Chen Immortal King.

In fact, at this moment, he is no longer as dominant as before. Now Chen Chen is in front of him.

There is news that Chen Chen colluded with the underworld. What is the most powerful counterattack method?

Of course he destroyed the Pluto.

As for the agreement…

The agreement between the two is still at the point where he has been Dao Protector for Chen Chen for many years. As for the follow-up agreement, it has not yet been negotiated.

Thinking of this, his mood has fallen to the bottom, and he even faintly prepared to escape.

Who would have thought that Chen Chen would laugh next and continue: “Hey, didn’t expect nine Heavenly Immortal King can be beaten upright, I was wronged by him for colluding with you. “

Nine Nether Hearing this slightly startled, seeing Chen Chen’s smile without any hypocrisy, I was a little moved.

But after another thought, there seems to be something wrong.

“It is not appropriate to use the word collusion between you and me. It should be cooperation.”

Chen Chen waved his hand, his face gradually cold.

“Nine King Heavenly Immortal, I haven’t had time to trouble him. He came to trouble me first. It just so happens that I will calculate the old and new accounts with him!”

Nine Nether Pluto was shocked when he heard this, surprisedly said: “Are you going to trouble him now? Now your true Nether Realm is a waste of time…”

“He sent it to the door by himself Come, no wonder I am! Yuan Qingtian, I will leave you with the next Xianyu planning, I will take care of some things.”

Chen Chen returned to his temporary Immortal Palace after he said that. .

Back to Immortal Palace, let’s swallow a six-turn Golden Core first.

Although Golden Core is good, you can’t eat it randomly. You have to step by step and give you enough time to digest it.

He is a Golden Core with seven turns and eight turns, but this is not the time to take it.

Now if I eat it, the remaining Golden Core effect will be reduced a lot.


Six-turn Golden Core enters the belly, and it feels that it is a level stronger than the five-turn Golden Core.

He still remembers swallowing the 5-speed Golden Core, which increased its cultivation base by 2 million years, and then slowly increased it by 2 million years.

Now swallowing the Golden Core of rank seven, it immediately increased the cultivation base by 10 million years.

According to this calculation, he is now an Immortal King with a cultivation base of 14 million years.

Although it is still inferior to the 30 million-year-old cultivation base of the Feihuang Immortal King, the gap has narrowed a lot.

After all, Immortal King cultivation progress is difficult, and the 30 million-year cultivation base of the Feihuang Immortal King is only twice as strong as the new Immortal King who entered this realm.

Compared to the current self, it is 50% stronger.

If you add Wishful God to Armor, this gap can be eliminated.

After swallowing Golden Core for six turns, Chen Chen began to meditate quietly, digesting medicinal power.


One day later.

The messenger of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Domain came to the sky above the True Underworld Immortal Domain.

“I don’t know if the Immortal King, the godly show, can you show up! I’m here on behalf of the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings. I have something to discuss!”

Everyone pays attention to it, everyone cloth Formation cloth Formation, repair building repair building, as if no one heard it.

Seeing this situation, the messenger fly into a rage out of humiliation.

Because there were many other envoys from the fairyland who followed him on this trip.

The purpose of these messengers to come to the realm of the real world is very simple.

That is to look at the situation in the realm of the fairyland, to see if the new fairyland needs help.

If needed, they will lend a helping hand. Of course, the price of this aid is expensive, and it may overdraw the development potential of the real world in the next tens of thousands of years.

This group of people came with a sense of superiority, but at this moment they are silent, and their faces are full of uncertainty.

Because the buildings under construction below are far more precious than the buildings in their own fairyland.

“Daohua Immortal Monarch…Are they repairing the immortal spirit nest?”

While the Immortal King hadn’t appeared yet, an Immortal Monarch pointed to one Whispered everywhere.

Immortal Monarch next to him looked in the direction of his fingers, and his pupils shrank instantly.

“It seems that it is, it is made of good fortune fairy crystal…it’s so special, it’s the same material as my Immortal King bedroom.”

“Wait…you Look at the Golden Immortal who is repairing the nest. Does the hammer in his hand make a spirit transformation treasure?”

Then Immortal Monarch pointed again.

“It’s really a treasure of spirit transformation…reckless waste of natural resources, I used this treasure to build buildings!”

That Daohua Immortal Monarch stomped and cursed.

In his opinion, the Golden Immortal is most likely to be the spirit transformation treasure obtained by chance, and he still doesn’t know the goods, so he has such a funny picture.

If it weren’t for someone else’s turf, he would have liked to go and fudge the spirit transformation treasure now…

Just as he was thinking about it, it came not far away With a roar, a mountain peak was directly blasted out of a big hole, which seemed to be preparing for the construction of Cave Mansion.

But why is the long sword in the hands of Mysterious Immortal so dazzling?

“Good fortune…make spirit transformation treasure?”

Daohua Immortal Monarch murmured, and then he gradually let go of Divine Consciousness.

Only then discovered that within ten thousand li, at least hundreds of people are using the spirit transformation treasure.

This is completely beyond the scope of his imagination!

Know that the treasure of spirit transformation is the treasure that Immortal King usually uses. Immortal Monarch is a rare one!

But in this realm, it has become a construction tool!

“This…Isn’t the Immortal King ascended from the lower realms? How come there are so many spirit transformation treasures? Is he a Peak Refiner Master?

Impossible, Even the Peak Refiner Master is not so luxurious!”

Taohua Immortal Monarch murmured, and silently hid his storage ring.

There are a number of resources inside, which were originally part of the bargaining chip used to negotiate with the realm of the ghost.

Now, it seems that the value of the things in his storage ring is not as good as the value of other immortal spirit defecation buildings…

So don’t be embarrassed.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here? They are also from the nine Heavenly Immortal domain?”

Just as they were secretly shocked, the one below was wearing a spirit transformation treasure and holding it The little Mysterious Immortal of the dagger pointed at them and asked loudly.

Daohua Immortal Monarch hearing this blurted out:

“We are here to help…Uh, we are here to congratulate Shenxiu Immortal King for taking charge of a domain, and the nine Heavenly Immortal domain not at How much is all related.”

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