I Can Track Everything Chapter 811

“The people under his command really said that?”

Within the nine Heavenly Immortal domain, the nine Heavenly Immortal king complexion ashen.

Beside him, the envoy of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Domain who had appeared in the True Underworld Immortal Domain before was full of anger.

“It’s true! If the subordinate changes a word, call the subordinate destroy both body and soul!”

The messenger raised his hand and swore.

In fact, he did not exaggerate a single bit, just repeating the words of the arrogant Mysterious Immortal in the True Underworld Immortal.

There is no way, the words Mysterious Immortal said were so arrogant that it sounded like he was adding fuel to it.

“I know…Huh, challenge me? Do you really think you can be invincible if you control a domain?”

Nine Heavenly Immortal King coldly snorted.

But after saying this, he calmed down, as if thinking of a countermeasure.

After a long time, he stretched out his hand, and a red sword appeared in his hand.

This is the Supreme Treasure that he accidentally obtained. It is called Emperor Blood. It is a peerless fairy sword made by Immortal Emperor blood.

After the Nine Heavens Profound Town Tower was lost, the reason why he did not act too eagerly was because he still had this sword in his hand.

Moreover, compared to the Nine Sky Profound Town Tower, this emperor blood is more suitable for him.

Seeing nine King Heavenly Immortal took out this housekeeping magic weapon, all around the Immortal Monarch faces faintly excited.

It seems that Immortal King wants to make a move.

The emperor’s blood is in hand, what about the Immortal King, even if there are nine heavenly mysterious towers?

After all, impossible is the opponent of his own Immortal King.

However, it was the Nine Heavenly Immortal King who asked them not to expect at this time: “I am afraid that only emperor blood is not enough.”

Speaking, a rays of light In a flash, the nine Heavenly Immortal King disappeared without a trace.

Half a day later, King Nine Heavenly Immortal came to the Azure Cloud Immortal Realm not far from the Realm of Nine Heavenly Immortal.

Qingyun Immortal King of Qingyun Immortal Territory has many intersections with him, and the two sides still have some friendship.

Qingyun Immortal King was not surprised when the nine Heavenly Immortal King arrived, and after waving his hand, a pot of fine wine appeared in his hand.

“Nine King Heavenly Immortal, my subordinates also went to the realm of the real underworld. After he comes back and tells me what he has seen and heard, I know you will come to me.”

< p>Nine Heavenly Immortal Wang Qing snorted and said: “hmph, is provoked by an immortal of the lower realm so far, can you bear it?”

Qingyun Immortal King neither fast nor slow, took out two wine glasses , Filled the wine glass, and then sent one of them to the nine Heavenly Immortal King.

“Although the Immortal King, the immortal show, is not polite to those of us who are onlookers, but he said so brilliantly, it is not good for us to underestimate him, so in him and you nine Heavenly Immortal domain Before the grievances are over, whether it is our Azure Cloud Immortal Domain or other immortal domains, we will only watch.”

Nine King Heavenly Immortal took the wine and drank it.

He was not surprised by Qingyun Immortal King’s words.

If there are no nine Heavenly Immortal domains for testing, that’s all, but now there are indeed other immortal domains that are naturally happy to let the nine Heavenly Immortal domains explore the bottom of the godly Immortal King.

If the Immortal King is truly capable, the Immortal Kings will look at it with admiration.

If it’s just a bluff, then the True Underworld Immortal Domain will probably be more fierce counterattack from many Immortal Domains.

“Although he is a junior, but the lion fights the rabbit, he also needs to do his best. If you want to come to Qingyun Immortal Domain, you guessed it, give me an answer.”

9 After the King Heavenly Immortal said, he put down the wine glass.

The purpose of his coming to Qingyun Immortal Domain is very simple, that is, to borrow treasure.

There is a Supreme Treasure in the Azure Cloud Immortal Domain, called the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror, which is an extremely rare special defense-type Supreme Treasure that can reflect most attacks.

If he had this treasure in his hand and God’s blood, he would dare to say that he would be foolproof when facing the Immortal King.

Qingyun Immortal King laughed stretched out his hand, and soon a misty mirror appeared in his hand.

“The Supreme Treasure of the Avenue is not meant to be borrowed, you and I have friendship, but…”

Before the Qingyun Immortal King has finished speaking, the nine Heavenly Immortal King will fight Broke him.

“I know, what do you think this is?”

Speaking, he put a vine in front of Qingyun Immortal King.

Qingyun Immortal King was overjoyed when he saw the vine, and the two parties quickly reached a deal.

By borrowing the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror, King Nine Heavenly Immortal suddenly felt full of confidence in his heart.

Qingyun Immortal Realm with emperor blood, coupled with his nearly 30 million years of Immortal King cultivation base, looking at the entire Immortal World, under the Immortal Emperor, there are rare opponents.

Even if the Feihuang Immortal King secretly assists the immortal Immortal King, it is impossible to be his opponent.

So as soon as he returned to the nine Heavenly Immortal domain, he passed on the order to accept the challenge of Immortal King, the god show.

The bet is the Tower of the Nine Heavens Profound Town.

As for the location of the battle, in order to highlight the Senior’s demeanor, he asked the Immortal King to choose.

However, when the order was passed on, he regretted it slightly.

Because he thought of the duel between the Beichen Immortal King and the Lingwei Immortal King, and the result of the Lingwei fairyland being sneak attacked.

For safety reasons, he went out again and temporarily invited two Immortal Kings to enter the nine Heavenly Immortal domain.

At this point, he was completely relieved.


On the other side, in the realm of the real world.

Chen Chen has already learned the news that the nine Heavenly Immortal kings will fight, and he has also chosen the battle location.

“Azure Lotus Immortal King hasn’t come yet?”

Chen Chen asked softly.


The voice of Nine Nether came from the darkness.

“You can only guard the realm of the Immortal Realm. The Immortal King of Flying Phoenix sits in the Realm of Flying Phoenix. At this time, it is the period of Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King Nirvana. I am sorry. She will help me again.”

Chen Chen helplessly said.

He is going to a duel with the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings, and of course he has to arrange the True Underworld Immortal Domain first.

After all, there is a lesson from the past of Lingwei Xianyu.

But let Nine Nether guard the realm of the ghost, he feels ashamed.

After all, Nine Nether and the nine Heavenly Immortal kings have a great feud. If you say that in the entire Immortal World now, whoever wants to see the nine Heavenly Immortal kings suffer with their own eyes, it must be the Nine Nether king.

In the darkness, Nine Nether laughed twice, and then a trace of soul was attached to Chen Chen’s Wishful Transformation Armor.

“Don’t worry, with this Divine Soul, plus the projection mirror, even if I stay in this realm, I can witness you defeat the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings.

However, I have to remind you that my Junior Brother is extremely cautious. Even if he knew that you had just stepped into the Immortal King, he might have made a lot of back-ups.

If it weren’t the case, he would also Can’t count me.

Let me ask you, are you sure of winning?”

Nine Nether Pluto said as he spoke, his tone became extremely serious.

“Why don’t you fight with me first and try my strength?”

Chen Chen asked rhetorically.

Nine Nether Hearing this momentarily silent, he said after a while: “Let’s talk about the position of the battlefield.”

“I want to have a fair match with him. In one event, where did you say the setting is appropriate?”

Chen Chen asked.

Nine Nether Pluto was silent for a moment, and then a Dao Void shadow appeared in the void.

That is a fairy map, and every white square on the fairy map represents a fairyland.

Only one place is gray, which is particularly abrupt.

“Go here, Great Wasteland. This domain is a domain without a master. It has lost its origin. It is a waste domain of Immortal World. It is best to set the battlefield here.”

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