I Can Track Everything Chapter 812

“The Great Wilderness…The Immortal King, the god show, set the duel location in the Great Wilderness. As for the decisive battle time, it will be seven days later!”

This news quickly spread throughout Immortal World, and many Immortals King heard the news.

The degree of influence is not inferior to the last battle between Lingweixianyu and Beichenxianyu.

Of course, the most important reason is that the Immortal King, as the new Immortal King that controls a domain, is more concerned than other Immortal Kings.

Especially under the premise that he released such arrogant words.


Seven days passed in a blink of an eye.

On this day, more and more immortals appeared in several domains near the Great Wasteland.

Some Immortal Kings sent their men even if they didn’t come to watch the game in person.

The Great Wilderness was once the Immortal World First Immortal realm, but after a great battle, the Great Wilderness Immortal King exhausted the Source Power of the Great Wilderness, and the Great Wilderness was completely destroyed and turned into a wasteland.

Here, there is only the chapped earth, there is no vitality, and there is no Immortal Qi and other sources of power.

Over time, this place has become the best place for the Immortal King to duel, because here, the Immortal King can let it go.

For thousands of years, there have been several Immortal King duels in the Great Wasteland, both on the surface and secretly.

In short, there are traces of battle everywhere, and ruined wasteland everywhere.

Chen Chen came to this wild land and looked at the all around scene, and a sense of desolation arose in his heart for no apparent reason.

There is no one around him at this moment.

Those immortals who came to watch, no one dared to enter the scope of the great wasteland, everyone was in the vicinity of the fairyland onlookers.

So at this moment, he is alone in the Great Wasteland.

“The Immortal King is here!”

“That is the Immortal King. It doesn’t seem to be anything unusual.”

“I see him too It’s not like people who are too arrogant, how can they say such arrogant words.”

Because of the large number of projection mirrors arranged in the wilderness, Chen Chen has just arrived in the wilderness and he has been attracted by countless immortals. noticed.

At this time, Chen Chen was dressed in white clothed and dressed quite casually. He just wandered in the wasteland of the great wasteland in a leisurely manner. Some of them are not like coming to a duel, but like Come for a leisure trip.

Walking to a mound, Chen Chen sat down, then took out a pot of wine from the storage ring and drank it.

At this moment, a flame flashed in the sky, and the Feihuang Immortal King appeared.

“Such a big thing, why don’t you tell me?”

Chen Chen looked at in the sky, the slightly angry Feihuang Immortal King, his face showed a touch of light Smile.

Under such a busy condition, Feihuang Immortal King is willing to come in person, which is very rare.

If he wanted to make friends with Feihuang Immortal King before, it was with a hint of purpose. Now after seeing Feihuang Immortal King with his own eyes here, he really regards this Immortal Queen as Friends.

“It’s not a major event, don’t worry about Feihuang Fellow Daoist!”

Chen Chen haha ​​smiled.

At this moment, of course, he didn’t show Ruyishen turned into armor, so no one can see his details.

After all, no one will completely expose his strength before a duel, so that his opponent will be defensive.

“It’s not a major event yet! You…”

The Feihuang Immortal King became more and more angry, but she also knew that there were too many people watching secretly at the moment, so she not at all scolded Chen Chen paused, then said: “This is Nirvana Pill, you can take it, you and I have a friendship, I can be considered as the best of my benevolence!

Immortal King said that he threw a ball out. The fiery-red things were delivered to Chen Chen, and then he turned and left the wilderness without looking back.

Chen Chen took the medicine pill and took a look, then suddenly laughed.< /p>

Because he is not only holding a Nirvana Pill, but also hiding a very small space equipment.

In the space equipment, he puts a longbow, the longbow There are a total of seven phoenix feather arrows next to it.

He has heard of this bow, which is the treasure of the Feihuang Immortal Realm, the sunset divine bow, and it is also the Supreme Treasure avenue with the widest attack range in the entire Immortal World.

Usually only with the divine bow to shoot Immortal Qi, the formidable power is worthy of the Supreme Treasure of other avenues.

With the special Phoenix Feather Arrow, the formidable power can be increased. At one level, even if the Immortal King is hit, there is a risk of accidentally falling.

Such a precious treasure, the Flying Phoenix Immortal King secretly gave it to himself.

The intention How, it goes without saying.

“Do you want me to use it as a trump card? Hehe, this Feihuang Immortal King is thoughtful. “

Inwardly, Chen Chen put away Nirvana Pill and sunset divine bow together.

At this moment, there was rising winds, scudding clouds over the wilderness , And then the nine-headed Golden Lion pulled a palace neither too big nor too small and appeared in Chen Chen’s line of sight.

After a while, the palace fell in the wasteland of the wasteland, shaking There was a lot of dust.

Looking at this very pompous scene, Chen Chen indifferently said: “Nine Heavenly Immortal King, how about? Did you think that there would be such a day?

My little fairy from the lower realm actually stood in front of you fairly and justly? “

The curtains of the palace slowly opened and King Nine Heavenly Immortal walked out of it.

After taking a close look at Chen Chen, he suddenly smiled.

< p>After laughing, he said indifferently: “Once you have gained the Tao, you have no self-knowledge. I see many people like this.

Hmph, what can you do if you stand in front of me now? Do you think I will regret what I did? Or do you think I will regret that you have erected such an enemy? “

While talking about the nine Heavenly Immortal King laughed up, his eyes were full of indifference. Finally, he said loudly: “There have been many people standing in front of me, but they really stand in Immortal World. How many thousands of years old?

You have a chance to become an Immortal King, and you even control a domain, but what about?

Heh, as the master of the nine Heavenly Immortal domains, I am not going to regret a small decision I made because you became the Immortal King. “

Chen Chen applauded after hearing this: “Domineering! It really is the Immortal King of the nine Heavenly Immortal domain! But I think you don’t regret it now, it may not be so in a while, are you believing or not?

That’s all, it’s useless to say more. The contradiction between you and me can only be resolved by a war. Let’s fight. “

After that, Chen Chen stood up, patted the dust on his hands, in an instant, his eyes changed from lazy to sharp, and at the same time, he began to bleed out black light. .

The nine Heavenly Immortal king also put away the palace and the nine-headed Golden Lion, staring straight at Chen Chen.

zi zi ……

Chen Chen ignored the gaze of King Nine Heavenly Immortal, stepped on the sand and walked towards King Nine Heavenly Immortal, the black light on his body became more and more intense.

Walking, a set of pitch black His armor extended from his within the body and quickly spread on him.

After three steps, it covered all the vitals of the body.

After seven steps, it was completely wrapped Lived all over.

Looking at the black and ferocious Battle Armor on Chen Chen, the nine Heavenly Immortal King stepped back two steps subconsciously, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, muttered:

“Avenue Supreme Treasure……”

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