I Can Track Everything Chapter 813

A Supreme Treasure of the Battle Armor type…

Nine King Heavenly Immortal knows what it means.

As long as the general Immortal King sets on the Supreme Treasure of the Battle Armor type road, then the Immortal King who is fighting with it does not have the Attack Type type road Supreme Treasure, then there is almost no chance of winning.

Even if there is an offensive Supreme Treasure, this battle will be extremely difficult.

At this moment of thought, the calmness on his face disappeared, replaced by a haze.

It’s no wonder that Immortal King, the superb show, dared to challenge him on the initiative, because he had such a hole card.

Fortunately, he prepared a little bit more.

However, in the next second, there was another purple compass beside Chen Chen slowly spinning.

This purple compass flashes with lightning, turning faster and faster, forming a very powerful field in an instant, enshrouding Chen Chen in it.

Seeing this compass, King Nine Heavenly Immortal’s face suddenly turned black.

“Purple Heaven Imperial Wheel! The Supreme Treasure of the Immortal King of the Purple Heaven Immortal Domain! How can it be in your hands!”

“Why? You are scared, if I want to admit defeat, but it’s still too late.”

Chen Chen walked to the nine Heavenly Immortal King and stood for a kilometer, while speaking, the power of his cultivation base exploded, forming a terrifying whirlwind moved. towards Nine Heavenly Immortal King raged over.

The Nine Heavenly Immortal King took two steps back subconsciously, his cheeks twitched.

In his eyes, this is just a junior who has just stepped into the Immortal King. It is not much worse than him in terms of cultivation base!

What the hell is going on here? Could it be that Immortal King ate the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill?

His heart was shocked, and the immortals who were onlookers in the surrounding fairyland were equally shocked.

They have guessed more or less that the Immortal King, the god show, has a certain hole card, so they dare to make the nine Heavenly Immortal King.

But didn’t expect this card is so hardcore!

Compared to the cultivation base of the nine Heavenly Immortal kings! Two pieces of defensive avenue Supreme Treasure!

Apart from this, the bet of this battle, Jiutianxuanzhen Tower, has not yet appeared!

The battle has not yet started, and the Immortal King, the god show Immortal King, demonstrated the strength of the Immortal World Peak Immortal King.

For a time, a large number of immortals began to contact their Immortal Kings to tell them about the major changes in this battle.

Immortal King of Feihuang is hidden in the vicinity of the fairyland. Looking at the Supreme Treasure of the two avenues controlled by Chen Chen, I feel very annoyed.

“This bastard obviously has such a hole card, but never revealed one or two to me! Called a friend in vain! It’s terrible!”

Recalling that I just secretly shot the sun divine The image that bow gave Chen Chen, Feihuang Immortal King became more and more angry, thinking in his heart how to deal with Chen Chen when the battle is over.


“Give up? Hehe, these two words are not conceded in my eyes. Where is the Tower of the Nine Heavens Profound Town? Take it out too, I want to see if you can Take out a few pieces of Supreme Treasure!”

The nine Heavenly Immortal king pretended to be tough and honest.

At this moment, he was very thankful that he had made preparations early and borrowed the defense Supreme Treasure Qingyun Immortal Mirror.

Otherwise, he might really be planted here today.

But the psychological expectations of today’s victory have to be adjusted down.

The Immortal King cultivation base is not weaker than him, and there are two protective avenues Supreme Treasure in his body, plus the Nine Heavens Profound Town Pagoda, which is already invincible.

He wants to win the opponent, almost impossible.

So I can only ask for a tie today.


took a deep breath, the Nine Heavenly Immortal King slowly drew out the blood of the emperor.

As soon as this emperor blood fairy sword was born, half of the wasteland was illuminated by red light.

The purple imperial wheel that revolves around Chen Chen felt threatened, and the speed of rotation suddenly accelerated a lot. The purple light instantly soared to the sky, reflecting the other half of the wilderness, fighting against the red light .

The two Immortal Kings have not yet formally fought, and the Supreme Treasure of the two avenues has taken the lead.

When Chen Chen saw this, he didn’t delay any more, and directly pointed out his hand at King Nine Heavenly Immortal.

In the void, a terrifying sky with a radius of several tens of thousands of li took shape in an instant, moved towards Nine Heavenly Immortal Kings headed down.

Using the cultivation technique of the Taiqing Xuantian Dao against the nine Heavenly Immortal King, this is actually not a good choice.

But Chen Chen insisted on this, in order to vent his anger.

Because the true underworld was destroyed under the giant sky.

And the sky he made now is no smaller than the sky.

Nine King Heavenly Immortal looked at the huge sky above his head and instantly understood Chen Chen’s intentions, his eyes were full of sternness.

Of course he will not backhand to deal with Chen Chen all day long to compare this strength.

Because Tianyue’s large-scale attack is not at all effective when dealing with single enemies.

Today’s battle is not a battle of will for him. He can’t get any energy supplement in this great wasteland, so he must use every force on the enemy.

This will ensure a better result.

Seeing the sky falling, he snorted, and the emperor blood in his hand slammed upwards, and a red sword glow that could divide Heaven and Earth was fleeting!

Theoretically, the sky that could swallow and absorb all the energy suddenly stagnated, then turned into two halves from the middle, and finally collapsed completely.

Next, King Nine Heavenly Immortal did not attack.

It is really the Supreme Treasure of the Immortal King, two protective avenues of the god show, he can’t break the opponent’s defense no matter how he attacks.

Rather than wasting energy with attacks, it is better to wait and see the changes.

Chen Chen saw the nine Heavenly Immortal King holding a sword in a defensive posture said with a sneer: “Nine Heavenly Immortal King, how did you feel just now? Defensive but not offensive, you still have the Immortal King. Are you proud?”

The nine King Heavenly Immortal was very angry, but he didn’t make any rebuttal, let alone attacked immediately without being agitated, but continued to maintain his previous posture.

Chen Chen sees this coldly snorted, and then points to the sky.

In an instant, hundreds of heavens of different sizes condensed in the sky, and then moved towards Nine Heavenly Immortal one after another, Wang Fei.

peng peng peng!

A series of explosions sounded, and the entire wilderness area began to tremble.

However, these attacks can’t shake the Nine Heavenly Immortal King at all, because in terms of formidable power, these heavens are not as good as the big heavens before.

The nine Heavenly Immortal king was furious in his heart.

He knew that Immortal King was insulting him. An Immortal King was smashed under countless gazes. Even if he didn’t suffer any injuries, it was a loss of face.

“Shenxiu Immortal King! It seems that you want to be irreconcilable with me!”

Nine Heavenly Immortal King roared, and the Emperor Blood Sword directly moved towards Chen Chen and cut it past.

Under such provocation, he finally failed to recognize the Master and launched an attack.

Under this slash, the Emperor Blood Sword instantly turned into ten thousand li lengths, falling as fast as the sky curtain.

Chen Chen looked at the huge red glow without any movement.

Seeing the red glow approaching, the Purple Cloud Imperial God Wheel suddenly turned before Chen Chen several dozen li, blocking the Emperor Blood Sword.


Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry is heard, with Supreme Treasure as the core, tens of ten thousand li, the area collapses instantly .

That is to say, the Great Wasteland is a waste domain, and no one feels distressed. If there are two Supreme Treasures in other domains, the master of that domain may have to fight with the people who shot it.

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