I Can Track Everything Chapter 814

Chen Chen saw that Blood Sword, the emperor of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Kings, that the Purple Cloud Imperial God Wheel could completely resist. He didn’t need to resort to any extra means at all, so he couldn’t help being sighed.

Where is this?

Nine King Heavenly Immortal… That’s it.

Shook the head, Chen Chen whispered: “It’s time to calculate the account between us.”

Speaking, two Dao Void shadows were separated behind him. The triangular force surrounded the nine Heavenly Immortal kings in the middle.

Seeing the two Dao Void shadows, King Nine Heavenly Immortal’s face suddenly changed, and his anger shouted: “Immortal King, you are looking for a helper!”

He didn’t notice until he said it. It’s not right.

Although the two Dao Void shadows are humanoids, their fluctuations have reached the Immortal King Realm realm, but there is no Divine Consciousness fluctuation.

These are two Immortal King Level puppets!

“Immortal King Level puppet…Where did the Immortal King get so many Supreme Treasures…”

Nine Heavenly Immortal King was shocked.

I have to admit that he was a little panicked.

The Supreme Treasure of the Immortal King is a bit scary.

Revealing one piece is that’s all, and revealing that two pieces are OK. Now he has produced the third piece…

He has to suspect that there may be a fourth and fifth piece behind. .

How can I fight this?

Without waiting for him to continue thinking, one of the Dao Void shadows rose into the sky and flew directly above him.

Then I saw that illusory shadow slapped him!

After this palm blasted out, a square-shaped, huge rune the size of ten thousand li was quickly suppressed downward!

The sharp power on it, even the existence of King Nine Heavenly Immortal, feels faintly unstoppable.

“This…is the power of proverbs!”

Nine King Heavenly Immortal exclaimed.

His Master has been close to the Immortal Emperor, he naturally knows the power of Proverbs!

The rune that falls extremely fast above may not be a real proverb, but it definitely has the charm of a proverb!

Otherwise, he will not feel unmatched!

This kind of moment can no longer be hidden.

At this moment of thought, King Nine Heavenly Immortal without the slightest hesitation took out the Qingyun Immortal Mirror and pressed it on top of his head.

In the next second, the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror burst out ten thousand zhang rays, forming a huge ray barrier above the Nine Heavenly Immortal King!


A strange sound sounded, and the huge rune was suddenly printed on the light barrier.

Nine Heavenly Immortal King’s face suddenly turned white, and his body quickly bent down.

At this moment, the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror trembled violently, and a faintly discernable rune faintly flashed in the mirror.

After this rune appeared, King Nine Heavenly Immortal’s pressure was greatly reduced, and his body gradually straightened again.

In spite of this, he was still terrified.

That is, the Blue Cloud Immortal Mirror burst out of potential, otherwise he might not be able to resist the proverb rune.

The power of Proverbs can only be resisted by Proverbs!

Fighting the Supreme Treasure of the four avenues, the wasteland gradually became unsupported, exploding everywhere, and there was a vague tendency to collapse.

A group of onlookers in the surrounding fairyland were frightened.

They haven’t seen the battle between Immortal Kings, but it is the first time that they have seen so many Supreme Treasures.

In contrast, the battle between Beichen Immortal King and Lingwei Immortal King was like a child playing house.


In Beichen Immortal Domain, Beichen Immortal King looked at the two great maxims facing each other in the void through the projection mirror, and his pupils contracted for a while.

Beside him, Mo Hehan, the attendant he had sent to the Lower Realm, rained like rain.

“Mo He, the nine Heavenly Immortal King and Shenxiu Immortal King were fighting because of the true underworld?”

Beichen Immortal King solemnly asked.

Mo He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and tremblingly said: “Yes…I see the Immortal King, some of which resembles the Lord of the Lower Realm that I saw before…”

“Do you mean that the pill furnace was obtained from him?”



Said Mo He suddenly knelt down.

He can clearly see the strength of the Immortal King in the mirror, which is much stronger than his own Immortal King.

If you scam someone a treasure, will they not hold your grudge?

It’s just that I haven’t freed my hands to settle that’s all. If I really do, he might be the first to die.

“Immortal King…help…help me!”

Thinking of this, Mohe couldn’t help but scream.

Beichen Immortal King kicked him away when he saw this, and cursed: “Can you be a little bit promising? Just watching the battle, as for fear of this? What a bastard! Get out of me!”

After that, Mo He flew out uncontrollably.

After driving away Mo He, Beichen Immortal King stood up and walked a few steps back and forth in the great hall. After a while, he couldn’t help being muttered: “In the future, I still don’t want to leave Beichen. The domain is better, but when I look at the Immortal King, how does it look like the Immortal Emperor dísciple…”

On the battlefield of the Great Wasteland.

The entire wilderness area finally couldn’t support the pressure of the Supreme Treasure of the Four Pieces Avenue, and a gap opened in the middle and began to break.

Chen Chen looked at the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings who were still resisting and the Supreme Treasure of the Four Great Avenues, and couldn’t help but come up with the picture of himself resisting the giant sky.

The real underworld was everywhere, and under my own choice, one after another crashed into the sky.

Countless creatures completely scattered ashes and dispersed smoke because of their own choices.

At this moment, he seemed to hear countless screams, wailings, and crying again, and he also saw the scene of an unknown creature kneeling and praying to the sky.

But destruction finally came.

Chen Chen took a deep breath.

Today’s battle is not just for defeating the nine King Heavenly Immortal in front of all the immortals.

Only blood can wash away blood.

From the very beginning, what he was thinking about was to kill the nine Heavenly Immortal kings.

As mentioned earlier, as long as the nine Heavenly Immortal kings have won him, they will return the Nine Heavenly Immortal Tower.

I didn’t say what price the nine Heavenly Immortal King would pay if he lost.

All of this is to conceal my inner murderous intention.

After all, an Immortal King is extremely difficult to kill as long as it does not leave the fairyland where it is.

Now that the trend is over, he doesn’t need to hide it!

At this moment of thought, the Ruyi God Transformation Armor on Chen Chen has disappeared without a trace.

At this last moment, he didn’t want to use his extra power on defense.

Then his whole person appeared behind the nine Heavenly Immortal King in the blink of an eye.

Perceiving that Chen Chen had used two Supreme Treasures and still had the ability to move, the nine Heavenly Immortal King was also shocked.

“Nine King Heavenly Immortal, do you regret it now?”

Chen Chen walked one meter behind King Nine Heavenly Immortal and asked softly.

Nine Heavenly Immortal King shook his whole body, shouted in anger, “Shenxiu Immortal King, you are better than you, I will admit defeat!”

After that, he just thought while holding the azure mirror. Leave the wilderness.

However, at this moment, a tower appeared above his head. It was the Nine Heavens Profound Town Tower, the treasure of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Domain.

The tower of Nine Sky Profound Town came out, and the figure of King Nine Heavenly Immortal was suddenly frozen.

At the same time, a lance appeared in Chen Chen’s hand, and moved towards Nine Heavenly Immortal King fiercely threw it over.

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