I Can Track Everything Chapter 815

Hearing the splitting the air sound behind him, King Nine Heavenly Immortal was shocked. In an instant, seven or eight protective layers of various colors blocked him.


A scream came out, and the divine spear plunged directly into the 1st floor protection, and that layer of protection shattered.

Following the 2nd floor, Third Layer, 4th floor……

Nine Heavenly Immortal King doesn’t know how many years of life-saving things he has accumulated are like thin paper in front of the divine spear, It’s just a breath time, and it’s all penetrated.

Finally, the divine spear whoosh sound pierced the armor of the nine Heavenly Immortal kings and plunged into his within the body.

The nine Heavenly Immortal King froze in an instant. At this moment, he felt a heart-piercing chill instantly flooded his body, and his mind was full of countless roars.

Under this terrifying voice, he felt that his Divine Soul was weakening rapidly, and there was a faint tendency to collapse.

“This is…what magic weapon?”

The nine Heavenly Immortal king turned his head with difficulty, and saw the dark, simple appearance of the divine spear, his eyes were full of shock .

It was the first time he encountered a magic weapon that could directly threaten his life.

Be aware that the life force of Immortal King is extremely exuberant. As long as Divine Soul Inextinguishable, blood rebirth is normal.

And to really fight the Loose Immortal King Divine Soul, it takes many, many attacks.

This time the Immortal King will have the opportunity to play a variety of life-saving hole cards, escape alive.

But as soon as this treasure entered the body, his Divine Soul was directly suppressed, and it was impossible to move a single cent.

At this moment, Chen Chen has followed and held the spear.

Seeing Chen Chen’s eyes full of killing intents, nine Heavenly Immortal king muttered: “Do you want to kill this king?”

“Why not?”

Chen Chen sneered, and the divine spear in his hand shook suddenly.


With a blast, the nine Heavenly Immortal kings turned into pieces on the spot.

But the next second, a flame ignited, as if time and space were reversed.

Soon, the traces of nine Heavenly Immortal kings reappears in the flames.

“Nirvana Pill, hmph!”

Chen Chen coldly snorted, and the divine spear stabbed out again, directly piercing the nine Heavenly Immortal kings within the body that had just been reborn.

The complexion of King Nine Heavenly Immortal suddenly became ugly, and his cultivation base burned quickly, trying to resist the terrifying baleful qi in the division spear, so that he could escape a ray of Remnant Soul.

However, Chen Chen did not give him a chance, and with a wave of his hand, a bell-shaped magic weapon directly enveloped a hundred li, forming a layer of invincible Formation.

This clock is called the Fudoshen Emperor Bell, and the Formation formed by it, even if it is a perfect Immortal King with the Supreme Treasure, may not be broken, let alone the nine Heavenly Immortal King who was hit hard. Up.

Seeing the all around Formation, the nine Heavenly Immortal King immediately began to soften.

“Immortal King, the god show Immortal King, I don’t want the Tower of the Nine Heavens Profound Town. When I destroyed the true underworld, how about I now pay you the nine Heavenly Immortal domains? I am willing to take an oath…”

< p>Nine Heavenly Immortal King’s words were not finished yet, a boundless baleful qi exploded within the body, instantly transforming and obliterating his Divine Soul.

But what surprised Chen Chen was that in the next second, the Nine Heavenly Immortal King within the body floated out a strand of Remnant Soul and hid in a pearl.

The beads rushed from left to right, trying to get out of Formation, and then it didn’t help at all.

“The fixed soul bead…the life is so much.”

Chen Chen shook the head, another spear stabbed out, and directly held the fixed soul bead between the spears.

An illusory shadow with an expression of fear floated out instantly, and began to beg for mercy hysterically.

Chen Chen looked at the nine Heavenly Immortal King Remnant Soul, who has no bearing anymore, said indifferently: “I know I must die, why not die more decent? It is also the Immortal King anyway.”

Killing the divine spear shocked, the soul bead turned into powder, and the nine Heavenly Immortal kings were completely killed.

Looking at the fallen storage ring and the Emperor Blood Sword Supreme Treasure, Chen Chen hooked the hook, and soon these spoils of war were installed in him In the space equipment.

After doing this, Chen Chen used the system to determine whether there was any missing Remnant Soul in the Nine Heavenly Immortal King. After confirming that there was no Remnant Soul, he put away the Immortal Emperor Bell, Zi Xiao Royal god wheel, and four god servants.

At this moment, the wilderness has turned into countless floating islands. Chen Chen saw this and began to urge the Taiqing Xuantian Dao cultivation technique.

In the blink of an eye, the mountains and rivers began to reverse, and countless floating islands began to gather.

About a few minutes later, the Great Wilderness once again recovered the appearance of Chen Chen.

At this point, he left the wilderness.

As he walked, the crowds of immortals in the fairyland around the wilderness dared to speak.

“Nine King Heavenly Immortal…dead?”

“It seems to be really dead. He was killed three times.”


Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and they all saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Although there are many Immortal World Immortal Kings, very few have fallen.

Even if it falls, most of it falls in the war.

Like the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings, there has never been a fall in a duel in 56 million years.

Moreover, this is an Immortal King who controls a domain!

“Fantastically, Immortal King of Shenxiu can kill nine Heavenly Immortal Kings. This strength may be among the top 100 in Immortal World!”

Don’t underestimate the top 100, you know Today there are nearly 20,000 Immortal Kings in Immortal World, and the top one hundred that is already the top 0.5% of the existence, which can be regarded as the powerhouse in the powerhouse.

“If you only talk about the number of Supreme Treasures on the Avenue, I conservatively estimate that he can enter the top three in Immortal World!”

“Immortal King, the god show, absolutely not to be offended in the future!”


“Nine Heavenly Immortal domains have lost the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings, what will happen in the future? Nine Heavenly Immortal domains and there is no second Immortal King…”

For a time, countless immortals discuss spiritedly.

It is conceivable that it will not take long for these immortals to spread everything that happened in the Great Wasteland today throughout the fairyland.


At this moment.

In the Qingyou fairyland, a black clothed and veiled Qingyou Immortal King is staring at the projection mirror in front of him, his eyes flickering constantly.

“Immortal King…How is this horrible show?”

After muttering to herself, her fists were slowly tightened.

Some time ago, Junior Sister Azure Lotus Immortal King came back and said that he would sever ties with her and seek refuge in Immortal King, a god-shower that he had never heard of.

She snort disdainfully about this, originally thinking of agreeing with the trend, so that the woman she has always disliked will leave her sight forever.

For a second thought, she was a little unwilling to reconcile, so she imprisoned the Azure Lotus Immortal King on the grounds that Absolute Art could not be spread.

As for the Immortal King, the unheard of god show, she didn’t take seriously at all.

But now, after seeing the scene where the Immortal King, the god show, kills the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings, she has to admit that she is a little scared in her heart, and even begins to regret why she didn’t let Junior Sister go. .

What should I do now?

If you let it go, it’s hard to guarantee that Junior Sister will not hold a grudge.

If you don’t let it go, the Immortal King will most likely come to the door. When the time comes, it will not end well.

At this thought, Qingyou Immortal King stomped his feet with anger.

After hesitating for a long time, she took a deep breath, took off the veil, and squeezed a rather kind smile moved towards the place where the Azure Lotus Immortal King was confined.

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