I Can Track Everything Chapter 816

Actually, Immortal King, who has had a grudge with Chen Chen at this moment, is very worried.

For example, the Immortal King of Beichen, such as the Immortal King of Chen Chen who wanted to destroy the promise at the beginning…

Of course, it is not these two who are the most sad, but the Qingyunxian The mirror lent the Qingyun Immortal King to the nine Heavenly Immortal King.

At this moment, he has regretted suicide. If it weren’t really unsuccessful, he even wanted to find Chen Chen and beg for a Qingyun fairy mirror.

But Chen Chen didn’t have time to pay attention to the mentality of these Immortal Kings at this moment, he just moved towards the nine Heavenly Immortal domain and flew away.

When the Nine Heavenly Immortal King dies, the Nine Heavenly Immortal Domain will naturally become a Masterless Immortal Domain.

At this time, there will definitely be some Immortal Kings who want to integrate the origin of the immortal domain and become the existence that controls a domain.

This is a good thing, he can’t make outsiders cheaper.

even more how, the nine Heavenly Immortal domain is much larger than the true ghost domain.


Half an hour later, Chen Chen came to the nine Heavenly Immortal domain.

At this moment, the nine Heavenly Immortal domains are in a panic, a large number of immortals are fleeing, and some valuable buildings have been demolished, and someone secretly took them away.

No wonder they are like this. Once King Nine Heavenly Immortal died, they lost their biggest backer.

If Chen Chen is a violent person, killing them all is not impossible.

So when will you not run now?

There are even some Immortal Monarch Golden Immortal, they have already taken things and ran away.

However, Chen Chen did not at all kill the interest of a group of weak people, but silently came to the sky above the Nine Heavens Sect.

“System, in this domain, can there be Immortal Kings?”

“There are two, located four million li in the south of the host, and six million li in the northwest of the host. ……”

Chen Chen was not surprised to hear this answer.

After all, the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings have fallen for more than half an hour. This period of time is enough for some bold Immortal Kings to come and test.

If he comes later, it is estimated that there will be more Immortal Kings. When the time comes, the scene may get out of control.

Use Divine Consciousness to sweep the two places guided by the system, Chen Chen’s voice resounded throughout the nine Heavenly Immortal domains.

“This domain is my spoils of war. It has nothing to do with Immortal King. It is best to stay away from the nine Heavenly Immortal domain, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!”

, After a few breaths, one of the Immortal Kings flew away from the nine Heavenly Immortal domains consciously.

The other Immortal King seemed to be very confident in his concealment skills, and he was still motionless in place.

Chen Chen turned his head when he saw this and looked directly at that place.

In an instant, cry out in surprise came out in that direction.

“Shenxiu Immortal King, don’t do it! I will go now!”

The voice fell, and a flowing light flashed fleeting, disappearing in the distance.

Without seeing the other Immortal Kings, Chen Chen looked towards the group of immortals in the Nine Heavens Sect below.

Originally, these immortals wanted to run away, but when they saw him coming, all of them were scared to stay where they were. Some simply knelt directly on the ground, looking at the sky imploringly. .

Chen Chen glanced at this group of people and saw that there were not a few cultivation bases above Golden Immortal. He knew in his heart that the higher cultivation base ran away, and immediately said: “Don’t run, I’m not interested To kill you, I learned the Taiqing Xuantian Dao cultivation technique, and I can be regarded as half of the Nine Heaven Sect. From then on, I am the Sect Master of the Nine Heaven Sect.”

A group of immortals also know it well, hearing this all. Scream out Sect Master, how sincere and sincere the expression must be.

Nine Heavenly Immortal, if Wang Shiquanxia knows, he might come alive when he sees this scene.

Chen Chen sneered when he saw this, and he was not welcome. He fell directly into the Nine Heavens Sect, sitting in a position where he could sit for only nine days.

When he sat down, an insightful fairy immediately came next to him, and he handed a jade slip to him.

“Shenxiu…Uh, Sect Master, this is the various accounts of our Nine Heavenly Sect and the information of the mortal world under the jurisdiction of the Nine Heavenly Immortal domain. Please also look at it.”

< p>Chen Chen took a quick look and lost interest.

In the final analysis, he can no longer integrate the origins of these nine Heavenly Immortal domains, nor will he stay here for long.

So, the nine Heavenly Immortal domains still have to be given to others, and they have to be given out in a short time.

As for who…

Nine Nether Pluto, it is impossible. Although the nine Heavenly Immortal domains should be given to him, he has become a Pluto, and he cannot integrate the immortal domains. origin.

Azure Lotus Immortal King, I don’t know where it is now. Of course, even if he is by his side, he is also impossible to give her the nine Heavenly Immortal domains.

After all, she is just a verbal promise to follow herself, and she has not made any credit yet, so she has no control over a domain.

In addition to the existence of these two Immortal King Levels, the only Immortal King Chen Chen knew who had not yet controlled a domain was the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King.

In fact, he wanted to dominate this domain, and he waited until someone under his hand became an Immortal King before he could control this domain.

But he knows that it is impossible.

Immortal World that many Immortal Kings failed to control a domain, and I occupied the pit here without shit, which would soon arouse public anger.

If it really provokes hundreds of Immortal Kings to come over, he can’t hold it no matter how powerful it is.

Thinking about it, he decided to give it to Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King.

As a result, Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King has a reliable character, and he is a person who knows his gratitude.

Secondly, the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King originally protected himself from returning to the realm of the real world, not at all giving birth to any greed.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen took out a token belonging to the Flying Phoenix Immortal King.

“Fellow Daoist, where am I now, should you be able to guess it? Not much nonsense, let me ask you, is Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King Nirvana Rebirth?”

< p> After a while, the illusory shadow of Feihuang Immortal King flew out of the token.

“Nirvana has gone, but the state of victory has not been restored yet, what do you mean?”

Feihuang Immortal King quickly replied. At the end of the day, his eyes have faintly It was unbelievable, because she guessed something possible.

“I mean you understand, let her quickly come to the nine Heavenly Immortal domains. I will protect the law for her and integrate the origins of the nine Heavenly Immortal domains.”

After getting the affirmative answer, fly Phoenix Immortal King squinted a pair of phoenix eyes slightly, and said, “This is a fairyland! Have you thought about it?”

“That’s all, it’s not worth thinking about. If you want to go, you can quickly let her come.”

Chen Chen waved his hands casually, as if Xianyu was a Chinese cabbage.

After seeing those existences in the empty space of Hongmeng, the Immortal King who controls a domain is no longer so powerful in his eyes.

No matter how strong it is, it is only strong in one’s own domain, and it has nothing to do with the achievement of Immortal Emperor not at all.

Those Immortal Kings who do not control a domain can still become Immortal Emperors as long as they can perceive the word proverb.

Even, he now faintly feels that he “controls a domain”, this is the Immortal Kings’ determination within Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, which affects the determination of Immortal Emperor.

If this is not the case, why did the Master of the Nine Heavenly Immortal and Nine Nether give up a domain and go to the empty space to find an opportunity to become the Immortal Emperor?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen is relieved.

It’s just a domain.

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