I Can Track Everything Chapter 817

After waiting quietly for a long time, Feihuang Immortal King and Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King came hand in hand. Seeing Chen Chen really wanted to give nine Heavenly Immortal domains to himself, Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King was a little speechless for a while.

Such a huge favor, she doesn’t know how to pay it back in the future.

But she could not do her refusal.

After all, this is a fairyland, which can be regarded as her ultimate dream.

“Time is not and the others, you try to communicate the will of these nine Heavenly Immortal domains.”

Chen Chen said directly.

At the beginning, he didn’t spend much time fusing the realm of the real world, it was because he was originally related to the realm of real world.

Now Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King wants to control these nine Heavenly Immortal domains, it is too difficult, and it may take several months and several years.

Heavenly Phoenix fairy hearing this This gave Chen Chen a deep look, then gritted his teeth, fell to a secluded place below, and started to sit in quiet with his eyes closed.

Flying Phoenix Immortal King looked at the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King below, her eyes were very complicated. After a long time, she muttered: “When my mother passed the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain to me, the strength of the elder sister Actually no less than me.

I know she is not convinced in her heart, but for so many years, she has not at all blamed me for a penny, just a person working silently…”

< p>Hearing this, Chen Chen smiled awkwardly.

Do not suffer from lack and unevenness. Immortal World has too many immortal domains.

It is very rare for Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King and Feihuang Immortal King to live in harmony.

But what do you say to yourself as an outsider?

“Now it’s fine, she also has the opportunity to own a domain of her own, Chen Chen, thank you, but the knot between our sisters has been overcome. From now on, your business is mine.”< /p>

The Feihuang Immortal King turned his head and looked towards Chen Chen with a serious tone.

“You and I are friends, this should be the case.”

Chen Chen’s expression is also quite sincere.

Immortal World has more than nine thousand immortals. Although he has been here not very long, he is not alone and helpless now.


The news of the fall of the Ninth Heavenly Immortal King in the Great Wilderness Region spread all over the Immortal World.

About a month later, the focus of Immortal World’s attention returned to Meteorite Mountain again.

Since the last time a large number of Immortal Monarch Immortal Kings entered the empty space of Hongmeng, only a few people have returned to Immortal World until now.

On this day, a large number of immortals finally emerged from the crevices of the Meteorite Mountain.

However, these immortals did not come home full of loads. On the contrary, they were all embarrassed without exception.

Three days after these people came back, what happened in Hongmeng empty space spread throughout Immortal World.

It turned out that after the meteor mountain split, a large amount of Immortal World breath poured into the empty space of Hongmeng, and a staggering number of Immortal King Immortal Monarch entered it, so that some corpses within it had mutations and began to produce self conscious.

Ordinary corpses are nothing, and the Immortal Monarch Immortal King entering from Immortal World can handle it.

The problem is that a few days ago, a corpse suspected of being Immortal Emperor powerhouse recovered.

This kind of consciousness born in a corpse generally contains a lot of resentment, so it is extremely bloodthirsty.

It is said that many fairy King Level existences fell on the hands of the Immortal Emperor corpse.

Because of this change, many Immortal King Immortal Monarch suddenly chose to give up looking for opportunities and leave Hongmeng empty space.


Three days later, another group of immortals flew out of the empty space of Hongmeng, but in comparison, these people were even more embarrassed, even most of them All were injured.

Among the nine Heavenly Immortal domains, there are several Immortal Monarchs under the command of the nine Heavenly Immortal kings. They just returned at this time. The group of people don’t know that the nine Heavenly Immortal kings have fallen, and they moved towards the past nine. The palace where the Heavenly Immortal King was flying, flew and shouted: “Immortal King! It’s a major event!”

Hearing this exclamation, Chen Chen opened his eyes and asked indifferently: “What major event?”

Three Immortal Monarchs flew into the great hall. After seeing Chen Chen, they all looked confused. After a while, one of them said angrily:

” Who are you? How dare to sit in that position! What about Immortal King?”

Chen Chen didn’t bother to explain to these three people, turned his head to face the attendant who kept wiping cold sweat next to him.

Seeing this, the attendant hurriedly flew to the three Immortal Monarchs to explain in a low voice.

“cough cough, three Immortal Monarch adults, the last nine Heavenly Immortal king, he went against him…”

Wait when it comes to the nine Heavenly Immortal king being the god of the great hall When the Immortal King was beheaded, the three Immortal Monarchs had already knelt directly on the ground, not daring to face Chen Chen.

Chen Chen waved his hand, and the three of them stood up again uncontrollably.

“Let’s talk about it, what major event happened in the empty space of Na Hongmeng?”

Three Immortal Monarchs looked at each other and finally chose the one who seemed to be the oldest Immortal As a representative, Monarch described to Chen Chen what happened in Hongmeng empty space.

“Shenxiu Immortal King, oh, now I can see through, the meteor mountain split, where is the chance, it is simply a catastrophe!

You know, we are The fairy’s fleshy body contains spirituality. How many corpses are there on the battlefield in the empty space? No one knows. Originally, these corpses were in the empty space and could not be supplemented with any energy, so they would not change.

< p>But now the Meteorite Mountain splits, and a large amount of Immortal World’s mixed atmosphere enters the empty space of the Harmony. Those corpses that have been sleeping for thousands of years or even hundreds of millions of years are like spirit trees encountering a fire. It explodes at one point…”< /p>

Chen Chen listened to this shook the head and said: “I understand these principles. A group of people came out a few days ago. You only need to talk about the situation you encountered.”

< p>The Immortal Monarch paused, and his cheeks twitched, “I am afraid that there are no less than a million resurrected corpses! And it seems that there has been an organization… The strongest Immortal Emperor corpse is now called the corpse emperor, and is chasing us all in a frenzy. Immortal World fairy…

I see… I don’t think it will take long before he will find the entrance of Immortal World and lead his subordinates to enter the immortal within the realm.”

Chen Chen listen This brow raised.

In these few days, a group of corpses has transitioned from the birth of spiritual wisdom to the formation of an organization. This is indeed a bit fast.

“What’s the strength of the corpse emperor? Do you know?” Chen Chen asked again.

The Immortal Monarch recalled for a moment, and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

“I have seen hundreds of Immortal Kings besieging the corpse emperor from afar, but lost to the result, most of them fell on the spot, only to talk about a few people escape alive.

I see the corpse Although the strength of the emperor is not comparable to the real Immortal Emperor, looking at the entire Immortal World today, I am afraid it is enough to rank in the top ten.

The most important thing is the Fleshy body of the Immortal Emperor. The Immortal King cannot be shaken. Wanting to kill him is almost impossible.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen knew in his heart.

But this is not something he should take care of as a new Immortal King.

You must know that Immortal World has nearly 20,000 Immortal Kings, like the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings and Beichen Immortal Kings who have controlled a domain for tens of thousands of years, are considered juniors.

The real immortal kings are not born for millions of years.

But now that such a major change has taken place, it is time for some Immortal Kings who want to come to Immortal World and the real Peak to walk around.

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