I Can Track Everything Chapter 818

A few days later, the corpse emperor was born in the empty space of Hongmeng, and news of the recovery of countless powerhouse corpses spread.

Of course, the immortal domains near the Meteorite Mountain were the most eager.

After all, there is really any corpse emperor to rush out, they are the first to be among them.

But they did not dare to seal the crack rashly.

After all, compared to the batch of Immortal Monarch Immortal Kings that went in, the ones that came out were less than one third.

If the crack is really sealed and the remaining people are locked in an empty space, then I don’t know how many immortals will be offended.

It’s impossible to just let it go, so the Immortal Kings of the surrounding domains joined the strongest immortal domains in Immortal World, and invited some of the oldest Immortal Kings to come out to preside over the situation.

Chen Chen originally thought that this major event had something to do with his Immortal King not at all who had just come to Immortal World not long ago.

Who would have thought that a day later, an Immortal King with white hair and youthful face would come to the nine Heavenly Immortal domains.

Seeing the person with a kind face, not at all malicious, Chen Chen asked: “Your Excellency?”

Immortal King indifferently smiled with white hair and youthful face, and then I looked at Chen Chen up and down, and then replied: “This is the Immortal King, the famous show in Immortal World, right? I am the lord of the Far North Immortal Territory, the Far North Immortal King.”

Hearing this title, Chen Chen’s face changed slightly.

Immortal World, the lord of more than nine thousand immortal realms, he has not specifically remembered, but there are a few Immortal Kings that he does not need to remember, such as “Four-Pole Immortal King”.

The four-pole Immortal King represents four Immortal Kings, which are the extreme east, the extreme west, the extreme south, and the extreme north.

The immortal domain where the four Immortal Kings are located is located in the four directions of Immortal World, and it is one of the largest immortal domains in the entire Immortal World.

The strength of the four-pole Immortal King is also Peak in the entire Immortal World.

The strongest may not be mentioned, but it definitely ranks in the top ten.

In terms of age, the four-pole Immortal Kings are also considered the oldest batch of Immortal Kings.

Among them, the Far East Immortal King has become the Immortal King for more than 100 million years, which is older than many immortal Imperial Capital.

Learning the name of the other party, Chen Chen did not immediately bow and salute, and then called Senior, but became vigilant.

The four-pole Immortal King hasn’t been out for a million years, and it’s not a good thing to find the door at this moment.

At this thought, Chen Chen frowned.

Immortal King of the far north is still smiling when he sees this. After scanning the great hall, he doesn’t mind sitting at the head of Chen Chen.

“Immortal King, I want to come, you have also heard of what happened on Meteorite Mountain.”

Chen Chen was slightly nodded, still silent.

Immortal King of the Far North continued: “We Old Guys have already discussed a countermeasure.”

Chen Chen then asked: “What countermeasure?”

< p>“You also know that whether you seal or not seal the Meteorite Mountain, there will be great disadvantages.

Moreover, it is not a one-time solution.

Rather than letting the corpses be in empty space In the middle of growth, not equal to me, they took the initiative to attack, conscious of the future.”

Immortal King smiled and stretched out his hand, making a beheading gesture.

Chen Chen immediately understood his intentions.

The method of a group of immortal kings is to take the initiative to enter the empty space of Hongmeng and kill the corpse emperor.

Now I’m looking for a door. Needless to say, I just want to join myself.

There is a saying about it, tall trees attract the wind.

Chen Chen has a deep understanding of the meaning of this word at this moment. He started to attract wind as long as his tree grew.

sighed, Chen Chen opened the mouth and said:

“I heard that the fleshy body is extremely tyrannical, and the Immortal King cannot be hurt.”

Immortal King shook the head: “Nothing is absolute. The Immortal Emperor fleshy body is incomparable, but the Divine Soul of the Divine Emperor is far inferior to the Immortal Emperor. If there is a weapon against Divine Soul, it may not be impossible to kill it. “

Chen Chen bowed his head and said nothing.

The Immortal King of the far north said again: “On the day you fought with the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings, the last blow used a special magic weapon. I felt it through the projection mirror. The baleful qi was amazing. Don’t say that the Divine Soul of the Divine Emperor is inferior to the Immortal Emperor. Even if the real Immortal Emperor suffers from your magic weapon, I’m afraid it’s not good. Am I right?”

Chen Chen lifts the head, Seeing the far north Immortal King still has a kind face, he was quite speechless.

At this moment, he doesn’t say anything, and he can’t justify it.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he straight to the point said: “Does the Immortal King mean borrowing treasure or borrowing someone?”

“Of course it is borrowing someone. , Immortal King, is it possible that you can rest assured to borrow the treasure?”

Immortal King said and laughed before continuing: “We have a total of 20 Immortal Kings on this trip. From the perspective of King’s own comprehensive strength, it is not impossible to be among us.”

Chen Chen hearing this eyes narrowed.

Since he killed nine Heavenly Immortal kings, there have been rumors that he is the Immortal King in the top 100 Immortal World.

Now this far north Immortal King says that he has the strength of the top 20.

Actually, he himself does not know what level of existence he is in Immortal King now.

However, he did not use all his strength when beheading the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings, especially in defense.

The transformation of the Ruyi God into Armor didn’t work, and the “Yu” among the Four Gods was just showing up and watching the battle.

“What are the benefits of going there?”

Chen Chen cuts to the subject directly, without obliviousness.

The Immortal King of the far north was taken aback for a moment, and then said with a smile: “If Immortal World suffers, will you be spared? This battle is actually a battle to defend Immortal World, you and I are within the Realm, all have responsibilities, what are the benefits to talk about?”

Speaking of this, his conversation suddenly changed again.

“But it is not that absolutely does not have a benefit. If this battle is successful, you must be famous. When the time comes Immortal World, all immortals will inevitably owe you a favor.

With these favors, your Excellency will not say like a fish back in water in Immortal World, anyway, there is no problem with unobstructed flow.

As for other benefits, I would like to give it too, but your Excellency With several Supreme Treasures, I am afraid that we are richer than Old Guys like us.

We just gave it to ourselves, so it’s better not to mention it.”

< p>When Chen Chen heard it, he felt a little reasonable.

Now he lacks treasure and medicine pill?

No shortage!

What he lacks is some illusory things.

Furthermore, he also understands the truth about the death of lips and teeth.

At this moment of thought, Chen Chen has already made a certain decision in his heart.

“When will we leave?”

“We will leave tomorrow.” Immortal King of the Far North stroked his beard.

“I left the nine Heavenly Immortal domain, can you make sure that no other Immortal King will come to the nine Heavenly Immortal domain?” Chen Chen asked again.

“Don’t worry, whoever dares to hit you at this juncture is the enemy of the entire Immortal World. Even if the other Immortal Kings don’t care, the Old Guys will definitely screw him. The head of it.”

The Immortal King promised.

With this guarantee, Chen Chen finally showed a smile on his face.

“This is good, then I will walk with you, and see what kind of thing the corpse emperor is.”

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