I Can Track Everything Chapter 819

According to Chen Chen’s affirmative reply, the smile on Immortal King’s face became more kind, and his speech became better and better.

“It’s good to be young, the Immortal King is a god show. It’s not my talk nonsense. Among the Immortal World Immortal Kings I have seen over the years, you are the only Immortal Emperor!”

Chen Chen smiled perfunctorily. Although the Immortal King of the far north is quite right, he doesn’t think this guy thinks like this from his heart.

But since the other party praised him, of course he had to reply, after a thought, Chen Chen said with a smile:

“Senior laughed, if it wasn’t for Senior to worry about the whole Immortal The World matter, I am afraid it has already become the Immortal Emperor.”

The Immortal King of the North heard this slightly startled, and then showed a meaningful smile.


After a while, the Immortal King of the far north drifted away, and Chen Chen contacted the Feihuang Immortal King to inform her that she was about to go to Meteorite Mountain.

Flying Phoenix Immortal King knows that this kind of thing is not trivial, and said with concern: “Those immortal kings are all fairy spirits who have not known how many years, when the time comes, if they lose to the emperor, you can Don’t want to fight.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not stupid, but after I leave, the real world will trouble you to take care of it.”

Chen Chen said with a light smile.

Immortal King Feihuang naturally agreed.

After that, Chen Chen began to prepare to go to Meteorite Mountain.

One hour later, he found hundreds of treasure medicine pill that specialize in killing corpses from his private treasury.

With these preparations, coupled with other supporting Supreme Treasure, Chen Chen’s confidence skyrocketed.

Now that he doesn’t say that he can beat the corpse emperor, it is always okay to protect himself.


2nd day, Chen Chen moved towards Meteor Mountain and flew away alone.

When I arrived at Meteorite Mountain, all around was full of protection. After a cursory glance, there were seven or eight Formations blocking the cracks in Meteorite Mountain.

But these are just ordinary powerful Formation, not the kind of seal that cannot be broken.

Seeing Chen Chen’s arrival, one person soon flew out of Formation.

This person has purple-black skin, a majestic figure, and looks quite rough, but in front of Chen Chen, he behaves very politely.

“Shenxiu Immortal King, you are finally here, I am the Zifeng Immortal King in the Purple Wind Immortal Domain near Meteoxian Mountain. Now this entrance is guarded by me!

Several immortal kings At this time, they are all in the within array, have been waiting for you for a long time, please!” After that, Zifeng Immortal King made a please gesture, and at the same time, he opened a channel behind the array.

Through the channel Chen Chen, you can see a large number of immortals stationed inside. Without exception, they are all powerhouses of Immortal Monarch and above, from different immortal domains.

Chen Chen cupped the hands to the Purple Wind Immortal King and then flew into the passage.

After traveling through seven Formations in a row, he finally saw the big crack opened by the Meteorite Mountain.

Dozens of people stood not far from the big crack. The Immortal King who went to look for him yesterday was also among them.

“Shenxiu Immortal King, come here!” The Immortal King of the far north had already noticed Chen Chen’s arrival and waved to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen body flashed, and he came to his side.

“The Immortal King, I will introduce you to the Immortal King. These three are the Immortal King of the Extreme East, the Extreme South, and the Extreme West.”

The Immortal King of the Extreme North pointed to him The three people stood introduced.

Chen Chen glanced at the three of them, and a strange color flashed in his eyes.

Immortal King of Jidong looks only three feet tall, like a ten-year-old doll.

The Immortal King in the extreme west is senile, so angry that he can’t open his eyes anymore, as if he will go away at any time.

Immortal King of the South is a young woman, but this young woman has two horns growing on the head, her eyes are blue, and people are afraid to approach it at first glance.

In such a comparison, the Immortal King of the Far North is the most normal. It is no wonder that the Immortal King of the Far North came to look for himself yesterday.

“I have seen three seniors!”

Chen Chen gave a salute without arrogance.

As the saying goes, you can’t judge a person by appearance. Although these people in front of you are a bit strange, they are really old.

Especially the Immortal King, which is like a child, has been an Immortal King for nearly 100 million years.

The three major Immortal Kings are slightly nodded here, not at all.

At this time, the Immortal King of the far north pointed to a white clothed, long-haired and somewhat unruly Immortal King not far away, and said: “That is the Immortal King, the entire Immortal World. The Immortal King is recognized as the strongest killing method.”

“Little friendly.”

Tianheng Immortal King looked towards Chen Chen, revealing a kind smile.

Chen Chen also smiled.

Having Immortal King this day, he also heard Feihuang Immortal King mention that it is said to be a rare terrifying existence that Immortal World does not control a domain but no one dares to provoke.

Now I heard from the Immortal King of the Far North that it turned out to be the Immortal King recognized by Immortal World as the strongest means of killing.

It is estimated that the most likely comprehended part of the maxim.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen felt a lot of security in his heart.

“This is the Immortal King…cough cough, he also gave birth to consciousness from the corpse, and the cultivation success Immortal King.”

The Immortal King of the far north points to the distance again A youngster introduced as white as jade.

Chen Chen looked over, this immortal Immortal King was quite cold, whether it was the introduction of the Immortal King of the North, or Chen Chen watching him, he never looked back, just staring at the big crack. .

“And these few…”

Immortal King of the North doesn’t mind, continue to introduce.

It didn’t take long for the remaining Immortal King to be introduced.

In a word, all that can come here today is Immortal World, which is famous, at least in a certain field, the powerful Immortal King is Peak.

Compared with these Immortal Kings, Chen Chen has many magic weapons, but not at all any advantages.

After the introduction, the child-like Immortal King of the East said: “After all, the corpse emperor occupies the Immortal Emperor fleshy body. The strength is very big. If I don’t work with a common purpose, it’s definitely impossible to die. Kill him, so before going in, I hope you can stand up Heavenly Dao Oath. In any case, you must not fight inwardly. Unless your life is endangered, you must not escape in battle.”

A crowd of Immortal King hearing this brows all It wrinkled, but in the end no one objected.

In fact, everyone’s mind is the same. Maybe you can rest assured about yourself, but you can rest assured that others are not at all.

If you don’t swear, how can you get others to swear?

After a while, everyone took an oath, and the Immortal King of the East said: “That’s good, then let’s set off now, the land of the Magnificent Void, the old man has not been in for a long time. ”

After all, the Immortal King of the Far East took the lead to enter the crack. Other Immortal Kings follow closely from behind, and Chen Chen silently follows behind.

After a few breaths, all Immortal Kings entered the empty space of Hongmeng.

Chen Chen came in for the second time, and the scene before him has changed a lot from the first time he came in.

The biggest change is the environment and breath.

When I first came in, all around didn’t have any energy like Immortal Qi, but now there is some fairyland flavor here.

Not only has Immortal Qi, but also anger.

It seems that over time, this place is likely to become an extension of the fairyland.

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