I Can Track Everything Chapter 820

“Immortal King immortal, I have to work.”

At this moment, the Immortal King of the Far East whispered to the immortal Immortal King who was not far away, which was like a white jade.

The Immortal King didn’t say anything, but took the initiative to fly to the forefront of the team and began to look all around.

After two minutes, he said in a low, muffled voice: “Follow me.”

After that, he moved towards a certain direction.

The Immortal Kings did not hesitate, and they all followed.

Seeing this, Chen Chen immediately understood the role of Immortal King.

Emotional corpse was born. Immortal King of consciousness achievement can sense the same kind of breath.

The main role of his trip is to lead the way.

Since someone led the way, Chen Chen was also happy to be free, and simply followed to make soy sauce.

He is also playing soy sauce with him, Tianheng Immortal King, who is recognized as the strongest means of killing.

I have to say that this day Heng Immortal King is a self-familiar one, flying and flying close to Chen Chen.

“Shenxiu Immortal King, can you tell me, you promised those Old Guys to come here, how many benefits did they promise you?”

Chen Chen glanced at him, replied: “It’s no good.”

Tianheng Immortal King looked at Chen Chen in shock and said, “It’s no good, you also come?”

” Righteousness.”

Chen Chen said lightly, with a look of devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence.

Seeing this, Tianheng Immortal King quickly speeded up, avoiding Chen Chen like a plague god.

At this moment, twenty Immortal Kings finally met the first living creature, but it was not a corpse that gave birth to consciousness, but an Immortal Monarch who came in to look for opportunities in Immortal World.

This Immortal Monarch is covered in wounds, almost exhausted, and now floating slowly in the empty space, and may fall at any time.

Seeing this, the Immortal King of the far north hurriedly flew to his side and sent a medicine pill into his mouth.

Almost in an instant, then Immortal Monarch came back to life.

eyes opened and seeing a group of Immortal Kings in front of him, Immortal Monarch instantly showed an expression of ecstasy.

Then he seemed to think of some terrifying memories again, and his eyes began to frighten, and he hissed:

“Lord Wang, you can’t fly forward anymore. There is a A monster corpse!”

“Monster? How big is a monster? What strength?”

The Immortal King of the far north smiled calmly, with a convincing deterrent in his tone. As for the Immortal Monarch, his expression became much calmer immediately after hearing him speak.

After taking a deep breath, Immortal Monarch said: “The monster is about several tens of thousands of li, but it has not revived the birth consciousness. The key is that tens of thousands of consciousness-born corpses have arrived. Its within the body…The strongest one is the leader of the Corpse Emperor!”


Several Immortal Kings frowned at the same time.

I haven’t received any new news for a short time, and the situation has obviously changed again.

The corpse emperor’s subordinates have commanders.

Since there is a leader, why is this leader not with the corpse emperor?

The answer is self-evident. The leader of the Corpse Emperor is gathering his subordinates and accumulating strength.

“These corpses are extremely clever…”

The Immortal King of the Far North murmured.

To be honest, if a group of corpses hits Immortal World in batches, Immortal World can easily deal with it.

I’m afraid that the corpse emperor keeps gathering his men in this empty space, and finally reaches an astonishing number before hitting Immortal World.

In that case, Immortal World may have a catastrophe.

And the corpse emperor obviously knew what to do to really break out of this empty space, so he didn’t go through the big crack for so long and entered the scope of Immortal World.

“One batch is one batch.”

Immortal King of the Far East said from the side.

All the Immortal Kings are nodded, and they don’t put the tens of thousands of corpses that gave birth to consciousness in their eyes.

Immortal Monarch hearing this turn pale with fright, I also want to explain how strong the existence is and how dangerous the front is, but before he can speak, his whole body moved towards the rear uncontrollably Fly away.

When he came back to his senses, a group of people had disappeared.


A quarter of an hour later.

Chen Chen saw the corpse of the monster in the mouth of Immortal Monarch.

It was the corpse of a giant black creature with a disc shape, which looked like a big crab without legs.

It’s just that this crab is really big, with a radius of ten thousand li.

Observing the monster corpse through several tens of thousands of li can’t see anything, but can only feel the monster corpse floating in the aimless.

The Immortal King waited a little closer, and the monster’s body trembled suddenly, and then stopped.

Chen Chen narrowed his eyes when he saw this.

In the next second, a lot of silhouettes began to fly out of the monster’s back. It was like a bee flying out of a phoenix nest, which was called hiding the sky and covering the earth.

It didn’t take long for tens of thousands of strange and weird corpses to fly out of the monster’s body and appear in Chen Chen entire group all around.

Twenty Immortal Kings are quietly suspended in the empty space, allowing tens of thousands of corpses to form a formation.

After waiting for tens of thousands of corpses to surround everyone, only one of the corpses made a sound.

“But twenty Immortal Kings, dare to be so arrogant?”

The voice fell, and an Elderly with a broken arm buckled and appeared.

Seeing this Elderly, the Immortal King surprisedly said: “Immortal King withered bones?”

Everyone saw that the Immortal King actually knew the predecessor of Elderly, and stood up in the same way. I closed my ears and waited for the Immortal King to continue speaking.

“The withered Immortal King was the lord of the Xuanbone Immortal Territory 60 million years ago. It was recognized as the top three Immortal Kings in the entire Immortal World at that time. Its Divine Soul was extremely powerful, and the fleshy body was almost immortal. Impeccable.

The old man has met him several times. He didn’t expect him to be highly-spirited and vigorous at the time, but now… hey.”

Immortal King sighed.

Everyone is silent, what about the top three Immortal Kings in Immortal World? In the end, it can only end up like this.

This makes them feel a little melancholy.

That rickety Elderly saw that someone in this group knew his predecessor, suddenly became alert.

After retiring to the group of corpses, he commanded loudly: “Kill them!”


With an order, countless roars The sound waves formed are comparable to hurricanes!

Chen Chen mingled at the end of the crowd and glanced roughly. Among the tens of thousands of corpses, there are nearly a hundred comparable to the Immortal King battle strength!

If only twenty ordinary Immortal Kings were surrounded here today, it would be a blessing to be able to escape.

“Who will come in this first battle?”

Seeing tens of thousands of corpses attacked, Immortal King indifferently said.

“I’ll come.”

Beside him, two horns growing on the head, Immortal King, who looks very young, calmly replied, and then her body rises. , Flew over the heads of everyone.


A sound of dragon’s roar came from her mouth, in an instant, her body turned into a ten thousand li giant dragon body!

After that, the dragon tail swept! As the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves, it blasted the corpse group!

bang! bang!

A muffled sound sounded, and the corpses quickly turned into powder under the dragon tail.

With just one blow, tens of thousands of corpses went to one third.

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