I Can Track Everything Chapter 821

“What a domineering old dragon…”

Chen Chen muttered in his heart.

At this moment, the rickety Elderly in the corpse group suddenly shot out, with a palm sticking out, wrapped in an astonishing coercion moved towards Immortal King and suppressed it.

The remaining corpses took this opportunity to disperse.

Immortal King not at all in the south of the corpses, watching the pressure hit, she roared, and her front paws shot forward fiercely!


Along with a terrifying blast, a powerful shock wave madly spread all around, and a large number of corpses that gave birth to spiritual wisdom were washed away.

Within several tens of thousands of li, only the remaining Immortal Kings and a few people in the corpse group are like reefs in the big waves, standing still.

Rooky Elderly saw a group of opponents all expressing calmly, and his pupils couldn’t help but shrink.

Although it was not long before he was born spiritual wisdom, it does not mean that he is a fool.

This group of Immortal Kings is obviously different from the skirmishers who have encountered before. This time it is likely that they encountered a true powerhouse.

At this moment of thought, his eyes rolled, and then he commanded loudly: “Chong! Give me all!”

Most of the other corpses that gave birth to spiritual wisdom not at all His wisdom is high. After hearing the command, he swarmed up again without hesitation.

Ricked Elderly turned and left, trying to take this opportunity to get out.

The attention of the Immortal Kings is all on him, of course it is impossible for him to run away so easily.

No one needs to speak, the senile Immortal King in the crowd disappears in a flash, and moved towards the rickety Elderly chasing away.

In a twinkling of an eye, an extremely shocking Immortal Qi fluctuation erupted from the void in the distance.

The Immortal King, who is incarnation as the dragon, started to deal with trash fish with all his strength. After a few flicks, the densely packed corpses became sparse.

At this time, the fear of death finally defeated the corpses of the newly born spiritual wisdom, and they began to flee in all directions.

But in the face of the Immortal King in the south, how could they escape?

After a few dragon roars with a strong offensive, the Hongmeng empty space was restored to purity.

Only the Immortal King and the rickety Elderly still fighting in the far west, and the disc-shaped monster corpse floating quietly not far away.

A group of Immortal Kings did not rush to help the Jixi Immortal King, but silently watched the battle.

Through the battle between the Immortal King in the west and the rickety Elderly, they can roughly infer the level of the corpse emperor’s strength.

“There are people like us behind the Immortal King of the West, so the war is unscrupulous. In contrast, the commander is terrified and over-cautious. If it is not the case, the Immortal King of the West may not be able to prevail.

If the commander and the strength of the Western Immortal King are at the same level, then the corpse emperor…maybe better than most of the Immortal Kings present.”

Chen Chen’s heart Silently analyzed, his face became unconsciously serious.

Although this battle is smooth, it cannot be taken lightly.


After a while, the rickety Elderly gradually lost support. At this time, all the Immortal Kings should observe and observe almost, no need to keep their hands, so they flew out again Two Immortal Kings.

The two Immortal Kings took the Grand Avenue Supreme Treasure as soon as they shot, and they casually cooperated with the Western Immortal King to capture the rickety Elderly from a serious injury.

Looking at Elderly’s somewhat familiar face, the Immortal King sighed in the east and said: “Ai, didn’t expect goodbye to the old man but it’s such a scene…Let’s say, where is the emperor now? “

Elderly lifts the head, fiercely glanced at everyone, then pointed to the east and said: “It’s in that direction, you can go if you want!”

The Immortal Kings were a little surprised to see how happy Elderly was.

But Elderly sneered.

“You are going to die, don’t I have to stop you? A group of Immortal Kings are nothing more than a group of Immortal Kings, and they want to trouble the Lord Corpse Emperor, it is really ignorant!”

Jidong A haze flashed across Immortal King’s immature face.

The long-haired Immortal King beside him is said with a smile: “The corpse emperor corpse emperor, don’t you really think of it as the Immortal Emperor? As long as it’s not the Immortal Emperor, our group What are people afraid of?”

Hearing his words, Immortal King’s complexion became a little better.

At this moment, the Immortal King beside him coldly interjected.

“I feel that many lives are converging in the east, and the corpse energy in the east is getting heavier.”

All Immortal King hearing this will know what Elderly said. Worthy.

He just hid one thing.

That is the group of corpses are connected to each other, and learned that there has been a great enemy here, a large number of corpses born with spiritual wisdom scattered on the battlefield of Hongmeng empty space began to gather and no longer Scatter around like before and gather your subordinates.

“Under the corpse emperor, how many leaders are like you?”

The Immortal King of the East asked again.

Cracking Elderly gave the Immortal King a glare, and suddenly a strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, the Tianheng Immortal King behind him slammed his hand out and slapped a palm on the top of his head.


A faintly discernable trembling sound came out, and Elderly’s expression stiffened for an instant, and her eyes gradually lost her look.

“This guy knows he must die, and he wants to self-destruct.”

“That’s all, Tianheng Immortal King, you can also dispose of his corpse, save it Regeneration in the future.”

The Immortal King of Far East waved his hand.

Tianheng Immortal King hearing this again is ready to take action, but the immortal Immortal King stretched out his hand to block and said: “Leave it to me.”

After that, his body gradually turned into a light and shadow , Passing through Elderly’s body.

When he walked out, the rickety Elderly had completely dried up, and finally turned into fly ash, dissipated in the empty space of Hongmeng.

In contrast, Immortal King is immortal, but he looks very comfortable.

When everyone saw this, although they were puzzled, they didn’t ask much.

Immortal King undead proactively explained: “Don’t worry, this is my unique Magical Powers, not everyone knows it.”

After all, he took the initiative to stand in the team. Foremost, no more words.

The Immortal King of the Far East lowered his head and thought for a while, and finally looked towards the Immortal King who was wearing a black robe and couldn’t see his face in the Immortal King group.

“nether shadow Immortal King, I am afraid I will bother you to explore the situation…”

Chen Chen also looked towards the black robe Immortal King.

This nether shadow Immortal King is the lord of the nether shadow immortal domain.

nether shadow fairyland is a special fairyland in Immortal World, on which some soul bodies live.

Actually, strictly speaking, Immortal World is compatible and packaged. As long as it is not a cultivator of the underworld, most of them can find a place in Immortal World.

Including Immortal King and nether shadow Immortal King. The wonderful existence.

If the number of corpses awakened in this empty space was too large, once entering Immortal World would definitely impact the order of Immortal World, those Immortal Kings might not have to deal with the corpse emperor.


The nether shadow Immortal King is more taciturn than the immortal Immortal King. After spitting out a word, the body gradually begins to fade, and after a while, it disappears completely. Without a trace.

In this process, Chen Chen didn’t notice any fluctuations, let alone how the nether shadow Immortal King disappeared.

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