I Can Track Everything Chapter 822

“This nether shadow Immortal King will teleport! In terms of escape, it can be called the first in Immortal World!”

Tianheng Immortal King whispered.

Chen Chen suddenly felt in his heart.

No wonder the nether shadow Immortal King is going to find the way, so that’s how it is.


Theoretically, his cultivation technique cultivation of the Taiqing Xuantian Dao can be done to the most Profound Realm.

But it also has to be in a normal space, which is absolutely impossible in Hongmeng empty space.

“Immortal World is so big, there are still many capable people, I can’t swell.”

Chen Chen warned himself in his heart.


A crowd of Immortal Kings waited for about an hour in the same place before they recondense the silhouette of the nether shadow Immortal King in the empty space.

“To the east, about three thousand ten thousand li, there are more than 700 giant monster corpses floating. As for how many corpses were born with spiritual wisdom, I don’t know the exact number, but it’s definitely five thousand. More than ten thousand.

Apart from this, there is also a super powerhouse that senses my existence.”

Speaking of the end, the tone of the nether shadow Immortal King rarely became very solemn.

Other Immortal Kings are even more so.

To be honest, very few of these Immortal Kings can sense the nether shadow Immortal King from a long distance.

This is the difference in the strength of Divine Soul, and it has nothing to do with the strength of fleshy body.

It stands to reason that the corpse emperor has just recovered, and it is absolutely impossible to have such a powerful Divine Soul, but he does.

The powerful Divine Soul combined with the Fleshy body of Immortal Emperor, it is very scary.

In addition, there are still a few leaders beside him…

At this moment of thought, some Immortal Kings have already begun to retreat.

“This corpse emperor may not have just been recovered, or his consciousness within the body originally came from another powerhouse.”

The Immortal King said lightly.

Two horns growing on the head Immortal King said solemnly: “I also think so. If he is a consciousness born by himself, he doesn’t need to take huge risks against our Immortal World. .

Because we can accept him like the Immortal King.

Now his various actions show that he is very hostile to Immortal World. I think that consciousness It probably comes from the other world in the empty space of Hongmeng.”

“Cough cough, there is great hostility to our Immortal World, so we can’t hold back.”

Immortal King He coughed slightly, and the old voice was full of determination.

The Immortal King of the Far East saw the retreat in the eyes of a few Immortal Kings. He sighed and said: “None of our group is the leader. It is leaving the empty space of Hongmeng, sealing the crack, nurturing a tiger to invite calamity, let’s give it a go and fight for it once and for all. Let’s vote.”

After speaking, he paused and extended the hand and said: “I decided to stay for a battle.”

The four-pole Immortal King same qi, connected branch, he expressed his opinion, and the other three-pole Immortal King decided to stay for a battle.

Then the Immortal King immortal, the nether shadow Immortal King followed.

However, there are also several Immortal Kings who chose to leave here to seal the cracks, and wait for the Immortal Emperor to return to Immortal World before solving this trouble.

This idea quickly gained a lot of support from Immortal Kings. It didn’t take long for the vote to become 9 to 9.

Only Chen Chen and Tianheng Immortal King did not comment.

Tianheng Immortal King wanted to speak when he saw this, but Chen Chen next to him suddenly said: “I abstain!”

The voice fell, and the eyes of the other 18 Immortal Kings fell. On the Tianheng Immortal King.

Tianheng Immortal King reached his lips, but swallowed again.

Who would have thought that the kid next to him was so slippery, pushing all the pressure on himself.

But if you don’t make a statement, it’s not a way to keep this matter going.

At this moment, the Immortal King of Far East suddenly said: “I will give you some news. If Immortal World were not destroyed, Immortal Emperor would definitely not return.

The catastrophe in the eyes of the Immortal Emperor, at least the Immortal World was destroyed and the small half immortal domain was destroyed, and most of you died and injured.”

Tianheng Immortal King hearing this haha ​​said with a smile: “Senior Naturally disdain to lie, if so, let’s fight.”

His opening is tantamount to a conclusion.

Immortal King around these all are Immortal World cream of the crop, now that he has made a decision, he will not say any more nonsense.

“That’s all, then fight.”



After making up your mind, twenty Immortal King moved straight towards the east and flew away.

Along the way, almost no one spoke, and the atmosphere was quite solemn.

Only that day Heng Immortal King fell last, with Chen Chen, muttering words from time to time.

“Hey, I heard them say that you have a lot of Supreme Treasure, can you lend me two pieces?”

Chen Chen glanced at Tianheng Immortal King, indifferently said: “Do I know you very well?”

Tianheng Immortal King’s face became slightly stiff, as if he didn’t expect the immortal Immortal King to dare to talk to him like this.

Just when he was about to say something and so on, Chen Chen waved his hand, and there was a small flying boat beside him.

This flying boat is full of silver, only the size of a person, very exquisite and beautiful, the key is that it exudes the breath of approaching the Supreme Treasure.

When all the Immortal Kings saw this flying boat, they all looked sideways.

Chen Chen unceremoniously sat in the flying boat and followed the team.

Actually, he is not without a Supreme Treasure-level car.

But it’s not necessary. It’s better to keep a low profile.

even more how, this small flying boat is enough to keep up with the Immortal Kings.


As time goes by, the atmosphere among the people becomes more and more serious.

Even if Chen Chen sits on the flying boat, he faintly feels a solemn killing aura, as if he is in the deep ocean with strong oppression force.

Obviously, these powerful Immortal Kings are all gaining momentum without exception.

“It’s very close. I expect to encounter it in half a quarter of an hour.”

The Immortal King’s tone was cold and his voice was faintly hoarse.

As soon as he said this, Tianheng Immortal King seemed to be stimulated, and it accelerated suddenly, flying to the front of everyone almost instantly.

At the same time, an imposing manner as sharp as a knife cut out from him.

All Immortal Kings were afraid to follow him right after seeing this, for fear of being affected by his imposing manner.

Chen Chen is not surprised to see this.

Heng Immortal King looks kind on the surface, but he is actually a lunatic inside.

Because of this, he didn’t want to have too much overlap with this Tianheng Immortal King.

Half quarter of an hour passed quickly.

Chen Chen did not pay much attention, a group of giant monster corpses entered his Divine Consciousness range.

This group of monsters have different forms, and they are obviously not immortal world creatures.

But they all have one thing in common, that is, the size is very huge, floating in the empty space of Hongmeng like continents.

Tianheng Immortal King obviously also sensed these giant beast corpses, and howled: “Everyone, I got on first!”

After talking about his speed, his speed was violent. Add one more!

But at this moment, the situation suddenly changed! The positions of the giant beasts in Chen Chen Divine Consciousness changed rapidly.

Almost in an instant, an unknown array was formed.

As soon as such a huge array is formed, it produces a huge Formation that can cover millions and millions li.

Including Chen Chen, all Immortal King in an instant is enveloped within the realm.

At this moment, a cold voice rang out within the realm.

“Do you guys know this battle?”

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