I Can Track Everything Chapter 823

“Nine Palaces Heaven Sealing Array…”

The complexion of Immortal King of the Far East changed for a while, and what followed his complexion was the environment of the formation inside the formation.

Seeing more and more fog appearing in the empty space of Hongmeng, the Immortal King of Jidong quickly said: “This Nine Palace Heaven Sealing Array is my Immortal World Array. It can quickly cut the battlefield and put it in the Formation. The powerhouse was divided and smashed…This corpse emperor is not simple! Everyone must be careful…”

Here, his voice became more and more blurred, and eventually all the Immortal Kings were swallowed by the mist.


Chen Chen sat in the flying boat, all around was white mist, neither the five senses nor the Divine Consciousness could detect outside the mist.

Fortunately, system still works.

So at this moment he can clearly know where the other Immortal Kings are.

But he did not dare to move randomly.

Nine Palace Heaven Sealing formed this Formation. He had a vague impression when he checked the information before. This Formation is more than just a bunch of mist.

Because there is no lethality, this Formation is quite powerful in other aspects.

Its main function is to divide the battlefield.

The fog is just a cover. What is really powerful is the small Formation layer after layer inside the Formation, which is equivalent to dividing the inside of the Formation into countless Small Worlds.

To come up with a battle… only to defeat the Guardian of Small World.

And Guardian is generally a powerhouse arranged by the lineup to restrain the people in the lineup.


Took a deep breath, Chen Chen put away the flying boat.

At this time, the mist all around gradually dispersed, and a boundless sea appeared in front of him.

He is now above the sea.

A gust of wind blows, and a wave of waves rises on the sea.

Gradually, a large number of heads protruded out of the sea, and then rose.

In just a few breaths, millions of silhouettes flew out on the boundless sea, surrounding Chen Chen in the middle.

This is not an illusion, but a Guardian arranged by the emperor.

Chen Chen glanced around, but there were as many as ten Immortal Kings.

Among them, the aura on his body is not weaker than the rickety Elderly before.

“I really value me, but unfortunately the emperor did not find me.”

Chen Chen comforted himself and sympathized with that person silently. The companion who was confronted by the emperor himself.

At this moment, a passage was separated from the surrounding layers, and a woman with a white clothed and deathly pale face walked out of the passage.

“You are the Immortal King, Immortal World famous for its treasures?”

The woman’s voice is very cold, like a ghost in the underworld.

Hearing what she said, Chen Chen gave a thud in his heart.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of the woman’s voice, but he was shocked that the woman even knew about him.

The woman or the corpse emperor has never been to Immortal World…The only explanation is that the immortal within the realm colluded with the corpse emperor.

Is that Immortal King?

Chen Chen subconsciously used the system and found that among the Immortal Kings accompanying him, he was not at all colluding with the corpse emperor.

The Immortal King is also divided into a Small World at this time, like him, facing the army of millions.

Who is that?

You must know that this group of Immortal Kings has gathered together, which is the matter of these two days.

Who can provide his information to the emperor so quickly?

I even have information about the new Immortal King, the other Immortal King has been thoroughly studied.

Even if you can win this battle, others may be suspended.

Seeing Chen Chen’s silence, the female corpse showed a weird smile, said with a smile: “Immortal King, since you have many treasures, then I will defeat you in your best field “

Her voice fell, all around ten thousand corpses suddenly stood up and surrounded Chen Chen 360 degrees without dead ends.

Then these ten thousand corpses even took out a spirit transformation treasure at the same time, facing Chen Chen.

Create a spirit transformation treasure, which is the treasure usually used by the Immortal King in Immortal World.

In Immortal World, it is already half Peak.

In this nine palace Heaven Sealing formation, only a Small World has appeared in the number of ten thousand.

If other Immortal Kings saw this, they would be confused on the spot.

That is, Chen Chen, a talent who has seen big scenes, can calmly face such battles.

“You are arrogant enough, knowing what I am good at, but want to beat me in the field where I am best, OK, then I will see what good things you can come up with.”

Since the situation cannot be changed, Chen Chen simply stopped thinking about it and began to challenge.

When the words fell, the Ruyi God turned armor on his body appeared, and turned into a strange black leather armor that enveloped his body.

Following Chen Chen slammed, a strange dragon tail of ten thousand li appeared behind him, sweeping all around!


A loud bang came out, and thousands of corpses holding a spirit transformation treasure burst into pieces behind him.

Although this blow is not as good as the Immortal King in the South, it also has the seven-point charm of the Immortal King in the South!

The white clothed female corpse saw this laughed heartily, her eyes flashed!

“Okay! haha! Very good!”

Then she waved her hand violently, all around. No matter who the million corpses were, no matter what treasure they took, they all moved towards Chen Chen greeted him.

That situation is like setting off countless fireworks, and Chen Chen is in the middle of the fireworks.

Seeing countless treasures flooding towards him, Chen Chen complexion slightly changed. At the same time, the Purple Heaven Imperial God Wheel on his wrist flew out suddenly, turning into a fast stream of light all around him. Turn!

dang~ dang~ dang~ dang~ ……

A series of metal collision sounds, no matter what treasure or where the streamer comes from, anytime it is hit by the Purple Cloud God Wheel , All turned into a fan!

But that’s it, most of the streamer blasted on Chen Chen.

Although all of these magic weapons attacks were blocked by Ruyi God Transformation Armor, Chen Chen still felt a big impact.

No way, the number is amazing!

So that his sight is full of magic weapons, as if he is surrounded by a colony of ants!

And that piece of magic weapon is like an ant, when there is a gap, hit him!

“This treatment…”

Chen Chen whispered to his head with both hands, and then he stomped his foot!

A magnificent bell rang over the sea!


Along with the sound of the bell, a huge bell-shaped illusory shadow appeared in Chen Chen all around.

Millions of magic weapon streamers, but all that hit the bell-shaped illusory shadow bounced back.

all around millions of corpses did not give up seeing this, and launched a second round attack.

Seeing this expression calm, Chen Chen stood calmly in the bell-shaped illusory shadow.

In the next second, countless streams of light hit the bell-shaped illusory shadow. For a while, the rays of light splashed and the explosion continued, and the various air waves formed collided in the sky and died. There are several tens of thousands of li! Formed a piece of not just in name only, but also in reality “Boom Sea”!

But the bell-shaped illusory shadow is like an unchanging mountain in the ocean of explosions, protecting Chen Chen all around, letting those magic weapons hit or attack, there is no tremor even the slightest.

One minute away, it seems like a lifetime.

Outside the clock is a world-annihilation-like horror scene, inside the clock is Chen Chen standing with his hands in his hands, calm and calm.

This is the Supreme Treasure avenue that is completely used for defense.

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