I Can Track Everything Chapter 824

The white clothed female corpse aloof and remote, looking down at the scene below, finally lost a trace of craziness in her eyes, replaced by a touch of solemnity.

After looking at it for a while, she slowly stretched out her hand, and a white seven-petal flower bloomed quietly in her palm.

As soon as this flower blooms, the treasure within a radius of tens of ten thousand li seems to be stimulated, the light shines, and the formidable power is many times stronger than before!

In the Immortal Emperor’s Bell, Chen Chen’s pressure increased sharply.

The defense of the Immortal Emperor Bell is strong, but it is not the source of no root. It needs its immortal strength within the body as a support.

When the pressure he faced in an instant exceeded the immortal strength level he provided, the Immortal Emperor Bell would also be breached.

“What is that flower… it is so against the sky.”

Chen Chen looked at the seven-petal flower in the hands of the white clothed female corpse with a solemn expression.

Be aware that he carries a lot of supplies with him, and with the immovable god’s clock, he will not feel too much pressure even when facing the attack on the seven Eight-Pieces Supreme Treasure at the same time. .

But that flower could bless a million magic weapons, which made him faintly unable to bear it. This power was too terrifying.

At this thought, Chen Chen began to use the system to identify, and after a while, he got the answer.

“Myriad Treasures Spirit Flower, Avenue Supreme Treasure, Battlefield auxiliary class treasure, which incorporates countless magic treasure spirits, which can increase the power of all magic treasure spirits in million li during war, and Add immortal strength to the magic weapon…”

Hearing the introduction of system, Chen Chen knew in his heart.

Supreme Treasure of the battlefield type avenue……

Although he has got many Supreme Treasures, there is really no such type of treasure.

If this kind of treasure is placed in normal times, it is not useful at all, but on this occasion, it is worthy of the Supreme Treasure.

Feeling the increasing pressure on himself, Chen Chen had no choice but to take out the Four Gods Attendant. At this moment, pure defense is not enough, he must attack.

As soon as the box with the four god servants misplaced was opened, two lights and shadows flew out.

One of the light and shadow flew to the top of the Fudo Shenhuang Bell, and then suddenly pressed on the Fudo Shenhuang Bell!

An incomparable gigantic character “Yu” is imprinted on the defensive Formation of Fudoshen’s imperial bell. In an instant, the formidable power of Fudoshen’s imperial bell is greatly increased, and the light has exploded several times. All the magic weapon streamers hit the immovable divine imperial bell, and they all let out a mournful cry and flew back.

Another light and shadow hindered the breakthrough and slapped the white clothed female corpse in the sky!

Under this palm, an incomparable gigantic Offensive Talisman was moved towards the white clothed female corpse grandiosely to suppress it.

The white clothed female corpse saw that rune, her face changed suddenly, she hurriedly reached out her hand, took out a shield from her arms and blocked her in front of her.

As soon as the shield appeared, it turned into a giant golden barrier, blocking the giant rune, which is also a Supreme Treasure.

“It’s no wonder that you dare to compare with me magic weapon, really has several points of strength.”

Chen Chen murmured a word, for some reason, suddenly became a little excited.

To be honest, if you are in Immortal World, who is qualified to compete with him for treasure?

He didn’t dare to let go. After all, his wealth was too rich, and he really used the Supreme Treasure unscrupulously, which would inevitably be missed.

But it is different in the Nine Palace Heaven Sealing formation, he can do his best to see where the ceiling of his strength is!

At this moment of thought, Chen Chen couldn’t help roar towards the sky, and then the Ruyi God turned armor on his body began to skyrocket!

In a few breaths, Ruyishen’s armor has grown to several tens of thousands of li!

Chen Chen has also become a whole body of black scales, two horns growing on the head, double wings on the back, Two Heads Four Arms, and a super monster with several tens of thousands of li!

Fudo Shenhuang Bell grew bigger and soon became a giant bell, enshrouding Chen Chen in it.


Chen Chen in monster within the body let out a sigh, and then without the slightest hesitation, swallowed a five-turn Golden Core.

A huge power exploded within the body. He didn’t convert this power into a cultivation base, but instilled it into several Supreme Treasures!


The Purple Cloud Imperial God Wheel shines brightly, turning into a star that revolves rapidly around Chen Chen, just like Chen Chen’s own satellite.

This was not enough. Then, three black swords flew out, turned into a giant ten thousand li, and fell into the hands of Chen Chen.

This is the second most precious avenue Supreme Treasure in the million storage ring. They are Zhenxian Sword, Extinguish Sword, and Addiction Sword.

Although this set of Supreme Treasure is a thing of the underworld, Chen Chen uses the power of the five-turn Golden Core within the body to be able to move it.

“Not enough…”

Feeling the surging power within the body, Chen Chen’s free hand shook fiercely, and a mirror fell in his hand.

This is the spoils of war, the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror, obtained by killing the nine Heavenly Immortal kings.

This Qingyun Immortal Realm is not only capable of defense, but also capable of reflecting and attacking. The nine Heavenly Immortal kings used this treasure to block the attack of the four gods.

“This is almost…”

Chen Chen murmured.

Now he is fully urging the Ruyi God to transform into armor, the immovable god’s clock, the purple imperial wheel, three swords, and two puppets of the four gods and nine celestial mirrors. Avenue Supreme Treasure.

The power of Golden Core bursting within the body has formed a balance with the consumption of Supreme Treasure of all avenues.

He knows that at this moment, he is the strongest Peak state after swallowing the five-turn Golden Core!


loudly shouted, Chen Chen turned around abruptly, and the Supreme Treasure sword of the three-handed avenue swept all around!


Countless explosions sounded at the same time, and they gathered together to form a long-lasting roar!

The Supreme Treasure giant sword of the three-handed avenue flies like a stormy sea swept through the ant colony, and countless corpses that gave birth to spiritual wisdom are not left in an instant.

There is also the spirit transformation treasure or other treasures in their hands. Under the three Supreme Treasures that explode with all their strength, all of them are like rotten wood, falling apart in an instant.

In the sky, looking at the giant ten thousand li below, all covered with Supreme Treasure, the terrifying monster raging crazily among the corpses, the white clothed female corpse finally flashed a trace of shock in the eyes.

“Where does this person come from so many Supreme Treasure…”

Before she could understand, Chen Chen had swept the surrounding million li, and all the corpses of spiritual wisdom were born. , Even if it’s the fairy King level, it’s all turned into fly ash at this moment.

Chen Chen is in the huge Wishful God Transformation Armor, and the Purple Heaven Imperial God Wheel rotates slowly. At this time, all around is like a galaxy. , It is beautiful.

The countless shining lights are all magical treasure fragments.

Looking at the scenery all around, Chen Chen laughed, and then stretched out the four arms transformed from Ruyi God, and pointed them at the white clothed female corpse who was still resisting the four gods in the sky.

After the Three Swords and One Mirror destroyed so many treasures, it seems that spirituality has greatly increased. Under Chen Chen’s finger, a burst of baleful qi burst into the sky above the Supreme Treasure of the four avenues, making the top white The clothed female corpses felt dizzy.

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