I Can Track Everything Chapter 825

“Give me!”

The white clothed female corpse seemed to be aware of her fear, and suddenly became fly into a rage out of humiliation. After a stern roar, a rope passed from her within the The body flew out, like a flood dragon-like moved towards rushed away.

Chen Chen saw the four arms slammed up, and the three swords slashed on the rope at the same time.

But the rope seemed very soft, there was no hard top at all, but after twisting a few times, it avoided the three swords, crossed the immovable god’s clock, and wrapped in the wishful change A Huacheng arm.

“It’s a good one to overcome the rigidity with softness and apply the immortal cable… Another Supreme Treasure…”

Chen Chen frowned.

After being entangled with this immortal cable, he immediately felt a very depressive breath spreading within the body.

If you let it go, I am afraid you will completely lose the ability to act.

Too late to think, Chen Chen directly put his hand into the storage ring.

“system, what can be broken?”

system quickly listed a bunch of seal treasures.

Getting the answer, Chen Chen didn’t use the treasures in the storage ring, but urged the third puppet among the four gods.

This third puppet is named “Feng”, with the word “Feng” engraved on the back, which is very close to the proverb. It should be a puppet mastering a powerful seal technique.

As soon as the “sealing” puppet came out, he immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed the immortal cable that was crazily entwined towards Chen Chen.

Then Chen Chen saw one after another small “Feng” characters penetrate into Fu Xian Suo.

After a few breaths, the body of Fu Xian Suo is already covered with seals, and the previously untangling energy disappears without a trace, and finally floats in the void so quietly, as if Become a masterless object.

The white clothed female corpse saw this scene, her eyes twitched.

Chen Chen was not polite, and hit the huge shield that protected her with a sword.

The huge golden shield originally resisted the attack of the Four God Attendants, but now it was hit again, and the light instantly became uncertain.

Seeing this, Chen Chen is another sword!


With a muffled sound, a trace of blood appeared on the pale face of the white clothed female corpse, and then she opened her mouth and shouted to the distant void: “Sir Save me!”

tone barely fell, Chen Chen’s third sword directly cut down!


The golden shield was directly shaken off, and the attacks of the three dark swords and the four god servants fell on the white clothed female corpse at the same time.


With a sound like bursting blisters, white clothed female corpses were completely scattered ashes and smoke dispersed.

After killing the white clothed female corpse, Chen Chen didn’t at all feel the joy after the victory.

After all, it’s just that he won the opponent. Others don’t know that it is the case.

If the teammates are destroyed, he doesn’t believe that the emperor can let him go.

After hesitating for two seconds, he simply did not take back the transformation of Ruyishen turned armor, and directly started tracking the nearby powerhouse with the system.

“The corpse emperor…didn’t enter the battle?”

Chen Chen soon discovered that something was wrong. The strongest corpse emperor didn’t even enter the battle against one of the twenty Immortal Kings. Any one.

And a crowd of Immortal Kings……

Along with himself, there are still eighteen.

As for the remaining two dead, or out of his tracking range, he doesn’t know.

Without much thought, Chen Chen summoned the mung bean after finishing the spoils of war.

Mung Bean has followed him for so long, and I don’t know how many good things I ate. Now it is also the immortal spirit of Immortal Monarch Peak.

Of course, it came out not to fight, but to break the formation.

Breaking the Small World ban, Chen Chen followed the guidance of the system to the next world.

This world is full of yellow sand, and two figures are fighting fiercely in the yellow sand.

One of them is the Immortal King who invited him in the first place.

As for the other person, he is the commander of the corpse emperor.

Of course, if it weren’t for system guidance, Chen Chen wouldn’t recognize it as the Immortal King of the Far North.

In the endless sandstorm, the Immortal King guided by the system is like a frost giant, full of icy blue, holding a Trident of the Supreme Treasure level, and wearing the Supreme Treasure level. Battle Armor.

Under the wave of Trident, even though his opponent was covered in crimson flames, he could not stand it faintly, and was retreating steadily.

As for the other corpses…

Chen Chen looked at the desert below, the wind was blowing, and a pile of ice scum appeared from time to time. It seemed that it was the end of the other corpses.

“This person still has to be forced…”

Chen Chen’s heart is secretly sighed.

When they came, one by one looked like death, but they really fought so fiercely.

Sure enough, these long-lived Peak Immortal Kings are not that simple.

Know the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings, he still killed three times before he died.

Can Peak Immortal Kings like the Immortal Kings of the North, die so easily?

In fact, I still don’t want to part with the accumulation that’s all.

It seemed that he had noticed the presence of outsiders, and the flame silhouette shouted loudly: “Help me!”

Obviously, he regarded Chen Chen as a teammate.

With his shout, Trident in the hand of the Immortal King suddenly waved towards Chen Chen.

Before the Trident arrived, Chen Chen felt a breath of Extreme Cold assaults the senses, even if he was wearing the Wishful God Armor, he felt cold to his heart.

I took a closer look and found that there were runes in the cold air of assaults the senses.

“The power of Proverbs…Immortal King of the North! It’s me!”

Chen Chen shouted in wonder, and at the same time blocked the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror in front of him.

The Green Cloud Fairy Mirror in an instant turned into a transparent barrier with several tens of thousands of li, welcoming the endless cold.

Zila Zila…

There was a sound of icing, and Qingyun Immortal Mirror became an ice mirror in a blink of an eye.

But the endless cold air was finally blocked, and did not blast in front of Chen Chen.

Only then did the Immortal King of the Far North heard Chen Chen’s voice, he quickly retracted Trident, and asked in an incredible tone: “Immortal King?”

“cough cough , It’s under!”

Chen Chen replied loudly.

He has forgotten that he himself is not a human figure now, and it is no wonder that the Immortal King of the North did not recognize him.

“The Immortal King, the god show, can actually break through the Heaven Sealing Formation of the Nine Palaces. It’s really good!”

Immortal King from the far north heartily admired, and at the same time turned Trident to the flame silhouette.

To be honest, he was shocked when he sensed that a huge monster suddenly appeared behind him.

Now that I learned that I was a teammate, I felt like a roller coaster, and I suddenly became extremely happy.

A closer look at the state of the Immortal King, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes.

This is just a casual glance, and I actually saw five or six Supreme Treasure! And it’s all in operation!

“This person not only defeated Guardian before me, but also able to break out of Formation to support me… This kind of strength is not trivial. I thought everyone except me underestimated his strength. Now It seems that I also underestimated him.”

Immortal King secretly admired in his heart, and at the same time raised Chen Chen’s position in his heart by several levels.

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