I Can Track Everything Chapter 826

“Immortal King of the North, you and I join forces, do it quickly, and help other Immortal Kings!”

Chen Chen reminded him, while speaking, he has already reached behind the flame silhouette.


Immortal King complied in the extreme north, Trident in his hand shook suddenly, the radius of million li was frozen in an instant, but the flame of the flame silhouette all around suddenly faded .

Chen Chen saw this without saying a word, the three swords of the dark came out, like cutting melons and vegetables, moved towards the flame silhouette and slashed over.


After half a quarter of an hour, the flame silhouette could no longer be supported, and under the cooperation of Chen Chen and Immortal King, it turned into fly ash.

Immortal King was very happy to kill his opponent.

Chen Chen also put away all the magic weapons at this time and became the original form, but his expression is still solemn.

Seeing the look of Chen Chen, the Immortal King of the far north asked: “Immortal King, a god show, don’t have too much pressure. It is better to win a game than to lose a game.

Other Immortal Kings have their own abilities, so don’t worry too much.”

Chen Chen smiled perfunctorily.

He wasn’t worried about the other Immortal Kings, but felt something strange in this matter.

From the time the white clothed female corpse knew his information, he felt that something was wrong. Now, through the system, no trace of the corpse emperor could be found, which made his heart more uneasy.

“Could it be…”

Chen Chen thought of a very bad probability in his mind, and his pupils contracted subconsciously.

Immortal King of the Far North still wants to ask, Chen Chen said solemnly: “Immortal King of the North, can’t delay any longer, let’s go and help other Immortal Kings.”

After all, he ignored the reaction of the Immortal King in the far north, and directly called the mung bean to break the Formation, moved towards the next world and flew away.

In the next life within the realm, the immortal Immortal King is facing the enemy. At this time, he and a group of corpses are anxious. If this continues, I am afraid that every one or two years will not be able to tell the outcome. .

But Chen Chen and Immortal King came to the north, and the results were different. Under the thunderous method, it only took half an hour to solve all the problems.


In this way, a world is cleared, and an hour later, the twenty Small Worlds in the Heaven Sealing Array of the Nine Palaces are all cleared.

Chen Chen also learned about the true strength of Immortal Kings.

Among them, the strongest is probably the bohemian Immortal King.

When he entered the Small World where the Immortal King of Tianheng was located, this man had already killed all his opponents, and he was sitting there drinking in silence.

Of course, there are also weak ones.

There are a few Immortal Kings who have entered a complete defense state when Chen Chen arrived.

That means no one is rescued, sooner or later it will be a dead word.

Even, one of them really fell.

This is also a sentence, after the low tide, who is swimming naked, that is perfectly clear.

“Two Immortal Kings disappeared, one fallen, and one…nether shadow Immortal King?”

Chen Chen looked around all around and found that the disappeared It is the nether shadow Immortal King without the fleshy body.

Next to the far north Immortal King explained: “Nether shadow Immortal King can’t be trapped by the Heaven Sealing Array, I guess he ran away ahead of time.”

Getting this answer, Chen Chen nodded.

The Tianheng Immortal King who was still drinking was sighed and said: “What a powerful enemy I thought I would encounter, didn’t expect merely this, it really disappointed me.”


A crowd of Immortal Kings were speechless.

A group of corpses gave birth to consciousness. No matter how powerful it is, the foundation is far inferior to them, Immortal Kings who have lived in Immortal World for so many years.

The only real fear in their hearts is the corpse emperor.

But the corpse emperor disappeared without a trace. Why?

There was silence for a while.

Then the atmosphere became more and more depressing, and many of the smiles on Immortal King’s face began to disappear.

Everyone is the Peak existence of Immortal World, naturally no one is a fool. At this moment, everyone wants to divide that possibility.

“The corpse emperor… trapped us and went to Immortal World by himself?”

Immortal King frowns said.

“It is very likely…rather than a battle with us…that’s all, let’s go back to the crack and take a look.”

Immortal King still wants to analyze , While speaking, suddenly shook the head, and then waved his hand, unexpectedly took out a great boat of the Supreme Treasure level.

“Everyone, come up.”

The other Immortal Kings did not dare to delay seeing this, and entered the flying boat one after another.

After a group of Immortal Kings all got on the huge boat, the Immortal King of the Far East urged the huge boat abruptly.


With a blast, the huge boat moved towards the crack location at an incredible speed.

On the way, the Immortal Kings never encountered an Immortal World fairy, nor did they encounter any recovered corpses.

The extreme silence made all Immortal Kings feel more depressed.

I thought that after the First World War, he would be able to do it once and for all. Who would have thought that this was probably just a plot by the corpse emperor…

Why does the corpse emperor have such high wisdom?

Why can I be so decisive and decided to give up an astonishing number of subordinates in a short time.

The Immortal King is puzzled.

Half an hour later, the giant boat suddenly stopped.

The Immortal King of the Far East took the lead to fly out of the huge boat and looked towards all around.

At this time, all around is empty, there are no cracks.

But Immortal King’s memory can’t be wrong, here is the location of the crack.

“Where are the cracks in the Meteorite Mountain?”

Tianheng Immortal King flew out of the huge boat and looked around.

He changed his face for the first time since entering Hongmeng empty space.

On the side, the Immortal King said with a hoarse voice: “The corpse emperor took the lead to go to Immortal World and sealed the crack…”

“What a special!”

< p>Tianheng Immortal King’s face suddenly became ugly, his mouth foul-mouthed.

Immortal King expressions are different.

At the expense of a group of tyrannical men, dragged his entire group, and then headed to Immortal World to seal the crack.

This corpse emperor is too cunning, and his heart is too cruel!

“I don’t believe it, what seal can block me!”

Tianheng Immortal King turned into that madman again, and then he stretched out his hand to the void.

A fierce breath began to radiate from his hands, and after a while, a runes gradually condensed in the void.

Chen Chen looked at the rune, his eyes seemed to be pricked by a needle and he began to ooze.

Although this is not a true motto, it is very close, otherwise the impossible has such a strong formidable power.

And able to master this rune, even if Tianheng Immortal King does not have the Supreme Treasure and does not control a domain, the strength belongs to the batch of Immortal World cream of the crop.

“Break for me!”

Seeing that rune became more and more solid, Tianheng Immortal King let out a loud roar, and his body was instantly soaked in blood.

At the same time, the rune whizzed out and printed on the original crack location.


A trembling sound rang!

Countless lights and shadows began to appear in that position, and these lights and shadows gradually formed a chain of one after another, spreading all around.

In the center where countless chains converge, an incomparable gigantic “seal” is faintly discernible, which firmly resists the runes that Tianheng Immortal King blasted.

Seeing the word “seal”, Chen Chen’s pupils contracted slightly.

He has seen the real motto at the bottom of the Conferred God Demon Jar. Although he can’t remember it, he can feel that the “Feng” in front of him is 90% similar to the motto. the above!

With such a seal, the mung bean cannot be broken, and the Immortal King cannot be broken this day either.

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