I Can Track Everything Chapter 827

“What can I do?”

Always calmly, the Immortal King of the far north exclaimed, and the expressions of other Immortal Kings were extremely ugly.

These seals, at least a powerhouse of the same level can be unlocked.

And like everyone at the level, let alone a dozen, even two hundred won’t break the seal.

If the Immortal Kings have been trapped here, what will happen to Immortal World… can be imagined.

At this thought, many Immortal Kings stomped angrily.

The corpse emperor sacrificed a group of his men and trapped them all. I have to say that this strategy is brilliant.

It stands to reason that the wisdom of a group of Immortal Kings should not be unguarded against this move.

But who would have thought that the emperor was so smart?

“Don’t panic, Immortal World is away from us, and there are still a large number of Immortal Kings…The corpse emperor may not really threaten Immortal World.”

The Immortal King of Far East comforted softly. .

Immortal King hearing this sighed.

Immortal World has nearly 20,000 Immortal Kings, but they don’t accept anyone at ordinary times. It’s a mess. Without the leadership of these people, it would be impossible to gather power in one place.

“Apart from Immortal Kings like us, Immortal World still has a few hidden powerhouses. Don’t worry. The most important thing is that it’s useless to be anxious now. It’s better to calm down and find a way to deal with it.”< /p>

Immortal King Road again.

Hearing what he said, the atmosphere began to relax. After a while, all the Immortal Kings calmed down.

At this time, the Immortal King of the far north looked towards Chen Chen and said, “Shenxiu Immortal King, why not let your immortal spirit that broke the Heaven Sealing formation of the Nine Palaces a try?”

The Immortal King listened to this and looked towards Chen Chen.

This battle can end so quickly, the biggest credit is still on Immortal King.

If Immortal King hadn’t been able to break through the barriers of the Heaven Sealing in the Nine Palaces, I’m afraid I would have to fight for a long time.

The reason why the Immortal King, the god-shower, can break through the layers of bans all relies on an immortal spirit, which they have witnessed.

Chen Chen did not refuse to hear this. Although he is not optimistic about Mung Bean, what else can he do now besides being a dead horse?

“Mung beans, come out. It may be a little difficult this time. If you can’t break it, don’t force it.”

Chen Chen said and let the mung beans out.

Mung Bean looked at the seal in the distance, then at Chen Chen, her small eyes were very firm.

Without hesitation, it flapped its wings and moved towards Seal.

Walking in front of the seal, it protruded its front paws and pressed it on the “seal”.

There was a flash of light, but this time the seal not at all in front of me showed a complicated pattern, which quickly cracked the mung bean.

It’s just that the word “Feng” has become a lot dazzling.

After that, the light of the mung bean’s front paws hit the “seal” and was bounced back, unable to blend in.

Sure enough, as the most primordial source of strength in Hongmeng Space, Proverbs must be positioned above Innate Divine Ability, and Mung Bean cannot be broken.

But when Mung Bean saw this, he did not believe in evil. After thinking about it, it stretched out another paw and grabbed the seal.

There was another flash of light, and the “sealing” was like ice that never melted.


Mung bean’s life breaking the formation was blocked for the first time, and couldn’t help but roar towards the sky, and a pair of small eyes were full of anger.

Chen Chen said: “If you can’t break it, don’t force it, don’t hurt yourself.”

Regardless of the mung bean, all four short legs were pulled on the seal, and At the same time, its whole body shone brightly, one after another mysterious rune flew out of it within the body.

It didn’t take long for me to construct a word in the sky.

“This is…proverb!”

The Immortal King of the Far East was extremely shocked.

The other Immortal King Immortal Kings also looked surprised.

Who would have thought that this strange-looking little tortoise in front of me could actually look like an Immortal Emperor?

Chen Chen was also shocked inside.

The burst of mung beans is indeed the power of proverbs.

It’s no wonder that Little Brat was able to break the formation in the past without any disadvantages. It turns out that its Innate Divine Ability is derived from the power of proverbs.

Perhaps this Little Brat was born like those treasures of Innate Primordial Chaos, with proverbs on him.

It’s just that the proverb engraved on it is not the most primordial proverb.

If the most primordial motto is still mastered by Mung Bean, then it is the Immortal Emperor.

Seeing the mung beans flying out of the body within the body is printed on the seal, Chen Chen’s eyes are motionless.


A soft moan came out, and the seal trembles violently under the proverb, and there are even signs of fading.

All the Immortal Kings showed ecstasy when they saw this, but no one dared to speak out, for fear of disturbing the little turtle lying on the seal.

Mung beans are stared at by such a group of Immortal World’s Peak powerhouses, feeling that they have reached the peak of the turtle, so they work harder.

After a while, the “seal” was missed.

But the good times didn’t last long. At this time, a burst of light flickered, and the mung bean was directly retreated and fell into Chen Chen’s arms.

Looking at the mung beans with a weak face in his arms and some eyes open, Chen Chen not even think, directly stuffed a lot of medicine pill into the mung bean’s mouth.

If you can’t break it, you can’t break it after all.

Mung beans are far less powerful than Tianheng Immortal King. The reason why the word “seal” can be omitted is probably because of the restraint between the proverbs.

In fact, with the strength of Mung Bean, Chen Chen’s ability to do this step has exceeded Chen Chen’s expectations.

“Are you immortal spirit okay?”

The Immortal King of the far north quickly leaned over and looked towards the mung bean with his son-like gaze.

“It’s not a big problem, it’s just a little collapse. I’m afraid I won’t be able to break the formation in a short time.”

Chen Chen felt the state of mung beans and said softly.

“It’s okay! It’s okay! Immortal King is a god show, you really have a baby!”

Immortal King took a look at the mung bean, his eyes were full of envy The color.

This little immortal spirit can do this step beyond Chen Chen’s imagination, and beyond their imagination.

Originally, I only thought that Sima would be a living horse doctor. Who would have thought that he would really give a dead horse doctor a sigh of relief.

With this kind of result, what else can their group of Immortal Kings demand?

You can’t expect this little immortal spirit to break the Formation directly, right?

“Fortunately, the immortal King Immortal King was invited on this trip…”

The Immortal King of the Far North murmured, his face full of rejoicing.

Then he changed his words and said: “The Immortal King, you immortal spirit can weaken the seal without mastering the power of a bit of proverbs. I think if it can become the Immortal King and further develop its own Innate. Divine Ability, there is hope to break this seal.”

“Yes, that’s it!” Other Immortal King hearing this followed along.

At this time, a group of Immortal Kings grabbed a life-saving straw like people falling into the water, and all put their hope on the mung bean.

To be honest, what can a group of Immortal Kings do without mung beans?

I am afraid there is no other way but to become the Immortal Emperor.

How long does it take to achieve Immortal Emperor?

While worrying about Immortal World and being unable to concentrate…Even after a million years, there is no possibility for thousands of years.

Now with mung beans, the situation is different.

Even if it takes hundreds of thousands of years to cultivate this little immortal spirit, it is much better than being a headless fly with nothing to do.

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