I Can Track Everything Chapter 828

Seeing a group of Immortal Kings looking at the mung bean with their son’s eyes, and preparing to show their fists, Chen Chen gave a thump in his heart.

It is obvious that if he is only concerned about patience, he This group of Immortal King vast distance difference.

The most important reason is still short.

In the eyes of this group of Immortal Kings, a few years is not called time. Several decades are called a flash, and thousands and tens of thousands of years are just a trivial meaning that’s all.

I am afraid that at the moment they saw the seal, many Immortal Kings were mentally prepared to be sealed for millions of years.

Now that they have the hope of mung bean, their psychological expectations have suddenly changed from a few million years to tens of thousands of years or even shorter, which is naturally extremely joyful.

“The Little Brat of mung bean is about to develop.”

Chen Chen stroked the little head of mung bean, and said in one’s heart secretly.


Now that there is a goal, a group of Immortal Kings begin to act.

1st Step is to create a “fairy field”.

This is very simple. Several Immortal Kings went out for a while and brought back a giant monster corpse with several tens of thousands of li.

Chen Chen used the Taiqing Xuantian Dao cultivation technique to transform these monster corpses. Within a day, he transformed a fairyland before sealing.

The Immortal King of the far north buried a large number of immortal stones in this immortal realm, and soon there was Immortal Qi in this immortal realm.

The Immortal King of the South China expelled a Fireball, providing a light source for the fairyland.

The Immortal King of the Far East planted a large number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, and the immortal territory immediately became very angry.


Three days later, the eighteen Immortal Kings each showed Magical Powers. They were shocked to create a radius of ten thousand li. The environment is even stronger than the real fairy. The homestead of the domain.

Of course, strictly speaking, this place can only be an algorithm treasure, not a fairyland, because there is no Heaven and Earth will.

After having a foothold, a group of Immortal Kings quickly divided their territories on it.

Mung beans are also divided into a piece, and in the middle.

Next, Mung Bean added a group of Masters and began a hard study life.

It is not just by swallowing medicine pill and heavenly materials and earthly treasures to realize the proverb. It also needs to exercise perception. So a group of Immortal Kings came up with various Method.


Time is flowing, and half a year has passed in an instant.

Mung beans have improved rapidly in the past six months. Needless to say, all kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, the key is that they have also obtained a lot of true biography of Immortal King and Immortal King’s immortal spirits.

In the beginning, Chen Chen didn’t dare to leave his footing at will. After a long time, he also let go.

Especially the Quadrupole Immortal King, who treats mung beans as his own son, and can’t wait to look at mung beans 24 hours a day, for fear that mung beans will have a little accident.

With them, plus other Immortal Kings without any malice, he left his footing for the first time.

In the past six months, apart from the four-pole Immortal King, the other Immortal Kings have gone out many times, and many Immortal Kings have also been plentiful harvest.

Of course, Chen Chen didn’t want to hunt for treasure. He wanted to go to the Conferred God Demon Jar to see the immortal Emperor Ming who was sealed in it.

After all, the Immortal Emperor Ming is a powerhouse at the Emperor Ming level. In this situation, he might have other solutions.


Relying on the route in his memory, Chen Chen flew all the way, and half a day later, he saw the Conferred Demon Jar.

No matter what happens to this empty space, this magic pot will remain the same, even if the direction of the mouth of the pot does not change at all.

Before entering the tank, he remembered the slightly weak voice of Emperor Immortal Underworld.

“Boy, you are here again.”

Even though the tone of Emperor Immortal Ming is flat, Chen Chen heard a hint of surprise from it.

Obviously, this immortal Emperor Ming, even if it is a powerhouse of the Emperor Ming, will feel bored after being sealed for a long time.

“cough cough…yes.”

Chen Chen complied, and then flew into the confinement pot.

At this time, the Immortal Emperor is the same as before, blocked by the proverbs formed by countless chains, almost impossible to move.

“Last time I got that many treasure, are you still not satisfied? Or, do you want to get something from me this time?”

Indestructible Mingdi lightly said with a smile, the eyes are full of light that penetrates everything.

In the face of this level of powerhouse, there is no need to hide everything.

Chen Chen straight to the point said: “Yes, Junior did have some troubles, I would like to ask Senior for advice.”

Emperor Immortal Ming didn’t make a roundabout, his eyes blinked. Blinked: “Did you bring the benefits?”

“Take them.”

Chen Chen made a piece of land while talking, and put it all around.

The benefits of Emperor Immortal Ming are too simple, but that’s all that relieves boredom.

Last time I made some flowers and plants, this time Chen Chen simply made a piece of land directly.

This land is a thousand li, and on it is an ecological system. There are forests, rivers, various creatures, and a complete food chain.

If the Emperor of Immortal Ming is bored, it is good to watch the flowers bloom, the grass grows and the warblers fly, or the nature.

Seeing this land, the emperor Immortal Ming revealed a rare knowing smile.

“You guy is really smart. If you are a cultivator in the underworld, I might accept you as a disciple.

I am very satisfied with your gift. Let’s talk about it. What do you want to ask? ?”

Chen Chen thought for a while, and said about the seal.

However, he only said that he was sealed in this empty space, not at all that there were other Immortal World Immortal Kings, not to mention the current situation of Immortal World.

If the Emperor Underworld knew that Immortal World might be facing a disaster, it would be good not to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune, how could he help himself?

After all, he is the Emperor of the Underworld, and it is the Immortal Emperor of Immortal World who seals him here.

“Oh? Someone else has mastered Feng to this level? It’s interesting.”

The Emperor Ming Ming had a playful look.

Seeing that he did not show an awkward look, Chen Chen quickly asked: “Is there a way to crack Seniors?”

Indifferently said: “whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it, if you want to break the seal of the proverbs, in addition to the proverbs of restraint, you can also use the proverbs of the seal itself.

For example, my seal, if it is Divine Immortal I want to untie it, it’s just a matter of thinking that’s all.”

Chen Chen felt a little disappointed at this.

The motto of “seal” is much slower than the cultivation of mung beans.

Who ever thought that at this moment, Emperor Immortal Ming suddenly opened his eyes, and a runes flashed out of his eyes.

This rune is very similar to the motto that sealed him.

“This…this is a seal?” Chen Chen surprisedly said.

“Isn’t that right? You didn’t do anything when I was trapped here for so many years? It’s just that my understanding of this proverb couldn’t catch up with Divine Immortal, so I couldn’t break the seal. .”

The Emperor Ming said calmly.

“Can Senior help me?” Chen Chen asked.

“No, all my Magical Powers have been sealed and cannot be used, otherwise I would have sealed you next to me and accompany me.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s face suddenly went dark.

The emperor of the Immortal Underworld is changing again at this time.

“But I can teach you, with my teaching, plus the demon pot is here, it will not take long before you can reach the level of my understanding of Feng.”

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