I Can Track Everything Chapter 829

“Should this be true?”

Chen Chen was overjoyed.

Indestructible Mingdi snorts and said disdainfully: “hmph, of course, is true, as long as your aptitude is not too bad.

I think you can cultivation to this realm, Maybe not the kind of person with poor aptitude?”

“Hehe, that’s natural.”

Chen Chen smiled confidently.

However, his face became serious in the next second.

“Senior doesn’t charge my tuition?”

The Immortal Emperor looked towards the floating land, indifferently said: “Isn’t that right? Or do you think I am insatiable?”

Chen Chen hearing this wondered whether to tell the story about mung bean, after hesitating for a moment, he decided not to say it.

The lie just now is perfect. If the mung bean is spoken, it will give the Immortal Emperor the hope of breaking through.

The Emperor Underworld may be more serious about teaching himself, but he will definitely be aware of the weak spot of those words just now, and be wary of himself.

In the end, it is joy or sorrow, which is hard to say.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen hurriedly thanked him and said: “Thanks to Senior’s teaching, if Junior can become Immortal Emperor in the future, he will definitely save Senior out of trouble!”

The Immortal Emperor faintly smiled. “To understand the proverbs, you must look at the bottom of the Conferred God Demon Jar for three days.”

Chen Chen didn’t hesitate to hear this. He flew directly out of the Conferred God Demon Jar and arrived at the Conferred God Demon Jar. Before the bottom, I started to stare at the word “seal” at the bottom of the Conferred God Demon Jar.


In this way, Chen Chen began to follow the Immortal Emperor’s cultivation, leaving his settlement every three days to go to the Conferred God Demon Pot.

After three days, come back and feel the three days of digestion.

This cycle repeated, unconsciously another half year passed.

At this time, it has been a year since a group of Immortal Kings were sealed in the empty space of Hongmeng.

The mentality of the Immortal Kings gradually became more peaceful, usually the cultivation of the cultivation, the teaching of the mung bean.

Chen Chen has concerns in his heart, but in order to better understand the proverbs, he has to force himself to temporarily forget those concerns.

I have to say that it is a great opportunity to let a dark emperor wholeheartedly teach himself proverbs, which is far from comparable to several Supreme Treasures.

In the past six months, under the various novel methods of the Immortal Emperor Underworld, he has a vague impression of the word “Feng” in his mind. As before, I can’t see the clue at all.

In the eyes of Emperor Underworld, this is already considered an excellent is innate talent.

But Chen Chen knows how far he can crack the seal.

If the seal already had 90% of the proverbial charm, then the proverbs he wrote down might only be 1%.

One percent in half a year, at this rate, it will take forty-fifty years to reach the level of the corpse emperor.

Not to mention that the proverbs are harder to comprehend as you go back.


On this day, Chen Chen didn’t hold back when he came to see the Emperor of the Underworld, and subconsciously asked: “Senior, is there any other shortcut to this proverb? “

Hearing what he said, the Immortal Emperor said in a spirited manner: “You are taking a shortcut now, what other shortcut do you want? Is it possible that you still want to become the Immortal Emperor?

Did you know that I spent five-six thousand years in order to realize my life, and I wandered between life and death hundreds of times before I achieved success?

Now it only took you half a year to reach the threshold. You are still not satisfied. Are you a Chinese cabbage as the Immortal Emperor? All kinds of things will come out?”

Seeing the Immortal Emperor suddenly breathed out Having said so much, Chen Chen smiled awkwardly.

He is indeed a little hasty, but there is no way, who makes him anxious?

“Ai, Senior, why did you say that the person with the crack in the seal has such a deep understanding of the seal?”

Chen Chen quickly turned the topic away, otherwise, if he goes on further , Emperor Ming Ming is about to get angry.

In the final analysis, it is still because the Immortal Emperor is jealous of his innate talent.

Seeing that it didn’t take long for me to realize the proverbs, this made the Emperor Immortal’s heart very unbalanced.

The Immortal Emperor explained: “There are nothing more than two reasons. First, he, like me, was sealed by the Emperor Divine Immortal for a long time, and I realized it by myself.

second , He got some very important things for the Divine Immortal Emperor, so he mastered such a strong sealing technique.”

“Will he be the Divine Immortal Emperor?”

< p>Chen Chen raised a question.

The corpse emperor was the Immortal Emperor. The corpse gave birth to consciousness and had a strong sealing technique. This made him have to think about it.

“Hehe, if he is the Emperor Divine Immortal, would he not come to pick up his Supreme Treasure pot?”

The Emperor Immortal asked rhetorically.

Chen Chen frowned, if the corpse emperor is really a new-born consciousness, how can he know that the demon pot is here?

Or, he simply didn’t know the existence of the Conferred God Demon Jar.

“Senior, the Emperor Divine Immortal is really not dead?”

“If he dies, this pot of gods and demons will become a masterless object, look at the current gods Is the magic pot like a masterless object?”

Chen Chen was still a little unwilling, and continued: “Is there any possibility that the Divine Immortal emperor fleshy body separates from consciousness, and later a new fleshy body is born New consciousness?”

Hearing this, Emperor Ming Ming was silent.

When Chen Chen saw this, he immediately knew that there was such a probability.

Even he thought it might be the truth.

The fleshy body that the Emperor Divine Immortal lost has produced consciousness, which is the current corpse emperor.

As for where Divine Immortal’s ontological consciousness went, I don’t know.

“Can this information help me improve?”

Chen Chen thought for a long time, but didn’t expect a little effect, and couldn’t help but feel a little upset.

After a long time, he decided to look for the birthplace of the corpse emperor.

Maybe there will be some other useful information nearby.

Anyway, one day I will return to Immortal World to deal with the Emperor Corpse. It is not a waste of time to research and study now.


Three days later, Chen Chen, after receiving the teachings of Emperor Indestructible Underworld, not at all rushed back to the ground, but hurriedly moved across the entire battlefield. Patrol inside.

“system, within the tracking range, there is the birthplace of the corpse emperor.”


system answered without emotion .

Chen Chen continued to search. After searching for two days, system finally gave other answers.

“The host tracking place is three thousand ten thousand li ahead.”

Getting this answer, Chen Chen quickly increased his speed to the fastest.

After half an hour.

Chen Chen finally came to the place of system guidance.

Floating here is a small piece of land with a radius of less than a hundred miles, which looks very ordinary.

Chen Chen landed on the land and stomped lightly. The extremely hard touch made his eyes flashed with surprise.

Without hesitation, he bent down, pushed away the soil under his feet, and a dark metal layer appeared in his vision.

This metal layer is engraved with very regular patterns. Chen Chen has seen many of these patterns in his previous life.

“It turns out to be something of technological civilization…”

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