I Can Track Everything Chapter 830

After Chen Chen murmured a word, he began to clean up the surrounding soil constantly, and soon this small continent became true.

This is a large rectangular incomplete machine.

From the perspective of the fracture and part of the design, it is likely to be the deck of a certain technological civilization battleship.

I checked it through system, and it was exactly what he imagined.

“Such a big…probably only a small part of battleship, technological civilization is still very difficult to deal with.”

Chen Chen sighed inwardly, and then got in In the machine.

There are various cabins of different sizes inside this machine. Chen Chen followed the system’s guidance to the largest cabin in the middle.

Here is the place where the corpse emperor was born.

As soon as he entered, Chen Chen was stunned by hundreds of screens of various sizes.

“The corpse emperor…is it a product of technological civilization?”

Chen Chen couldn’t help thinking as he stroked those screens.

That is, he has experienced scientific and technological civilization and knows that these are screens. If other Immortal Kings see it, most likely they will think this is a special array.

Unfortunately, these screens are not bright at the moment.

But Chen Chen is hard to beat.

After tracking it with system, he found the energy supply of the broken battleship.

Afterwards, he randomly searched through the system in the storage ring and found an alternative ore that could be used as energy.

After one operation, the inside of the battleship finally lit up.

The countless screens also began to flicker, and after waiting for a while, inexplicable characters began to appear on those screens.

Apart from this, another beam of light fell on Chen Chen.

After a scan, a rays of light suddenly lit up in the corner, and an illusory shadow appeared in front of Chen Chen.

This illusory shadow is a humanoid female, but with slightly pointed ears. When she opens her mouth, she can’t understand the words of Chen Chen.

It seemed that Chen Chen couldn’t understand what he meant, and a rays of light lit up in the corner.

In the next second, a piece of memory was instilled into Chen Chen’s mind.

The words of the illusory shadow gradually became clearer.

“Hello, dear compatriots, I am the backup intelligent optical brain of the Destroyer Zhengtu. What is the order?”

When he heard this, Chen Chen’s pupils contracted slightly Up.

At the same time, I also know what the rays of light scan on me just now means.


Is this destroyer Journey come from the universe in which he lived in his previous life?

But I have changed my body, how does this thing determine that I am a compatriot?

After a moment of silence, Chen Chen asked in a complex mood: “Give me the information about this battleship.”

The voice fell, and rows of rows began to appear on a large screen next to it. Text.

After just instilling, Chen Chen has been able to fully understand the content of these words.

“Zhengtu destroyer is the only eight destruction-class battleships in the empire, each of which is only destructive power, comparable to the Immortal Emperor in cultivation civilization… Its light brain is composed of super life in the empire It’s a Peak work of the fusion of life science and machine science…”

This introduction is very long. After reading it, Chen Chen couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe for technological civilization.

Because this battleship battleship can use part of the power of proverbs.

The reason for this is because of the super light brain in battleship.

If this super light brain only talks about computing power and thinking ability, it is countless times more powerful than naturally grown creatures.

With this super computing power, it can even reproduce part of the power of proverbs.

Because of this, this battleship has the breaking power comparable to the Immortal Emperor.

Chen Chen suddenly feels a little surprised at this moment.

Cultivator cultivation in the Immortal King Realm world can comprehend the motto, in essence, because Immortal King has been cultivating all the way up, the comprehension has reached the Peak.

People with technological civilization cannot achieve this Peak by themselves, but they can rely on the ultimate technology to create a super light brain that reaches Peak.

This is essentially different routes to the same destination.

Whether it is a cultivation civilization or a technological civilization, the end is the source of comprehension of the world.

It is no wonder that technological civilization can compete with cultivation civilization.

After learning about this battleship, Chen Chen began to inquire about the corpse emperor.

Of course, he said that the illusory shadow of the corpse emperor must not be understood, so he just said whether any creatures have left the battleship.

Hearing Chen Chen’s question, the illusory shadow quickly gave the answer.

“Three thousand years ago, battleship captured a body, which is suspected to be the remains of the Immortal Emperor powerhouse of cultivation civilization. At that time, the battleship energy was nearly exhausted, and the main light brain decided to occupy this body in order to continue the battleship journey. Goal…”

Chen Chen listened to this suddenly enlightened.

No wonder the corpse emperor hates Immortal World, no wonder the corpse emperor has such wisdom.

It turned out that the light brain of this battleship occupied the fleshy body of the Immortal Emperor.

The product of the combination of technological civilization and cultivation civilization, this is really amazing.

“Optical Brain extracted a new motto from the body within the body by virtue of its computing power… and gave me an order. If one day I can get energy, I must use this motto. Send it back to the empire…”

The light and shadow continued.

When Chen Chen heard this, his brow suddenly frowned, and he asked: “How did you extract the proverbs? Where?”

Light and shadow pointed to a screen not far away.

The screen suddenly brightened, and countless tadpole symbols began to appear in the dazzling light.

These tadpole symbols are constantly swimming and splicing, and it didn’t take long for them to form a word.

It is the proverb “seal”.

However, compared with the real motto on the Conferred God Demon Jar, it is almost meaningless.

It’s a bit like the seal at the crack.

Stab it!

Without waiting for Chen Chen to continue watching, a strange sound rang, and the surrounding screens in an instant were all darkened.

Looking at the location of the energy transmission, the ore I just placed there has been turned into ashes.

Obviously, it takes a lot of energy to show that “seal”.

Chen Chen saw this put another piece of ore in, and soon the battleship returned to normal.

The illusory shadow also reappears in front of Chen Chen.

“Dear compatriots, today the energy reserve in the battleship is 1%. If it reaches 10%, the battleship can return to the empire. How much more energy can you provide?”

Chen Chen hearing this can’t help but clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

This light and shadow are just like people. Not only does it have memories, but it also asks people for things.

You’re quite something!

Like the kind of ore that provides energy, he has a lot of them, but he finally made such a big discovery. How could he easily let the battleship go?

Chen Chen did not rush to answer, but scanned the big screens in the cabin.

After a while, he suddenly have a thought and subconsciously asked: “This…I don’t have much energy, but you can transmit the information of that proverb to me. One day, I will The data was brought back to the empire.”

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