I Can Track Everything Chapter 831

The illusory shadow didn’t speak, but the surrounding screen shot a rays of light and swept Chen Chen.

After scanning, the illusory shadow opened the mouth and said: “After testing, your brain meets the demand for storing proverbs, but the battleship energy is insufficient and can only transmit 2% of the proverbial messages. “

“Leave me the question of energy, you just need to transmit it.”

Chen Chen said with a big wave of his hand.

The illusory shadow hesitated for a while, and finally nodded.

Immediately afterwards, a dazzling light shone on Chen Chen’s forehead.

In an instant, Chen Chen felt a huge amount of information flooding into his mind, so that he felt dizzy as an Immortal King.

Then this feeling of dizziness became stronger and stronger, Chen Chen had to hold his head with his hand to relieve it.

I don’t know how long this process lasted.

When Chen Chen regained consciousness, the illusory shadow in front of him was very weakened, and obviously there was not much energy left.

The transfer progress on the screen next to it is only one percent.

“How long has it been?”


Illusory shadow answered vaguely.

After answering, the surroundings were completely pressed down.

Chen Chen covered his head, stood still and relieved for an hour, and the feeling of discomfort was reduced.

“Transfer one percent a day. Like this kind of transmission, I have to take at least one day off for one transmission, so it takes at least 200 days to complete the transmission.”

In my mind After calculating a simple account, Chen Chen’s pale face showed a smile.

After half a year of comprehension, I only realized about one percent.

Now with this thing, I can feel 1% in two days. Even if I suffer a little bit, what can I do?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen hurriedly flew out of the cabin and installed the entire battleship.

This is a good treasure, not to mention one Supreme Treasure, he doesn’t change even ten.

After putting away the battleship wreckage, Chen Chen quickly moved towards the landing ground and flew away.

Counting time now, it has been three days since I went back.


At the same time.

In the Immortal World North Star Immortal Realm, the Devil’s Tire Destiny has just returned and saw the North Star Immortal King.

Compared to a year ago, his strength has improved a lot, and he exudes an imposing manner that is inviolable.

Looking at such destiny, Beichen Immortal King knew that it could not be delayed any longer.

Just like the state of fate today, if he is not in the Beichen Immortal Domain, he might not have been able to fight.

If this divine embryo is allowed to grow, it may be completely missed from him.

Thinking about this, Beichen Immortal King asked with joy on his face: “Destiny, when did you return to Immortal World? I thought you were always sealed in the empty space of Hongmeng Well.”

One year ago, the cracks in the Meteorite Mountain suddenly disappeared, and the 20 Xeon Immortal Kings failed to come back. This incident caused a sensation in the entire Immortal World.

No one knows whether the twenty Immortal Kings will come back.

Beichen Immortal King was also upset by this for a long time, because the fate did not return.

Now that the divine embryo is lost and recovered, he is naturally happy.

The only thing that worries him a little is that the strength of the divine embryo has increased too fast.

“The child came out a year ago, but because he was injured too badly in the empty space of Hongmeng, he was recovering during this time.”

Destiny said slowly, with a similar tone calm.

Beichen Immortal King saw that Tianming’s face was flat and scary, and his eyes narrowed unconsciously.

The divine embryo was injured and did not return to Beichen Immortal Territory for the first time, but was waiting for the injury to recover.

Don’t you trust yourself?

It seems that it really can’t be delayed any longer.

Thinking of this, Beichen Immortal King said to the surrounding subordinates: “You all get back. I have some important things to talk about with Immortal King.”

Immortal Monarch Golden Immortal immediately retreated, and only Beichen Immortal King and Destiny were left in the great hall.

“Destiny, you come to me.”

Beichen Immortal King smiled and hooked at Destiny.

Destiny expression calmly, a flash came to the Beichen Immortal King.

Beichen Immortal King said with a smile: “Destiny, do you know your life experience?”

“Child doesn’t know.” Destiny replied.

“You are actually the spiritual birth of my Beichen fairyland Heaven and Earth Essence. You have the posture of the Immortal Emperor!”

“The posture of the Immortal Emperor? Is this it?” “

Destiny said as he stretched out his hand, a moment later, a motto faintly appeared in his hand.

Seeing the motto, Beichen Immortal King’s complexion instantly turned ruddy from excitement.

“Proverbs…You really have the appearance of Immortal Emperor! Very good! Really very good!”


This kind of power Beichen Immortal King Of course he knew, not only did he know, he also studied it, but it was always to no avail.

Who would have thought that the divine embryo he had raised for several years had already touched the threshold of Proverbs.

If he can occupy this body, he can instantly become the Peak Immortal King, and there is hope to become the Immortal Emperor in the future!

“Destiny… You know that Dao insight’s motto, to achieve Immortal Emperor is a father’s dream, are you willing to fulfill me?”

Beichen Immortal King said his face has become very ferocious.

At the same time, the entire Beichen Immortal Territory trembles, and the powerful Source Power begins to move towards Beichen Immortal King within the body.

Destiny seems to have not noticed the change of Beichen Immortal King, and continues to say with a smile: “Of course the child is willing.”

Beijing Immortal King listened to this laughed heartily, the whole person changed Got crazy.

“haha! Good! It is worthy of the divine embryo that I cultivated! I ask you, what is your proverb?”

Destiny raised his hand, and the proverb in his hand was clear A bit.

The next second, his mouth suddenly grinned to a very exaggerated position, and his eyes burst into a dangerous light.

“I call it a demon.”

As soon as the magic word came out, the smile on Beichen Immortal King’s face stopped abruptly. At the same time, a powerful Source Power Gathered above the great hall, moved towards fiercely suppressed down.

Feeling the tremendous pressure from above, the motto in Destiny’s hand flew out suddenly and turned into a huge rune.

After this rune collided with Source Power, it seemed to have turned into an invisible mouth, directly swallowing all the Source Power.

Beichen Immortal King saw this scene complexion greatly changed, cry out in surprise: “You…you!”


great There was a chuckle from above the hall, and then a silhouette suddenly appeared in the great hall, between Tianming and Beichen Immortal King.

This man has a long robe, white hair fluttering, and his temperament is extraordinary and refined.

But I don’t know why, as long as I look at it, there is a feeling of stagnation in the blood.

Seeing this person, Beichen Immortal King subconsciously took two steps backwards, and mobilized Source Power again.

Who would have thought that the white-haired man protruded a hand slightly and flew in front of Beichen Immortal King with the word proverb between the palms.

Beichen Immortal King called out seven or eight treasures in a row, trying to block the motto.

But no matter what treasure it is, as soon as you touch the proverb, you feel as if you have completely lost spirituality, and fell to the ground with a bang.

Finally, the proverb was firmly printed on the brows of Beichen Immortal King.

Beichen Immortal King was hit by that proverb, and the power of his whole body was evacuated in an instant. Finally, with a puff, he fell onto his Immortal King throne.

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