I Can Track Everything Chapter 832

Beichen Immortal King looked at the white-haired man and Destiny in the great hall, his face showed unprecedented fear.

Especially the white-haired man…

The fact that he turned his hands not only offset his Source Power, but also completely sealed him. What kind of strength is this?

You know, this is in the Beichen Immortal Territory under his control!

He is sure that there is absolutely no Immortal King in Immortal World with such strength.

Is it Immortal Emperor?

Thinking of this, his hair stands on end, he couldn’t help but softly said: “Who is Senior? Why do you shoot at juniors like me?”

White-haired people see this shook slightly the head, indifferently said: “Kill him.”

Of course, this is for the destiny next to him.

Destiny listens to this frowned.

The fear in Beichen Immortal King’s heart suddenly reached its limit, and the whole person trembled, so that the words were a little unfavorable.

Seeing such a Beichen Immortal King, Tianming felt an unspeakable sense of comfort in his heart.

Then he walked slowly in front of the Beichen Immortal King, his eyes fixed on the face of Beichen Immortal King, paying attention to the changes in Beichen Immortal King’s expression.

“Destiny…I…you can have today, but it’s all because of me…you can’t…”

Hearing these incoherent words, Destiny’s eyes flashed Unbearable, muttered: “Royal Father, I know all this, how could I kill you?”

Beichen Immortal King hearing this was overjoyed, his face was distorted because of the rapid change of expression.

At this moment, the destiny swelled suddenly and turned into a giant ten meters high, then opened his big mouth and swallowed Beichen Immortal King in one mouthful.


Several screams came from Tianming’s mouth, and Tianming’s face became distorted with excitement.

Then the “Demon” motto appeared in his stomach, and the screams gradually became weak as soon as the motto came out.

In the end, everything returned to peace.

“Master, after killing him, I feel a lot stronger.”

After the destiny returned to normal size, he whispered.

This is not so much for the white-haired person, as for himself.

Immortal King, in fact, this is not the first time he has killed.

But to kill this close Beichen Immortal King, his strength increased the most.

Small enough to kill the sum of other Immortal Kings.

This made him faintly enlightened.

After that, he lifts the head forbiddenly and glances at the gray-haired man.

The white-haired man also glanced at him, and said lightly: “Let the outsiders come in. From now on, you will be Beichen Immortal King.”

“But I am like this now “Destiny hasn’t reacted yet, his eyes are full of puzzlement.

“They will believe it.”

After the white-haired man said, his body gradually disappeared.

Fate saw this and had to let the Immortal Monarch Golden Immortal outside come in.

This group of Immortal Monarch Golden Immortal came in and saw that only Destiny was left, and they all showed knowing smiles.

When Beichen Immortal King got the divine embryo, they basically knew it.

As for the purpose, they are even more clear.

Just now, the sky over the great hall was violent. In their opinion, the Beichen Immortal King must have captured the divine embryo.

Now that it looks like this, it should be a success.

“I wait to congratulate the Immortal King major event! The future Immortal Emperor can be expected!”

Without waiting for the destiny to speak, a group of Immortal Monarch Golden Immortal knelt to the ground and shouted cheer.

Seeing this, a trace of killing intent appeared in Destiny’s heart, and his eyes gradually became dangerous.

At this time, the white-haired man’s voice sounded in his ears again: “Let them send a message that Emperor Feng Divine Immortal has returned to Immortal World and has reached the North Star Immortal Territory.”

< p>Destiny hears the order and directly follows it.

A group of subordinates were dumbfounded, Immortal Emperor returned? Immortal King is not kidding, right?

Just when everyone was at a loss not knowing what to do, the white-haired man once again emerged from in the sky and appeared in front of everyone.

Seeing this white-haired man, everyone subconsciously avoided their eyes.

Destiny hurriedly fell on one-knee kneels and said: “I have seen Divine Immortal!”

Seeing that his Immortal King actually bowed down and worshiped, why would everyone hesitate? One by one fell to his knees suspiciously.

“I wait to pay respects to the Divine Immortal Emperor!”

“Get up.”

The white-haired man waved his hand, an invisible power Diffuse all around.

Everyone in the great hall felt the pressure, and there was no doubt in their hearts.

This kind of coercion is far better than the Immortal King! This is not Immortal Emperor. What is it?

Immortal Emperor alive!

They can be regarded as the great Good Fortune if they can see the last side!

At this time, the white-haired man said again: “I rarely return to Immortal World. What happened to Immortal World in these years, I don’t know. You spread the news of my return. Take this opportunity, I want to see which Immortal Kings have appeared in Immortal World over the years.

If you encounter good seedlings, maybe you can give some pointers.”

Everyone is excited about hearing this. Incomparably, he hurriedly left the great hall and announced that the Immortal World had come to the North Star Immortal Territory.

I thought that if I can do things beautifully, maybe I can get the guidance of Immortal Emperor.

As everyone retreated, the white-haired man said to the destiny: “You were born of Heaven and Earth Essence in the North Star Immortal Territory, and you swallowed the North Star Immortal King. Shouldn’t it be difficult to integrate this North Star Immortal Territory? “

Destiny feels said with a smile: “It’s very simple, it won’t take two days.”

“That’s good, based on your understanding of the proverbs, plus On Source Power, the strength is comparable to Peak Immortal King.”


After half a day.

The incident of Emperor Divine Immortal’s arrival in the North Star Immortal Territory has spread throughout the surrounding immortal territory.

It quickly spread from the surrounding fairyland to all around.

After three days, it spread throughout the entire Immortal World.

Of course, more people are skeptical about this news, after all, it has been unknown how many years have passed since Emperor Divine Immortal disappeared.

However, because the people in Beichen Immortal Domain said too much solemnly vowed, in order not to miss the opportunity to meet the Immortal Emperor, many immortal domains sent envoys to the Beichen Immortal Domain to investigate the situation.

As a result, without exception, they all saw the white-haired person.

I have to say that the temperament of the white-haired man is far better than that of the Immortal King. Just a glance, they think it is a real Immortal Emperor.

Some envoys of the fairyland took out the ancient jade slips and found the portrait of Emperor Feng Divine Immortal.

In contrast, they were all shocked.

Exactly the same!

No doubt it is the Divine Immortal!

Now that’s it, the entire Immortal World is completely boiling in one day!

Immortal Emperor returns, which is a shocking major event for the entire Immortal World!

In contrast, the cracks in the Meteorite Mountain, the missing 20 Immortal Kings, and the fall of the nine Heavenly Immortal Kings are all trivial things.

With the Immortal Emperor, Immortal World will not have any problems.

After confirming the return of Emperor Divine Immortal, a large number of Immortal Kings from the Immortal Territory set off for the Beichen Immortal Territory.

Immortal Emperor returns, if you don’t pay respects to, it’s rude.

even more how, the Emperor Divine Immortal also said that he would point out some Immortal Kings with good aptitude.

It is a great opportunity to get the guidance of the Immortal Emperor.

With this kind of psychology, more and more Immortal King moved towards Beichen Xianyu.

Only a day’s work, thousands of Immortal Kings have gathered in Beichen Immortal Domain, and the overwhelming majority are the kind of powerful Immortal Kings that control a domain.

Such a grand occasion, the entire Immortal World has not been seen in thousands of years.

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