I Can Track Everything Chapter 833

“There are so many Immortal Kings, it should be enough.”

In the great hall of Beichen Immortal Territory, the white-haired man sits in it, and Divine Consciousness covers the entire Beichen Immortal Territory.

Destiny was silent on the side. At this time, he had completely controlled the Beichen Immortal Domain, but he still didn’t understand the Master’s intentions.

“Let them in.”

The white-haired man said lightly.

The voice fell, the great hall all around array was removed, and the Immortal Kings outside the great hall swarmed in.

After seeing the gray-haired man, many Immortal Kings appeared look of shock.

Although I was mentally prepared to meet the Immortal Emperor, I still felt shocked after seeing the Immortal Emperor.

But there are thousands of Immortal Kings, not all of them have never seen Immortal Emperor.

Just as the Immortal Kings were preparing to salute the gray-haired people, a slightly older voice suddenly sounded in the crowd.

“cough cough, your Excellency indeed looks exactly similar to Divine Immortal Emperor, and he also exudes the power of Proverbs Seal… But I have seen Immortal Emperor Immortal. For some reason, I always feel that you Compared to the Immortal Emperor of the Immortal Emperor, there is always something short of it.”

As soon as these words came out, all the Immortal Kings moved towards the source of the sound.

Seeing the Immortal King who has lived for 70 to 80 million years, all of them are silent.

Xuanci Immortal King has seen the existence of Immortal Emperor, since he has said so, there must be his reason.

Is it true that Divine Immortal, the emperor who made a lot of noise?

At this thought, the Immortal King’s eyes began to show vigilance.

The white-haired person listened to this expression calmly and indifferently said: “Thousands of years ago, I fought against the Underworld Emperor of the Underworld and I was hurt a little.”

The Immortal King hearing this cupped the hands, lowered his head and said very humbly: “As everyone knows, the Emperor Divine Immortal possesses the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos. The Immortal Pot was used to solve the Immortal World problem. If your Excellency can seal When the god and devil pot was taken out, the old man admitted that you were the Immortal Emperor.”

“The god and devil pot…” The white-haired man narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, Conferred God Demon Pot.”

Xuanci Immortal King lifts the head, the old face showed fierceness.

The white-haired man was stunned, and a moment later, he suddenly laughed softly.

This chuckle was particularly abrupt in the great hall, and it suddenly made the atmosphere in the great hall extremely solemn.

“There are also smart people.”

After the white-haired man laughed, he murmured, and then kept pointing out, a runes moved towards the Immortal King and shot away.

Xuanci Immortal King had been prepared for a long time, and quickly retreated back. In the end, his body turned into an afterimage and disappeared directly into the great hall, even the rune did not catch up.

The white-haired man saw a flash of surprise in his eyes, and then he stomped his foot abruptly, and the entire great hall began to tremble violently.

At the same time, all directions of the great hall appeared at the same time a huge “seal”, converging towards the center of the great hall.

In an instant, the entire great hall is messed up into a pot of porridge.

There are those who attack the white-haired people and others who want to leave the great hall.

So many Immortal Kings exploded with all their strength at the same time, even if the great hall of the North Star Immortal Territory was luxurious and sturdy, it turned into powder in an instant.

Although the great hall was destroyed, the huge “seals” did not disappear.


a light sound, all the “seals” are instantly closed, forming a huge cage.

Thousands of Immortal Kings were able to fly out of the cage in advance and less than a hundred people, and the rest were trapped in the cage.

More than 900 Immortal Kings who were trapped furiously attacked the cage, and some even took out the Supreme Treasure, but the cage was like immortal ice. Let them attack. Can’t shake a single cent.

The white-haired man aloof and remote, looking at a group of Immortal Kings indifferently, his fingers kept pointing out.

In this way, after half a day, more than 900 Immortal Kings were sealed by white-haired people and became prisoners.

But the Beichen Immortal Territory was also reported by those Immortal Kings who escaped. For a while, within the realm, many Immortal Territories began to dispatch troops and generals, moved towards the immortal territory assembly near Beichen Immortal Territory. .

Many Immortal Kings began to gather to discuss how to deal with this matter.

In the fairyland of Beichen, the white-haired man has a tired face and his eyes are dull.

In the final analysis, he is not the real Immortal Emperor.

Of course, if he were the Immortal Emperor, he wouldn’t be able to do so many things around.

“Master, you have caught so many Immortal Kings, what do you plan to do with them?”

Destiny whispered from the side.

“Kill them, you will do it.”

The white-haired man said indifferently, and then waved his hand without waiting for the fate to speak.

“Go, as long as you can kill them all, even if you can’t become the Immortal Emperor, it will be no problem to reach my current realm.”

After these words, Bai The hair’s silhouette disappeared without a trace.

Destiny stood in place, his face changed.

To be honest, he doesn’t like listening to other people’s orders, and he doesn’t like the feeling of being arranged.

He doesn’t know why this Master wants him to be strong so much, he even grabs so many Immortal Kings to kill him.


Only by gaining power can he have the opportunity to master his own destiny, and only by gaining power can he have the opportunity to know everything.

At this thought, he left the great hall directly, moved towards the place where the Immortal King was imprisoned and flew away.

After that, the sky of the entire Beichen Immortal Territory turned into blood, and the endless Source Power moved towards the Immortal Territory gathered somewhere.

On this day, the sorrowful roar noises in the fairy garden of the North Star Immortal Territory continued, and the immortal territories of Immortal World became a land of no owner.


The other side.

In the empty space of Hongmeng, Chen Chen once again came to the pot of Conferred God and Demon, and saw the immortal Emperor Ming.

“Senior, I went back to reflect for a whole night, and figured it out. I feel that the proverbs cannot be rushed. I have a problem with my mood during this period, which is not good.”

Emperor Ming glanced at Chen Chen, and nodded said: “You can teach you, what are you going to do?”

“I am going to go back to retreat for a year or two, digesting the feelings of this year.”


Chen Chen has a sincere expression on his face, like a prodigal son who has decided to turn back.

The fact is that now that he has the battleship, he no longer needs to learn from the Immortal Emperor.

If it weren’t for the feelings of this period of time, and for the sake of seeing you next time, he might just leave without saying goodbye.

The emperor of the Immortal Ming was a little surprised when he heard this, this kid also became too fast.

Two days ago, you still had the mentality of wishing to be the Immortal Emperor that day, so you can retreat for one or two years today?

However, now that the situation has been closed for one or two years, the advantages really outweigh the disadvantages.

“It’s up to you, whether you retreat or do anything, I can’t control.”

“Then Senior, take care! See you later!”

Chen Chen cupped the hands, and then left some things in the Immortal Emperor all around, then turned and moved towards and flew away.

After a while, he never went out to settle down. He was either receiving information from battleship or resting.

In a blink of an eye, nine months passed.

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